Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6? What's in the Sauce?

What's in the sauce?
It ain't just meatballs!

While watching the Mob Wives Reunion Part 2, taking notes and trying my best to tweet, I caught a glimpse of a tweet Mob Mistress posted. I got a big laugh out of it considering all the non-stop drama we had in season five that continued on the reunion and overflowed on to twitter. Here is the secret ingredient that Mob Mistress thinks has been added to the traditional Sunday sauce recipe:

and that sums up the explosive season 5 drama
in a bullet shell

Now what? There is no word on a season 6 at all. I'm waiting for VH1 or Jennifer Graziano to leak something. Are they trying to decide on a season 6? Are they holding off until they figure out who will be in the cast? Are they trying to envision possible storylines that will bring the show back to New York wives who have history and legitimate mob ties? Who knows? But my imagination is going a little crazy imagining the possibilities. 

First of all, no more Philly chicks and no more tapes. What is recorded in Philly should stay in Philly. Let them go get their own show if they want to air their dirty laundry. "Philly Wives, Lies and Videotapes." By the way, Pennsylvania is a two party consent state when it comes to recording people, so if you don't tell them you are taping, it's illegal. Now you can call me a rat. 

Drita says she will not be back, she apparently has her own show. Speculating about that show is for another blog. Let's say she returns full-time or makes guest appearances. Carla has a real beef to settle with her. This blogger has been harsh on Carla, but I am very sympathetic to her situation. Who among us has not had a close friend betray us for no reason? Someone who you spoke to regularly and suddenly talked to you less and less while they distanced themselves? Someone who you have stood by and helped, shared meals and personal thoughts and feelings. We saw the friendship play out on the show and off the show. Then it ended. No reason given. "We aren't friends like that any more . . . she's like talking to a mothball in my closet." Carla needs to have her say. If Drita doesn't want to face the music, then Carla will have something to talk about to the others. P.S. Carla can use some of her soaps to wash her hands of Drita!

Oh and there is another beef Karen was trying to get out in the Reunion Part 2, the "elephant in the room" that we have blogged about before. Drita "sold out" Carla, Ramona and Karen at the end of season three. From what I have gathered, the four of them had a packed not to do the show unless they all got a raise. Three of them kept their word and one did not. Fans of Drita defend her saying she had her family to feed. They don't seem to extend that same consideration to the other three ladies. So we would like Ramona to come back and all three ladies need to have a little sit down with Drita. Do I think that will happen? Absolutely not. One "red-eye" for Drita was enough.

Karen also has a beef with Alicia, but Alicia does not want to meet up with Karen on the show and talk truth. I'm sure if she had been open to it we would have seen that unfold this season. Instead, Karen had to explain her side in bits and pieces on the Reunion Part 1, about two years after Alicia ran her mouth on season four. I guess Alicia is okay with that? I'm not. I want to hear the whole story, in Karen's words, uninterrupted.

Karen has said she would like to sit down and talk to Victoria Gotti. Considering the long mob history between the Gottis and the Gravanos, this story line would be epic and probably make history in and of itself. Can they get Victoria Gotti to agree to come on the show and have this conversation? We'll see. Maybe they two mob daughters will get some closure from such an experience.

Renee and Carla made up for the sake of their very long friendship. I would like to see more of them rebuilding their friendship as in new season, new beginnings. Maybe they can figure out why Drita was clearly upset that the two of them are not only friends but "kissin' cousins?" Well Drita never did understand the meaning of a real friendship anyway. Karen reached out to her several times in season one and it was like talking to a brick wall. Drita's stance is that when Karen moved to Arizona they stopped being friends. And when Carla was no longer on Mob Wives, they stopped being friends. Hmmm, I am picking up a pattern here. Did I mention Drita unfollowed/blocked everyone except Big Ang? Chirp, chirp.

I would like to see Love Majewski come back, she has a very colorful past and lots of history with the girls. And, if we are going to add someone new, can it please be a REAL Mob Wife like Diondrea Nicosia? I'm sure she would bring a lot to the table. Both of these ladies were on "I Married a Mobster" and their stories continue to generate the most hits and comments of all the blogs we wrote on that series. 

