Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap Reunion Show Part 2, Ep 514

Hosting is the gracious Vivica A. Fox

Here we go! The Drita clips!  Drita used the word “dick” fifty freaking times this season! And “dildo” another 25 times. Wow, even Drita doesn’t believe she said it that many times. A “dildo” happens to be worse than a "dick" because it’s fake. If Drita says “dick” in front of her daughter, Giselle, she tells her mom to say “pickle.” Hmmm, interesting "birds and bees" talk at their house.

Moving on to Renee. Renee’s life has been on an upswing this season and we were happy to see it. She has gone through some difficult times and allowed it all to be aired on the show. Renee has tears in her eyes. She is very emotional because all her relationships spiraled out of control due to her addiction and depression. She is sorry she hurt people in the process. Drita likes Renee, but says she didn’t like the things she did. Vivica was surprised that Gnatalie apologized to Renee in the clip. Ang says Junior is lower than a rat for recording Renee’s father while he was lying in her bed. He's a double rat. Everyone sees a difference in Renee since her baptism. We wish her continued peace and happiness in her life.

Natalie Didonato aka Nat D

Bring on Nat D aka Natalie Didonato. Lots of clips. “I’m my own f*ckin’ gangster.” Nat D takes a seat next to Karen. Ang says all she knows about her is how much she hates Gnatalie and it’s irritating. Nat D says Gnat lied and told everyone her friend, Gnat's ex, beat her. Gnat takes offense to that and the screaming starts. Gnat says you don’t know me. They get louder and louder, calling each other every name you can think of, until Nat D charges across the stage. She intends to beat Gnat and security rushes in and puts Nat D back in her seat. Meanwhile Gnat walks off stage in a huff calling Nat D “you dirty skank. I‘m outta here.” Gnat takes off like a rocket and she is disgusted. Drita runs out after Gnat to try and bring her back to the show. Gnat says she spoke her peace and that’s it. She isn’t going to "talk to this mother f*cker. She lied. She is a rat, lowlife, scumbag." Drita thinks she is wrong to leave. And Gnat says, “but she keeps cursing at me.” What? is she serious?  Nat D keeps cursing at you? What exactly would we call what she says? In fact, who doesn't curse on the show? They even got Vivica Fox cursing because that's the only language everyone responds to. Hell, they have me typing curse words I don't even use just to make the blog "real."

The first time Nat D tried to get Gnat

They are back on the stage. The season showdown between the two Natalies are shown in clips. Vivica asks Gnat if she called Ronnie to get dirt on Nat D. And she adds Gnatalie had some documents on Ronnie. Drita finally speaks up and says "anybody who has something to do with making recordings is a f*cking RAT!"  Drita says she has been quiet too long. Ang hates tapes. Drita says "if you put your boyfriend in jail you are a rat." Gnatalie defends herself saying she is a victim of domestic violence and she said what she had to say in that situation. Gnat is crying, yelling at Renee and Nat D they don’t understand the situation. Vivica starts crying, they are breaking her heart and she walks off. Damn! Vivica explains she works at a women’s shelter and she found the conversation difficult to listen to.

Stunning Carla walks on stage

She's not too happy with Drita!

Oh boy here comes Carla! Clip of Drita saying, “We’re not friends like that anymore, and talkin’ to Carla is like talkin’ to a mothball in my closet.” Carla looks stunning. Why is Drita snubbing her? That's the million dollar question. Carla says when she wasn’t on the show with Karen and Ramona, she and Drita lost touch. She opened her store and she didn't invite her. Karen decides she is going to keep it real now. She wants to bring up the elephant in the room. Drota seems shocked, "are we really gonna go there?" But then we really don't get to hear what Karen planned to say, maybe due to editing. Carla is insulted by Drita's "we are not friends like that." Drita is cold and says Carla talked to blogs about their friendship. Carla denies talking to any blogs about Drita. Drita sticks to her stand that she read that Carla talked to blogs. I can say Carla didn't talk to us, but she has good reason. We haven't always been nice to Carla, but after seeing these Philly chicks we have grown to appreciate her. Drita is obviously pissed and wants to know when Renee and Carla made up. Renee explains they met at the mall and got to talking. Renee says Carla never did anything wrong to her except to call her out on her bullshit. They know each other since they were 17. Vivica asks if Drita misses her friendship with Carla, Drita says yes. Carla, on the other hand, says she misses what they had, but it’s not the same any more. Carla leaves. Here is an interview Carla graciously did with our blog back in season one: Carla's Mane Interview

“Rat” clips. In the lifestyle, a rat and cop caller are the same thing, says Drita. Once a person is a rat can they clear their name, asks Vivica? The answer from the women is: never.

