Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 5 Reunion Extended Sneak Peek 513

Here is the extended sneak peek of the Reunion show Episode 513. The drama is just getting started. Stay tuned, things are about to get real!


maharet1965 said...

God I hope someone shuts that slutty looking bitches mouth !! Karen is right she is beautiful but when she opens her mouth she is friggin' UGLY !!! She should have just come out naked !! PUT YOUR TIT'S AWAY !!!

Anonymous said...

I've watched this show and read your blog since Season 1. I think the reunion will be just like the finale, all talk, talk, talk ,talk!!!!! Well maybe screaming vs talking. I'm over it! The show has gone down hill this season. Don't think I'm going to waste my time to watch this reunion. Hopefully they turn it around next season.

BTW, love your blog. Thanks!

Lakisha Ricks said...

Nat G is lame and a rat herself......u are not about that life....Natalie G knew she did not want to fight that's why she wore the shoe string to the show.....leave the real Mob Wives to the professionals......

Anonymous said...

Dang that was a long extended version hahaha so sad I am on the west coast n have to wait another 2 hours and 20 minutes for it to come on hahaha I don't think we see much more than a bunch of screaming. I am seriously sick of Gnat/ratalie calling karen a rat. Does this mean she is gonna call and thinks AJ is a rat too because Junior is a turncoat???? She is dumber than a box of rocks and Karen is so right about Gnat/Rat being pretty but so ugly once she opens up that service center she calls a mouth!!

Anonymous said...

In the real world, all of that talk comes after someone has got their ass kicked, not before. As for Nat G and her so-called racist rant, I'm not surprised.

Nick said...

I have to Lol at myself for getting so Invested in this show... But I just read on Ang's twitter... She says shes still friends with Natalie and if anyone has a problem with it they can move on.. She said her and Natalie talked and Natalie said everything wasnt true.. But I wanna know does that mean that Ang is a Racist too or agrees with What Natalie says about Black ppl.. I know you can differient yourself from ppl but just curious..

Anonymous said...

I'm over the show, too. I don't know why the producers brought in Gnatalie who has NO Mob connections whatsoever. I guess she was only brought in to attack Karen, and throw around the word rat incessantly like a damn parrot.

The last two season with that racist bitch Gnatalie has me turned completely off. She is sick and twisted.

Anonymous said...

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I don't find Gnatalie beautiful at all. I think she is good with applying her make-up. Without all that make-up she looks ordinary.

Anonymous said...

The show already has a deceptive title,( because none of the girls are wives of mobsters) now the producers bring in people like gnatalie ratalie who have no mob connection at all.
I'm done with the show.

Nick said...

Chiara Drita Re--Tweeted this on her page

Guercio, Renee Graziano
VIDEO: Drita Davanzo And Big Ang CONFIRM Natalie Guercio DESTROYED Everyone At The Reunion!
March 13, 2015 realityashhole 2 Comments

drita and ang

So there has been so much talk since we released our Mob Wives Reunion EXCLUSIVE that it was ALL ABOUT NATALIE GUERCIO! Well, guess what? The WHOLE SEASON has been about Natalie! Did you really expect the reunion to be any different?

Did you really think the girls and Jenn Graziano weren’t going to use TWO PARTS of this Reunion to try and “expose” Natalie and her recordings? Well, thank you Drita And Ang for confirming what we’ve been saying!

In an interview with WetPaint, both Ang and Drita confirm that the reunion had nothing to do with the show and had everything to do with the girls’ personal drama with each other. Drita also said that she didn’t get to watch the last episodes so she had no idea that Natalie Didonato was talking that smack behind her back!

Drita also calls Karen Gravano and Renee out for talking about “loyalty” but then being friends with Nat D. since Nat D. talks smack about her.

Oh and one more thing, since people were SO UPSET our EXCLUSIVE was Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, Drita and Ang both confirmed that Natalie G KILLED IT at the Reunion. So don’t believe the edited hype these girls and misinformed fans are trying to get you to believe.

Click the LINK to watch the video

Well there you have it. Two people who were actually there and have the SAME take on the reunion as us. Now please take the “Nat G wrote this exclusive” excuse somewhere else :)