Monday, March 23, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen & Ang On Carla & Drita's Friendship

Ang & Karen share their thoughts

Ever since Carla stepped through the door to Renee's Mob Candy first anniversary party inquiring minds have been wondering what the hell is going on. Carla and Drita were best friends, but Drita gives her a lukewarm welcome and then comes up with three excuses why she had to run off seconds later. First it was because her kids had school the next day, then she had to pack for vacation and finally Lee was outside waiting for her to take her on a date. Okay. Whatever. But in the confessional she says she and Carla aren't friends like "that" any more and talking to Carla is like talking to a mothball in her closet. There is definitely more to the story than Drita is saying.

Karen and Ang weigh in with their thoughts. Ang thinks Drita's life has changed since Lee came home and she isn't single any more. But, when Karen mentions Drita's comments, Ang is a little taken aback. There have been "hints and rumors" floating around that Drita sold out Karen, Ramona and Carla at the end of season three, but no one is addressing that for the moment (maybe a good story line for season six?). And finally, in my opinion, Karen hits the nail of the head best when she says it's really all about a person's definition and value of friendship. And from that I gather, Drita is not a loyal or trustworthy friend.

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Anonymous said...

I think Drita felt like a sell-out for not sticking with the girls for the raise. It's that stubborn, bully attitude that keeps her from admitting that maybe she was wrong, or not such a good friend (ie the lee thing, she shoulda called karen and told her). its deflection. that instead of guilt. thats just my opinion

Anonymous said...

Duh, we all should know that Drita isn't a loyal friend.

I want to see what Carla has been up to. What's her line of making it outside mob behavior???

Karen needs to start a business so she's not all up in everyone's bc it makes her look weak! She should do a restaurant or yacht tours.. something chill.

Anonymous said...

video comment:
I'm not liking how Ang gets all defensive and doesn't even know what the hell she's talking about.

If she hasn't heard the show because of the noise at the bar, did she not hear all the smack Nat G talked??


I hope Karen's next investment is NOT in a pot shop but in something solid the Feds can't touch!

maharet1965 said...

I think Drita ruined their friendship. Just because Lee came home did not mean she had to lose all contact with her friends. I really hope she is NOT coming back. I am not a fan of Carla but I would rather see her and Ramona than see GNat and Drita next season if there is one.

kathleen williams said...

I like drita can't stand karen she bound to want to rebuild her family there all single so there can do what there want I think karen lives on her family's name I love ang get well soon I love renee but karen and her side kick need to jump on drita I seen the show and then try to turn it round screaming Derek just to take the heat of God will pay back and maybe there family will suffer the way the innocent family there torched and took money of and the innocent killed by them and as not bad doing it you save your own backside and grass on your friends to save your self honer among mob you say waivers backstabbing there men do worse but keep it coming we can all see the true mob familys and laugh at some respect others that do love there family Karen said she a single mam yet we seen the girls dad looking after her why Karen lived a single life laugh out loud keep giving us a laugh respect to drita ang and renee there seem real and family people not leave kid with dad why I get on with my life