The battle of words

Renee’s Baptism Party and the Gnat crew invasion. Gnat says she had her friends there to back her up. Gnat said she was in two fights already this season and she was going to protect herself. Gnat said she went to the party just for Renee. She thought she was going to get jumped so she brought back-up. Gnat felt she would have been forced to fight if she hadn’t left with her friends. She says "Nat D is all over freaking social media saying she would knock her chicklets out. Who talks like that?" Drita felt Gnat did not want to confront Nat D (probably about the "calling the P.O. issue"). Gnat says she doesn’t want to think about that part of her life any more. He is trying to get back at her by feeding Nat D information. A screaming match between the Natalies starts up again. Lots of name calling and threats. Gnat calls Nat D "dumpster juice." Vivica cannot control the two of them. Suddenly, Nat D sees her chance and charges across the stage, and this time she is faster than security. Nat D makes brief contact with Gnat and security rushes in and breaks it up fast. Gnat takes off in a big huff. Nat D is pissed to high heaven for the way Gnat was talking to her. London is back stage ready to take Gnat away. A few kisses and off they go. Nat D’s hand is bleeding. Gnat has tears in her eyes and looks sick on her way out. Nat D says "she sat there dignified and let Gnat talk." Once again Gnat runs for her life.

We lost Gnat. "Bye B*tch Bye," says Karen. Drita thinks Gnat was scared to death. Karen says she pushes you to the point where you want to kill her. Vivica wants to know who do they believe Nat D or Gnat. Renee says she heard the tape and it was Gnat admitting she called the PO. Drita believes Gnat called the PO, but does she know if he put his hands on her? No. Ang says let Gnat handle her own shit, her mouth is big enough. Renee wants them all to agree to move on. 

Once again kudos and thanks to Miss Vivica Fox for her professional behavior in extremely difficult circumstances.

Will there be a season six? If so, who will be in the cast? Stay tuned for breaking news when we get it!

Now I am taking a vacation from Mob Wives, if they let me. This was the most stressful, nerve wracking season of ANY show i have ever watched in my lifetime. What show has drama 24/7? You wake up to it, you go to sleep with it. And I'm not even getting a paycheck! But we love our readers and followers and would not let them down by not hanging in there till the end. There you have it. May peace be with you all. ~Chiara

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Anonymous said...

If there is a season 6 I think Carla will be back and that is why they didn't really discuss "The Elephant in the Room" because they are saving it for next season.. I also think Gnat is out or at least I really hope so, In fact I hope both Nat's are out.

Anonymous said...

That nasty vicious big mouth Gnatalie came on the show talking about "I ain't afraid of nobody", (using double negative bad English).

BUT my question to the Gnat is, if you are not afraid of anybody (my Engish), why do you keep running?

Gnatalie ran about four times on the the show. She ran from Karen, and she ran from Natalie D a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

Gnatalie came on the show acting like a bad-ass, attacking Karen and her father, talking about how she was not afraid of anybody and that she would fight anybody, even men. Yet she runs when confronted by a woman.
Blaming Karen for something her father did is just warped on Gnatalie's part.
Gnatalie is one psychotic bitch. SO SICK.
Her wimpy boyfriend needs to get her some professional help, and some English courses.
Gnatalie was/is relentless in her verbal attacks against the Gravano family, talking about shit she knows nothing about, as though they've done something to her.

Anonymous said...

