Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap Reunion Show Part 1, Ep 513

Vivica Fox, host

Vivica introduces herself and the five cast members: Karen, Renee, Drita, Ang and Gnatalie. All the women look lovely and relaxed. Let's see how long that lasts . . .

Karen’s Return is the first topic with flashback clips. Karen came back to have Renee's back, and it's "no more three against one b*tches!" Karen says she came back for Storm and to have her daughter experience life in New York. Her life in Arizona was peaceful. Renee says she felt safe with Karen coming back because she is loyal to her 100%. Ang didn’t mind Karen's return . . . how gracious.

The "skirt and suspenders" 

Gnatalie, who is wearing a a gold skirt with suspenders, says her loyalty lies with Alicia, the "real mob wife." I think her suspenders are too tight. Renee wants all the cards out on the table. Karen explains that Alicia has a problem with her father, Sammy, because he killed her father in-law, who she didn’t even know. She says both Alicia and Gnatalie are coattail riders and they attack her to make themselves relevant.

Big Ang

Moving on to Big Ang, who is normally the peacekeeper. This season Ang showed a new side of her. And when Renee said on one episode that "Gnatalie’s DNA is on the dollar bill," Ang explodes and wants to snap Renee’s neck. Ang says she got upset because someone talked about her family. Drita and Karen both stepped up to prevent the fight on the show.

Vivica asks Gnat about her talking about Renee doing drugs. Gnat denies saying anything, but Renee says that's a lie, it was on Twitter. Vivica wants to know if it affected Renee more because it was on social media. Renee says it affected her because her son saw Gnat’s tweets that Renee was a coke head and other insults.



London and Storm are on the set. Vivica says, with a name like Storm, Karen should have expected a few clouds and he should have realized she would bring the thunder. They go over the incident where Storm had a girl in the house at 7 am. Karen says she believes Storm, but she will never really be sure of the truth 100%. She just decided to put it behind them and move forward. Vivica says she hates surprises and that would have been a hell of a surprise. Storm sounds a little defensive. Renee adds her husband got another b*tch pregnant so her son has a brother out there. And they share a laugh about how Drita called her husband’s mistress and told her off. (Remember the girl at the beauty salon who knew the name of her daughter because Lee used to bring her there?)


On to Gnatalie and London. London says they are doing great. He seems to add that Gnat needs more therapy to keep her mouth under control. London says he was slashed with a box cutter at a club. There was no provocation. Gnat put the name and picture of the slasher out on social media to help find the guy. Karen and Storm say that was a rat move. Gnat yells at Karen your father is the biggest rat in the federal penitentiary. Storm says someone who does the police's job for them is a f*ckin’ rat. Storm is heated and so is London. Vivica gets up to try and stop the yelling. Drita says she was not surprised that London called the cops, that's what most people would do. But, Drita adds, for Gnat to be using the word rat all the time and then London call the police, that doesn’t sit well. The guy who cut London is in prison and will stay there a while.

Uh oh. Things are getting heated. Flashbacks to how Gnatalie keeps bringing family into things. There are clips of the fight at the Drunken Monkey. Storm says he exchanged numbers with London when they met prior to the fight. They had no issues. Gnatalie is having a fit because no one is allowing her to talk. Gnat keeps holding on to her suspenders because if they shift a little to the left or right her boobs will be exposed just like her lies are coming out. London agrees and says he and Storm had no problem. Drita says she doesn’t understand how people can attack family. Karen says you must understand it because you hang with Gnatalie no matter how many times Gnat has attacked my family. Vivica says Karen showed a lot of restraint the night of the fight at Drunken Monkey because Gnat said a lot of things to her. Karen says Gnat knows nothing about the lifestyle or what she is talking about.


Vivica decides to change the subject. They show a series of clips of all the things these women would do to their enemies. Quite a few clips. Renee wants to poison them for a slow death. Ang wants to snap their necks. Drita wants to eat their face. etc etc.