So Jenn and VH1 let's get this party started. There is still more life left in Mob Wives! Keep it in New York! Keep it real! Let's get back to what the show is supposed to be about.

What would you like to see if there is a season six? You never know who is reading!


Anonymous said...

I am glad someone taped Gnat, both tapes, and I am glad Karen and Nat D brought those tapes to the attention of the fans of he show. Gnat NEEDED TO EXPOSED, as a racist because too many Blacks had gotten behind her as a fan, and Blacks should not be supporting someone who hates them just because of their race. Also Gnat needed to be exposed as the lying rat she is. So that tape of her admitting to being a rat is also appropriate to bring to the show.
The end justified the means. So, the tapes were necessary to bring to NY.

Anonymous said...

If you think Love Majewski should be on the show, they I would like to see Linda Scarpa on the show. We all know who Linda's father was.

Anonymous said...

If Drita is having a show of her own, who is producing it? ..LOL...

I will believe it when I see it.

Who wants to see her tired snake ass anyway?! She has no loyalty to anyone, she does not know what true friendship is.

That was just terrible what she said about Carla, just mean. Saying talking to Carla was like talking to moth balls in her closet.
Now Carla knows what Drita REALLY have always thought of her.

maharet1965 said...

I would like to see Ramona and Love come back along with Karen and Renee'. I hope GNat is a goner. If she is back I WILL NOT be watching . I've never seen such a shit talking bitch like her in my whole life. Drita having her own show is laughable. I've never been much of a fan of her's. Like Anonymous no. 2 said, who is gonna produce it. The shit Drita talked on twitter about her boss was unprofessional of her. I am tired of hearing how tough she is so I won't be watching if she does get her own show. As far as Victoria coming on and talking to Karen I do not see it happening. Victoria is not even remotely interested in hearing anything that would make her father look like he was double crossing Sammy and we all know he was. I would love to see it though. I must say this is the 1st season I have ever wanted to end quicker than it was ending !! Chiara and MM I love this blog. Hopefully if there is a season 6 it won't be as stressful to watch or blog about like this season.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you all for your comments. This is the first time I was happy to see a season end too. There was way too much drama on social media to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not sure I want to see either of the Natalies. NatD's only platform was to hate on NatG. That got old, and well, didn't we see that with Love and Carla? I do enjoy the drama but I don't want to watch Love, who is much bigger than Carla, bully her when we all know she doesn't want to fight. That was not attractive. I would like to see a cameo with Ramona, and even Love if she can not act like an animal. Victoria will never have a sit down w Karen, as mentioned above, that ain't happening. It was disappointing to hear Drita talk about Carla that way. I hope to see more of her next season. I must say, even though I didn't care for NatG, I felt bad for her. NatD had an agenda and wanted to fight her for a spot on the show.

Anonymous said...

Ang claims she hates rats, YET she is buddy buddy with rat Gnat. Ang also blamed Renee for Junior's ratting, YET she looks the other way at Gnat's ratting. What a hypocrite. I can't stand Ang, Drita or Gnat.

Since Gnat is a racist, Ang might be one too, since birds of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Carla & Linda Scarpa have a fight at the kids communion. Maybe that's why Drita & Carla don't talk?

Anonymous said...

This season showed everybodys true colors for sure. Drita never stood up for Carla, like she did for Drita in Season 2. When Karen and Ramona made up with Drita and turned on Carla, Drita did not have a 1/4 of the loyalty that Carla showed her. I knew then what a fake Drita was. All the shit talking she did this season, I did not see her go after anyone, even though she was threating to crack everyone's head open. I read a tweet that was retweeted from someone else because of course I am blocked, that she felt bad because she did not know the tape was tampered with? That was a first for me, I had no idea that the the tape she heard was even questioned and how would Drita know it was tampered with. Talking about who I think who should be casted on Season 6 is Ramona Rizzo for sure, I am on the fence about Love, she has history with that life style, but I don't like how she went after Carla, it was vicious. Then again there is something intresting about Love. I would love Linda Scarpa to be casted. Bring it back to the real Mob Wives, women who grew up in that life style. To end my comments, glad that Drita is gone, Sooooooo glad that will be that last time I see Nat G! I liked Nat D, but like I said let's bring it back to NewYork with women who really grew up in that life style. Can't wait till season 6.