If Gnatalie gets signed up for next season I am done with the show. I cannot stand that bitch. I abhor racists, and bullies, and Gnat is both of those. She came on the show to bully Karen, and she(Gnat) is a known racist. I will not tolerate her anymore. I am done with seeing her horse face and beady eyes, and listening to that horrible voice of hers.
As for Natalie D., I have no problem with her.

Leigh said...

The reunion really brought out all the true colours.....gnat g looked like the trashy, wimpy,,low life that she is.
She looked ridiculous sitting in that awful dress screaming and carrying on.
She sounded un intelligent and didnt make sense half the time and do you know why? Cause she lies and is lying......trying to cover her tracks and defend herself when it's obvious.
If gnat g was in an abusive relationship and tried to get away from him then why was she meeting him in parked cars for conversations?
Haha gnat g was put on blast and ridiculed and she knew it thAts why she kept running away and ran off at the end.

All talk. No facts to back anything up and can't handle getting it back..

Wade said...

London must be color blind to put that tight peacock outfit together. I think Vivica was trying to throw him a hint when she commented on the Pink, at least I hope she was.

Then Gnat puts on some beads and calls it a dress. The both of need some fashion help STAT!

I loved loved loved Drita's dress.

Anonymous said...

I need a vacation too! Im so sick of the flip flopping, the lies, the saying one thing and then another next episode compliments of Drita. She needs to be done on the show. How Ang can remain friends with not only Nat the rat but Drita is beyond me. She must really enjoy the fake ass kissing ? Speaking of Ang, why was it not addressed when Carla came on that she herself told Carla that Drita was not her real friend and didn't think she would be? I also would have liked to know the real deal concerning Drita ditching Carla and the shakedown off camera to seal her spot and neglect the other ladies? And why on Earth is she STILL trying to say she was never Karen's friend, and they talked bad about her and her family? So not true! Sloppy seconds Drita.
Gnat- is no one call anyone fat with London busting out of his clothes last few months. Was she doing lines back stage last night? Wipe that nose some more liar face. " I will fight a man if I have to" I will murder Karen" I will murder Nat D". Ok Miss DV supporter . Oh and she tweeted weeks ago that Drita knew she was bringing her hood with her to Renee's party so um, why was that not discussed last night? But Drita ran to Renee to get them all out. I like what Jenn G has tried to do maintaining the show but the line has to be drawn somewhere with these ladies. Pretty soon people will turn the channel for good. The rat crap needs to stop too. Karen is no rat, Renee is no rat. They are not accountable or to blame for what another did. Some people are too dumb to comprehend I guess.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention in my other post that Drita recently did an interview with Ang where supposedly she says Nat G "destroyed" everyone at reunion. Well, where is that clip ??? She was trashy as always, got hit with facts, ran more than once and did her fake tears. What did she destroy exactly besides the little tiny eenie weenie piece of dignity she may have had left for herself? Shutup Drita please, just stop talking and tweeter twatting. Hypocrite liar face

Anonymous said...

Okay so WHAT THE FUCK???? AN ENTIRE CONVERSATION REVOLVED AROUND JR BEING A FUCKING RAT SO HOW COME THAT LOW LIFE GNAT/RAT DID NOT CALL AJ A RAT? HIS DAD IS A RAT!!!!! BUT SHE IS STILL GONNA CALL KAREN A RAT BECAUSE OF HER FATHER? I think I speak for EVERYONE in saying that we are ALL over the word rat! I also am seriously DISGUSTED with Dritas behavior this season and I used to really like her. She is a flip floppin' mother fucker. She likes Gnat and goes hard for her then she doesn't like her when she hears a story. Then she likes her again buying into her tears, and then hears the tape and doesn't like her again. MAKE YOUR FUCKING MIND UP YOU FUCKING TOOL!!!! -Chiara I think you were absolutely right in having a new appreciation for Carla after seeing these 2 Natalie train wrecks all season. I know I sure the fuck do!! I hope neither Natalie is on next season. I swear at some point during one of Nat Ds rants she had lipstick on her teeth and I saw the tape sticking to Gnat/Rats tits that she was using to try and hold those suspenders in to place. They both looked like trash bags. Hey and how come we saw in the preview some scene of Drita getting emotional but it was never on the reunion show??? And also what was the 'Elephant' Karen was referring too? The one where Drita Sold ALL of them before season 4 for more $$$$? She proved to me she's a 'DICK FACE' and a 'DILDO' all season. And those are her own words. Now she can fuckin eat the dick AND the Dildo! Fake flip floppin' fuck. One last thing, all these women talk about Domestic Viloence and how they don't condone it but THEY are all violent ready to fuck each other up in a heartbeat. Fuckin Hypocrites to the fullest!!!! SHAKING MY HEAD FOR SURE!!!!!!!! Again, I feel dumber than ever for watching this show. I love reading your blog though!!!! And I absolutely love MM as well I think she is freaking hilarious!!!!!

