Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen's View on Gravano/Gotti History

In this clip Karen discusses her feelings concerning the history between the Gravanos and the Gottis and how she now looks at the situation that currently exists between their families. Karen feels she and Victoria Gotti were born into the lifestyle, it wasn't something they chose and they have both been affected by their father's choices in life. Karen sounds very sincere and i would love it if there could be a real sit down between these two women where they can find some closure and peace about the past.

Picture & Video Credit: VH1


maharet1965 said...

I would love to see a meeting with KG and VG but as I said before VG will never do it. She thinks her father was a God. Therefore he could never have been betraying Sammy. She is slightly delusional when it comes to JG.

ChrisGonzWA said...

This is the Karen I've been following since day 1!!

Although it's often times, ugly or even cruel; it really is what it is. That's some line outsiders can repeat and not understand what it means.

Life goes on after prison, charges, locked up loved ups, and yes.. people rolling over in court.

I would love to see a peaceful closure for Karen.

Nick said...

A Victoria and Karen get together would be good.. I would say bring Ang to be the middle person.. But naaaah... Maybe Karens mom can be the middle person.. They could all get everything off their chest.. But people flying around with their own assumptions in the world is not so good.. Maybe its too big for Mob Wives maybe they need their own Special or maybe they need one of those local channels to film it

Straight up girl said...

I'm one of mob wives biggest fans but I can't give my honest opinion cause my comments are never published that makes me think the show is script

Chiara Soprano said...

I just published the last two comments you made Straight up girl. I haven't seen any others so maybe they are not going through. Just so you know the one you wrote about Season 6 what's in the sauce should be there now. Thanks for commenting.

Melissa said...

Victoria's father is no longer alive, so his account of what happened is close to Victoria heart, I don't know if Victoria would be open to another account of how things went down. Karen is very loyal and of course believes what her father states happened between himself and John Gotti. What I am trying to say is I don't think this meeting would be productive because of how strongly they believe their fathers.