Nick said...

I wanna see in Season 6... A Therapist I have said this alot in other posts.. All the girls can sit down and talk everything out.. Drita can tell Karen how she "talked" about her family.. If thats the only beef she has with her which I doubt.. Big Ang said she didnt believe Renees Apology so I would like to see Ang and her really squash it.. I would like Love and Ramona back on.. Carla too its weird I was never a Carla fan from Day one... Then Nat G turned it all around for me.. Trust me Nat G will be someone I will never ever like.. But now I like Carla not a fan but I like her.. But a Therapy session with all the girls could be good.. If they all wanna squash Drama for good and move on..

Anonymous said...

Yes, im glad the season is over. I never want to hear the word 'rat' ever again. I could've liked NatD except I don't care for girls who just want to fight. it was too much going after NatG. although it was poor etiquette to bring uninvited guests to Renee's party, I can't blame NatG for feeling she needed back up. Nobody wants to pressured into fighting and thats exactly what natD was trying to do.

Straight up girl said...

Ok season 5 was like bad girls club !! Love got kicked off about stabbing but season 4 Renee knows a guy for 2 seconds tells nat g she would cut her throat over one word !!! I'm a mob wife's fan but its got ridiculous!! I was team drita but after she did Carla the way she did after Carla defended her !!! Nat d came out just hating nat g it got old I pray she is not on season 6 or I want even watch!! Nat g needs off the show to she is not a mob wife she owns a funeral home!!!karen calls people rats when that is a word that should never come out of her mouth cause of her father!!! I hope love don't come back cause she didn't even know Carla !! If you are straight up like these girls say you don't listen to rumors !! She went after Carla thinking she was weakness link !!! I do like excitement and a little drama but keep it real!!! I hope Carla comes back and of course we all know Renee is not going no where but renee is a hypocrite!!! I heard drita will not be on season 6 but wish I could really find out why she did Carla that way and I just love big ang

Straight up girl said...

we met jenn on the reunion...she was great she try to keep those girls under control...hats off to you honey !!! Bring season6 with the New York girls back the real mob wives!!! I would like to see Carla come back !!! Renee , Karen,big ang , keep the Silly phillies in phily!! Drita I guess want be back but I would love to see Carla say her peace to drita!!! I love the slang the girls say like bugging , 100 percent , out your face ,but I hope the season6 don't say RAT every second it wAs nerve racking!!! So go mob wives and jenn and vh1 !!! I can't wait to see who will be on season6 !!! Come on jenn give us a hint!!!

Straight up girl said...

I agree 100 percent lol

Anonymous said...

Definitely Diondrea Nicosia and Linda Scarpa and a return of Love Majewski.They would make the show even better!

Anonymous said...

i wanna see Love and Ramona!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep karen(bring Victoria gotta for 1 episode so her and Karen can have a Real sit down) boyohboy let it happen

Keep Renee(to build a loving relationship with her son AJ..I Luv him..and find Renee a real boyfriend)

Keep BigAng(show more of her interaction with son and grandchildren)

Keep Drita Yess I said it(her and Carla and her and Karen have unfinished business, but they need to handle it ladylike, no fiist fights)

Bring Miss Glamorous Diva Ramona back
Bring Miss Classy Carla back
Bring Miss Tough Love in for 3 or so episodes only
Bring Victoria Gotti in for 1 episode for her and Karen to finally have that sit down,Promise this will be Highest Rated mob wives episodes yet!!!Everyone and they momma will watch!!!

Bring in 1 more REAL MobWives who has history with 1 or more of the cast!!!

Keep the Philly Girls both Natalie's in Philly where they belong...they have no ties whatsoever to this show!!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed watching Mob Wives. I did not like the last season. I agree that keeping it to New York is a good idea. I would like to see more of the kinds of life long ties that we saw when the show was introduced. I was sad to see Carla and Drita at odds with each other, but I also think that there is a reason which could add some depth to the complications that these relationships can be vulnerable to. With the layers of relationship stuff, their husbands, their families and how those other individuals play into these relationships. I would love to see Victoria Gotti as an addition to the cast.