ChrisGonzWA said...

Yea, I never bought the story that Nat G called the cops to get out of a DV situation. She seemed too shocked that Ang and Drita even knew. She's too mad about it to do anything but cry about it. Where is her restraining order? Where are the reports? She is the only one not to be able to say that on her own behalf.

I don't think DV should be a subject the show takes lightly and yea, those who have really been in the situation AND been locked up for defending themselves, know a different reality than the show is showing.

Now racism is coming up? I don't think society in itself is evolved enough to take on that subject on a show like this one.

All the editing is obvious, that's why Drita and or Nat G has tears in one scene and not in another part of the "same" scene.

I liked the first few seasons. I didn't expect to see Nat G anymore after the modeling gig with Mob Candy flopped. Her mouth and attitude towards the mob life is real, there are a lot of wanna bes out there and they are a threat to people trying to better their lives or get out of "that life style".
To me, Nat G saw the show as a means of furthering her career. Maybe she thought she was going to be able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes with words she won't back up.

Drita is a flopper, too bad... I saw it a long time ago. I always saw her as the instigator from day one with Karen and Renee. She's never really had anyone's back except Lee and her kids. Drita is down for Drita.. Albanian style. ;-)

Great job on blogging this last season! Kudos for hanging in there! Look forward to reading more from you two in the future!!

Til next season... GTFOH!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

The only reason why i like GNAT on the show is cause its so much drama!! Lol ..but that lil COP CALLIN HOE is straight FRAUD!! She claims she goes so hard and is gonna do this in that to this person but she dont...she either runs away or crys like a little punk bitch that she is or she files a police report!! Lmao how u claim ur not a rat when u stay snitchin on ppl!!! I aint in with the mob or anything but the streets is the streets..ur either in or ur not and it all bides by the same rules!! Gnat aint built for the street life..shes book smart not street smart!! So keep ur heads in the books boo with ur lawyers and witnesses!!! She claims shes a boss but she is far from that..u aint bossen shit til u proved yourself in the streets and the only proof she has showed in the lifestyle is that she is a rat!! U cant have all that bark with no bite...and the only reason y she runs her cop callin mouth is cause she thinks her mouth is gonna scare ppl so they wont mess with her..ummm no booboo ur mouth is not whats gonna save u from hettin that ass beat!!! Ur lucky ur pretty cause thats probably the only thing saving her!! Lol ever heard of The saying GO HARD OR GO HOME!!! Well she dmt go hard..she goes home cause the first thing she does is cry and run!! I dnt even know y they let her on the show...this show is for real bitches living the street life and mob lifestyle and gnat is non of the above!! She is the weakest link on the bye bye boo boo!!!

Doreen said...

I am very disappointed in this season.Karen came back, she adds nothing to the show, except terrible acting. I am done with the show, if Natalie is gone. I thought Drita was real but saw she was an actress, with the Natalie D v G, somehow became friends with Karen?! Big Ang still seems real but I will support her and her family by visiting Drunkin Monkey vs watching the show again. Natalie has the funeral home and I am sure plenty of acting and modeling opportunities ahead of her, I think the producer blew it

Nick said...

