Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “The Final Face-Off,” Ep 512

Renee is more than happy to invite Gnatalie,
as long as Ang extends the invitation

All season there has been an ongoing, back and forth war between the two Natalies. In the season finale we are finally promised a confrontation between them, with Natalie D holding the alleged damning recording against her SOUTH Philly “paisan,” Natalie G. The recording was played for Drita in the last episode (although viewers didn’t hear a word) and seemingly convinces Drita that Gnat has been lying and playing her all along. The alleged tape, which was posted online by Natalie D, suggests that Gnat did not call her ex’s parole officer because of alleged domestic violence, but because he cheated on her. Let’s see if the tape will be played tonight at Renee’s party and if a brawl breaks out because of it. I have one request, PLEASE play it on speakerphone!!!

Here we go . . .

Ang isn't two keen on having both Natalies
in the same room

Renee shows up at Ang’s house. Renee is glad they got past their issues because they are like family. Renee says her baptism felt humbling, like she got another chance from God. Renee says she was disappointed Drita didn’t show up and so was Ang. (It should be noted that Drita tweeted she was never invited.)

This tweet seems to have been deleted

Now Renee wants to have a party to celebrate her spiritual cleanse and moving forward. Renee is leaving it open for everyone to come, including both Natalies. Renee says Ang can invite Gnat. Renee wants Karen to keep her cool with Gnat out of respect for her. Renee wants to see everyone in a good place. The two Natalies should settle whatever issues they have between them. Really Renee? Does anyone think putting the two Natalies in the same room isn’t going to end up badly and Ang will miss out on another piece of cake? After everything they have said about one another all season is it possible to have peace? Ang doesn’t think that’s possible and I have to agree with her. Ang sides with Gnat if they do fight. Big surprise there.

a Prison Pin-Up Girl

Gnatalie goes with London to do some modeling for a friend of his for a catalog that is going to end up in the hands of prisoners. I must have missed the name of the publication, but I think Gnat is a suitable model. And, while I am at it, I have to hand it to Gnat, she models like a pro. Gnat is glad she made amends with Renee, but she is never going to be friends with Natalie D.

The Drita we used to know

Meanwhile, Drita is really pissed over the tape she heard where Gnat basically admits she is a rat. Drita hits the gym and takes it out on the punching bag. Drita feels Gnat has been lying to her face. Drita says she is in violent Drita mode.

Renee and AJ go shopping for jewelry for his girlfriend, Andrea. Renee suggests a promise ring since they are dating two years. Renee is proud of AJ and that he is taking this step and making a commitment.

The firing range. Natalie D is going through rounds of ammunition and brags she is a good shot. She enjoys it. The instructor brings out something more powerful. Nat D tells her friend she is back with her boyfriend, Ronnie. She loves him even when she hates him. Nat D says she is going to Renee’s party and Gnat will be there. She isn’t too happy about it and plans to expose her for who she is and whatever happens happens. She says she stirred the pot so bad she made it boil and she is going to get burned. More target practice. Another reminder that we still have not heard that tape!

If Renee wants to have "dirt" at her cleansing party
so be it.

Karen pops into the Drunken Monkey and orders a drink from Ang at the bar. Karen asks her about her family. AJ finally completely his drug program and is doing great. They comment on how nice Renee’s baptism was and they were surprised Drita didn’t come. Karen says something ain’t right. Ang tells her she invited Gnat because Renee asked her to. Karen doesn’t get it, why have trash at a cleansing party? Ang wants the party to be ok. Karen says she has unfinished business with Gnat. Ang thinks it’s big of Gnat to come to Renee’s party knowing everyone hates her. Karen says Ang should worry about Nat D and not her when it comes to getting into it with Gnat at the party.

Gnatalie and London are at the apartment just before going to Renee’s party. She tells London Natalie D is going to be there. She is afraid she will start something with her tonight and the b*tch has to go.

Natalie D is getting ready to expose this “Judas mother f*cker.” She heads over to the party with Ronnie. She says Gnat has two options, get on her knees or get a f*ckin’ beat down.

Renee arrives for her party!

Baptismal Party! Renee and her friends walk in together. Karen arrives and she just wants Renee to be happy. Karen says Nat D hates Gnat more than she does and hopes she gives her a beat down. Ang and Neil arrive. AJ gives Andrea the ring at the party and it almost looks like an engagement ring. Renee makes it clear it’s not an engagement ring. Renee is proud of her son for doing the right thing. And now Drita walks in, but she is obviously about to snap.

"Our friend, Gnatalie Guercio is a bonafide rat."