Anon #8 your right I saw it on Facebook they were saying do you know why Drita is crying.. I swear I thought I missed it last night but since you said they didnt show it I guess I didnt miss it..
I also saw a recent tweet within the Last week where Natalie calls the ladies Hags but I guess Drita and Ang didnt see it or dont care.. I always wanted to know what happened to Karen's "Massage business" Wasn't it Season 3 when they showed it.. Also when Carla came out they why didn't Vivica mention the Mothballs comment.. Drita did Deny she said it but then they showed it again on the show.. Why didnt they let Carla stay for the rest of the Reunion.. It would of been Nice to get her perspective on the whole Natalie situation..
Don't know if I mentioned this but I read Alcia's comments about the reunion.. To me it sounded as if Natalie is an Acquaintance not soo much a friend anymore.. At least that's what I got from it.. But Please lets have Love and Ramona and Carla and Karen and Renee and Ang... Drita too if she wants to comeback I think she's not leaving come on look in the past month all the things Drita has said and then changed her mind so She'll be on Season 6... Still confused cuz she said Jenn Graziano was her BFF and then now shes mad cuz she thinks Jenn's BFF is Karen...

Anonymous said...

I've been watching since season 1, and have always noticed Drita's inconsistencies but this season they were so blatant.
Drita said Gnat trying to throw a glass was "grimey" but apparently thought throwing two candles at Karen while she was on the floor, and stepping on Karen's ribs before she could get up wasn't.

She never really stuck up for Carla when Love bashed her, and I know its because she didn't want to get on Love's bad side (who would?!?). I never liked Carla because she allegedly slept with married men, but she was a good friend to Drita.
It's funny that Drita would tell Gnat nobody has the balls to talk trash about her & Lee to her face, when Karen called Lee a scumbag in Drita's own kitchen, right to her face!! What did Drita do? Nothing!!
Now Drita wants to say Gnat beat up Karen? It's obvious Karen let herself down to get on top of Gnat. Thought Drita would of recognized that since she claims to be a brawler.

I sort of like Nat D, she seems like a scrappy chick that won't stop coming for you... But if she didn't come back, I wouldn't miss her. & Drita saying Nat D wouldn't last 30 seconds with her is such a laugh! Drita is too scared to even step foot in the ring, she quit her match. Smh!

This season highlighted how much of a hypocrite Drita actually is. She knows where these ladies stay, if she really was a gangster she'd pull up & stop twatting. If Drita leaves I'll be disappointed, because I really want to see Karen black her eye out, again.
Jenn needs to stop playing and bring ToniMarie & Love on the show.

Thanks for all your hard work this season! You guys have the best blog by far!

Amberly said...

"I feel bad I didn't realise that tape was tampered with" that was a tweet from can she flip flop again?
She also said "nat g beat up Karen"
What the hell is drita talking about?
These are the tweets from reunion part 2.......
The whole reunion felt it was everyone trying to make Natalie realise that she is actually the rat yet she calls everyone else one.
If she was so scared of her ex why was she meeting with him?

Who cares we all know she is fraud and she has publicity shamed herself.
As karen says run bitch run...all the way back to philly

Wade said...

The Mob uses the term Rat. Those in poor neighborhoods use the term Cop Callers. People got into it ALL the time and NO ONE CALLED THE COPS. You took care of it. People fought it out and that was the end of it. Calling the cops made you look weak as hell.

Gnats brother is a cop so I'm sure she knows ALL THE POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS. I bet she used her SOURCES to get that PO number.

Ratalie should feel terrible about lying in regards to being a battered girlfriend. If you fight it out with a dude, you can't call the cops and play victim because you got your butt kicked. On the tape Gnat sounded like she got busted, she did not sound scared. Gnat thinks she is an actress. She guy Ang and Drita to buy whatever she was selling. It just didn't work on everyone else.

Gnat had to of lived a sheltered life, because any decent neighborhood would have beat that foul mouth right off of her... Or she would know how to fight.

Anonymous said...

Ang and Drita are laughing stocks. Both flip-flopping phonies. For some odd reason they put a South Philly interloper over their long-term New York friends.
Ang and Drita DON'T know the meaning of loyalty. They are both backstabbers.
I hope Ang, Drita, and their new buddy Gnatalie are not on the show next season.
ON the other hand, Karen, Carla, Ramona, and the other girls DO know the meaning of loyalty.

Nick said...