She immediately tells the girls about her sitdown with Natalie D and she feels like a jerk off for believing Gnat. Drita says Nat D played the recording for her. The Ex says how can you do that to me and she says I don’t know. Drita says Gnat is a bonafide rat. She can't believe someone could lie that good and played her and Ang. Karen is happy to hear that finally everyone gets it now. Ang is confused. Drita says when you hear the tape it’s creepy. Ang wants to know who is the rat who made the tape. Natalie D walks in and Renee says, “Happy, happy.” It’s almost as though Natalie D knows what’s coming. Ang says Nat D is the shit stirrer and she should watch what she says in case it’s recorded. Karen asks Nat D if she has the recording. Nat D says yes, she will enjoy it, and she is waiting for her to show up to play it. Drita is still going on about the tape. Karen doesn’t have to fight with Gnat, Nat D can settle it once and for all. Ang still has her doubts. In walks Gnatalie and London. All eyes are on her. Karen, Nat D and Drita all have it out for her. Gnat is prepared to take Nat D on.  The tension is thick. Gnat and London take a seat. So far everything is going as you would imagine, right. Everyone is there who needs to be there for the big Face-Off and playing of the tape.

"Happy, happy"

All eyes turn to Gnatalie

Meanwhile, Nat D scans her phone 
for the audio tape!

Nat D pulls out her phone looking for the recording and Renee tells her to put it down right now. Nat D isn’t listening. Nat D ends up putting the phone away because Renee was upset and she wants Gnat to eat first so she can choke on her food. Gnatalie is all smiles, but notices Drita and Ang are acting cold and distant. Nat D says she smells Gnat’s fear and sees it in her face. Drita gets a bad feeling and pulls Renee aside and asks if she knows the people behind Gnat’s table. Drita thinks Gnat brought strangers to the party and they are eyeing Nat D. Renee is getting upset, it’s unacceptable. Ang thinks Gnat brought backup and Ang is disgusted. Renee says it’s my party, no strangers, no evil people! Drita is pissed at this “pussy” move. Renee is trying to make peace and Gnat smacks her in the face one more f*ckin' time. Renee calls security to remove the uninvited guests. Gnat says she is leaving with her friends and family. That’s what she does, she runs, says Karen. Gnat says she isn’t walking into a lion’s den alone. Nat D follows her out to confront her! Now, as to the uninvited guests that Gnat brought for back-up, Gnat had a few things to share on Twitter. Read them for yourself:

Gnat's back up squad

Right from the horse's mouth.

Drita runs out after Nat D. Karen says Nat D is going to kill her. Gnat brought her friends and family and they were all kicked out. Nat D says "you can run but you can't hide."  Gnat came with a small army for her, but she came alone. She is her own gangster. Drita says she and Ang gave Gnat way, way too many chances. Ang says this time she is dead wrong, betrayal is unacceptable. Ang is very disappointed. Nat D leaves on her own. Everyone realizes Gnat has been no good for the circle. Drita says she is going to make sure she never comes back again.

Everyone is on the same page about Gnatalie . . . finally

AND the tape was never played with or without speakerphone! What the hell? I am really disappointed that we all didn’t get to hear what Drita supposedly heard that caused her to do a 180 on Gnat! How great would it have been to play the tape at the party? That part of it to me was a let down. Also, if Gnat brought a dozen uninvited people to the party shouldn’t they have been checked at the door? This party was private and being filmed. There had to have been security? So somebody let these dozen people into the party because they sure as hell didn’t sneak in. That's television for you.

This season has been the most stressful, exhausting season yet. When you watch the show every season you have a lot invested in it. But, when you watch the show and blog it, you are looking at all the details, constantly reading about the cast between shows, get emotionally involved in their drama and this season has left me drained. And we still have a two part Reunion Show coming on March 11th and 18th, hosted by Vivica Fox. I hear that is going to be explosive. I hope they answer some burning questions and maybe even play the damn tape!

Picture Credit: VH1

P.S. Just for fun we would like to mention that a "friend of ours," The Don, was also at Renee's party and here he is . . .

Don is just keeping an eye on things lol


Nick said...

Last Weeks Episode did they not come to Karens house... Karen invited Ang and Drita for Renee.. Last Week did Drita not say before she can go to Renees Cleansing she had to talk with Nat D 1st to set the record Straight... So again how was Drita not Invited JS.. Also It seems as if Nat G is outing the show once again... With her saying Drita was gonna bring friends too and it wasnt a "Real Party"... Their is no repercussion for that? She also said a couple months ago that Drita and Ang and Karen and Renee all met on the show and don't have a 20 some relationship as portrayed on TV.. So has Jenn Confirmed who will be their next season.. Are the 2 Natalies out and they bring back Love and Ramona and Carla..