I agree with Amberly... I also seen where Drita says that Karen isn't real.. Why is it when your infront of Karen you cant say it tell the ppl the real deal about Karen not that I believe it.. Season 6 everyone should go to therapy and hash it out.. It would be interesting.. They should of waited to do the Reunion once the Season was over cuz now theirs all ridiculousness coming out.. Dang Nat D's shoes I wished it could of came off so she coulda got a couple of licks in.. Damn Security they should let the girls fight for 2min.. Its annoying that when they get involved in a Fight and Security calls them off they can say I won when they didnt.. If they sign all these contracts then security should be part of it.. Its not that I am looking to see fights every night but why cant girls settle it once and for all.. Reading Dritas Tweets doesn't seem like its coming from her.. But its her legit page so its just unreal to me.. Also if the Reunion was 5hrs long why couldn't we show all of the 5hrs why did it have to be edited into 2 hours...

Anonymous said...

'''I also forgot to mention in my other post that Drita recently did an interview with Ang where supposedly she says Nat G "destroyed" everyone at reunion. Well, where is that clip ??? ''

That IS A LIE coming from Gnatalie. Drita and Ang said no such thing.

Truth is, Gnatalie got whipped, got owned, and kept running from Nat D..
Gnatalie ran all night.

Anonymous said...

Yep Drita is an instigator, in my opinion, too. She came off as an instigator with Karen and Renee in the beginning of the show, and with Carla and Renee, and Carla and Karen and Ramona.

I appears that Drita tries to keep people feuding. I think this is why she is mad that Carla made up with Renee, Karen, and Ramona.

I think Drita went stomping out of that episode when Carla came back because she is upset that Renee hugged Carla, it seems like she doesn't want anyone to like Carla.
It appears Drita also makes sure Ang is only close to her.

Drita is the most unlikable person on the show. I see nothing good about her. She is a surefire snake.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog for a variety of reasons....I look forward to your view as well as the comments by readers and viewers of the show. As a mid-40s woman, I have had a decades long interest in LCN, through my family (working union Irish-American transplants from Little Italy in Harlem to central NJ) & true accounts from my family as well as research and reading various books, journalists, etc. I a way...why viewers get invested in these women (characters), as one does in a novel or movie, but taking it to the vitriolic level in social media and so on astounds me. Yes, these are real people, but they are also on a show on TV for entertainment and to work. I'm glad I never had a camera following my family's lives :-)!
I think that Ms. Fox was a poor host----she inserted herself as Part of the show....not a good moderator. You can blast me...just my opinion ;-). Thanks, Kelly
PS....Happy you addressed the mwsd mess. Please, keep blogging...wish you all got paid for the drama that has ensued!!!

Aarika said...

To the anynomous, I definitely agree, I think Vivica was a poor host as well. They should've brought wendy back, because she's use to the yelling and people yelling at her and she would've got right down to the nitty gritty. Plus she's a hot mess just like them lol. But This whole season was terrible. I couldn't even watch just mostly read the blog, which is great by the way.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous' above. Vivica did a GREAT JOB. Even Karen and Renee said so.
The mobwives loved having Vivica host.

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, I never even saw a cop. I didn't know what one looked like, and we had plenty of fight in our neighborhood, but we settled our fights ourselves.

Anonymous said...

To the people who cannot get over the fact that Wendy cannot host every reunion, GET OVER IT.

There's a different host every season, AS IT SHOULD BE. And all of them did a wonderful job, including this seasons host, Miss Vivica.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned at how disloyal and backstabbing Drita and Ang are. Those two are nobody's friend. They don't know the meaning of friendship. And Big Ang acts like Gnat has something on her.

The show can do without them both.

Wade said...

I would think that Ang and Drita would not want to do too much talking about Jr., his crimes and Ang's cousin to Gnat. That might be too close to ratting since Ratalie could turn around and just happen to mention stuff to her cop brother... For that matter Drita better be careful what she tells Gnat about Lee's activities.

The more you think about it, the less sense it makes for Ang and Drita to hang out with Gnat. They know her mouth runs.

Anonymous said...

Great Comments! What about Nat D saying Nat G is texting her ex boyfriend.