Chiara Soprano said...

Nick thanks for commenting. I took Karen's words as an invitation to both Drita and Ang. The problem is we don't see what goes on behind the scenes. Also Drita interprets things her own way, maybe she thought Karen was giving her a heads up on the invitation. Who knows? Gnat has been giving away show info but that is for her and the show to deal with. And as for season 6, they haven't announced there will be one and who might be in or out.

Anonymous said...

Some people may have met on the show but the original cast along with Big Ang all knew each other somewhat before the show originally aired in 2011. Drita, Karen, and Jenn Graziano were close friends long before the show aired too.

Anonymous said...

To Nick. Karen, Renee, Jennifer(the producer), Carla, Drita have all known each other since they were teenagers.
Ange has known them beforehand too.
Karen and Ramona grew up together.
Drita lived with Karen's family for a while when she was a teenager. Love Majewski goes back many years with Jennifer, they have known each other for a long time.

Remember when Renee said that she and Carla go back 29 years?

As long as this show has been the air, I thought everyone knew this already.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that it was the tape where it was Natalie G was allegedly talking to the bf who had his voice disguised...

Hugo said...

So Alicia DiMichelle never showed up.... I'm disappointed those rumors were fake.. would have been nice to see what happened in that .."To be continued"...from season 4

Chiara Soprano said...

I'm disappointed that Alicia didn't show up for a sitdown with Karen too, that would have been a better storyline than the two Nats.

The tape with the disguised voice was said to be the tape played, but Drita said she heard a different one. Who can you believe anymore?

maharet1965 said...

Imagine GNat is gonna be a prison pin-up girl awwwww......
All I have to say is I hope the reunion is better than the whole season has been. Truly if Gnat is on next season I will not be watching.

Nichole said...

Hello! I wanted to point out something really interesting.

Re-watch this scene at the 0:15 mark:

Is that not Alicia's voice? Because I swear that it is...

Chiara Soprano said...

Nichole, it does sound like Alicia but I really doubt she would be there, can't see any reason why she would go or they would ask her.

Nick said...

Thanks Everyone.. I know that all the Original Girls were friends.. I have seen old photos of all of them once upon a time.. But I am saying Nat G is trying to tell everyone out their that all the OGs met each other on this show.. Which is Crap..

Leigh said...

Well season 5 started out ok but was drawn out with the Natalie fights and I think what was frustrating for the viewers was that there was a lot of talk not a lot of action.....
Natalie looked ridiculous rolling up 10 deep AND running out so what is it Natalie are u tough or not. She talks it but is no action at all.......
I'm thinking the reunion will be good to hash it out.
Drita certAinly shocked loyal fans this season with her flip flopping......
Does anyone have any info on Natalie g ex......??
It would be good if we heard the whole recording.

So it's pretty definite drita is gone nxt year....Natalie will be gone.....
Renee Karen big ang definite for season 6 and hopefully some decent new faces we want to get back to authentic stuff... It feels a bit fake this season.

If Dritas gets her spinoff it's safe to say the viewers will be tuning in to try glimpse lee.....they should have showed him this season that would have peaked ratings or nat g ex or someone .....there was just far to much talk.
Nat g was just so full of lies and crap and everytime she was sprung she made more lies to cover it....but like we saw at Karen's sitdown with her she doesn't take responsibility for her actions and just keeps talking crap like a spoilt brat use to getting her own way.
Surely the recording will get played and she can be put on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that Drita and Ang have moved on and are no longer friends with that lying cop caller!

Chiara Soprano said...

Leigh I pretty much agree with everything you said. It would have been a ratings bonanza for Lee to appear this season but Drita doesn't even seem to be on good terms with jenn and if she is doing her own show then they will want to save his appearance for that and draw viewers in.

Anon, I wish I could tell you Ang and Drita finally get it about Gnat, but I can't. Too much flip flopping. The reunion just may answer your question.

Anonymous said...

Drita says Lee does not want to be on the show(visually). He does not want to been seen on the show. So don't hold your breath waiting for him to make an appearance.
I don't know why people bringing it up. Just accept the mans wishes.

Anonymous said...

Drita definitely needs to go. Bore. Her own spin off? That crap will flop too!!

Anonymous said...

Nick, yes I know that Gnat said the OG met on the show, but of course we know that is just another one of her lies. She displayed herself as a pathological liar. I truly believe she is a sociopath. She is one of the most despicable repulsive persons I have ever seen.