Vivica brings up the visit from Victoria Gotti. Ang thought Victoria Gotti was very nice. Renee said she was was like "what the f*ck is she doing here." Renee says Victoria is not a boss of anything, except maybe the boss of her family and I'm the boss of my family. Renee says she respects how Victoria handled things, she understood the situation and she could mediate for them. Ang feels it helped them because she was in the lifestyle, but an outsider. Karen says she has nothing against Victoria Gotti. Karen says she doesn’t care what Victoria Gotti thinks of her and she would welcome an opportunity to sit down and talk to her.

Karen and Gnat exchange some very heated words

More clips concerning the fight that started over the twitter war between Gnat and Karen regarding the “dead beat mother” comment and the constant use of the word rat. Karen says if Gnat could have had an adult conversation it wouldn’t have come to table flipping. Karen says Gnat grabbed a glass and Gnat says you pulled my hair. Karen says, I am not jealous of anybody. Gnat is a very pretty girl, but when she opens her mouth she is ugly and vicious and she attacks her family. Karen says she went on Twitter talking about deadbeat mother where her 15 year old daughter can see it.

Vivica reacts to Karen's comment

Gnat says “I’m not a home girl.” Karen says, “Oh I’m sorry you don’t like black people. You’re on tape calling a black lady a burnt b*tch . . . Natalie Guercio from Mob Wives is a racist b*tch! You want to call me a rat, you’re a racist b*tch.”

Vivica wants to know if Gnat thinks her mouth causes people to have a bad reaction. Renee says no one can shut her up except to talk to her the way they do.  Gnat says she came on the show and no one is letting her talk. Renee says, "So quit." Gnat adjusted her gold suspenders 41 times . . . was that on Shazam?

Be sure to watch part 2 of the Reunion Show when Gnatalie runs out of the building to her car, clutching her suspenders, which may have shifted during a a brawl that seems to take place between her and Nat D.

Picture Credit: VH1

After the show

Now I would be remiss if I did not include a couple of tweets that went out after the show. I happen to think Miss Vivica Fox did an exceptional job of hosting the Reunion Show, but someone showed their true colors. Check out how disrespectful Gnatalie was and how Miss Fox replied:

And our Mob Mistress adds

and Giving Miss Vivica Fox the last word


Anonymous said...

Can't wait until next week! Very interesting last night. True colors are definitely showing and like Karen said, it is ugly. That is all.

Nick said...

Thats funny that Nat G would tweet about Vivica... Was it not 2 weeks ago when they were taping and she was saying how all the focus was on her and she loved the attention Vivica was giving her that night.. But now shes trying to come after her on twitter.. Hmm Green Screen Twitter Gangsta as Karen calls it

maharet1965 said...

The fact that GNat tweeted what she did to Vivica just shows what a trashy bitch she is. Let's see how relevant GNat is once she is no longer on Mobwives. Lets all hope that if there is another season that she is not on it. With all she has said about everyone including Jenn I don't think she will be. Ang just keeps disappointing me. Her sister Janine is a friggin' piece of work. I got into it with her a little on twitter last night. Was drinking wine so my mouth ran away on me a little. lol. As usual great Blog Chiara.

Anonymous said...

I STILL want to know if this means that RENEES SON AJ is a RAT because of what junior did???? I agree what the parents did the children had NOTHING to do with.They never asked to be born into this life!! SO If Karen is a rat is AJ a rat too? Gnat/Rat is a low life. A dirty fucking termite that needs to GTF off the show FOREVER!!!!! Since I have no social media can some PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tweet that worthless slab and ask her if she thinks that AJ is a rat since his dad was a turncoat. She's a fucking piece of shit. She spent more time trying to hold her tits in place than anything else. I feel bad for London cuz I thin k he is a really nice guy that would be better off without the South Philly mattress he calls a girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Ratalie is one nasty evil trecherous vicious bitch. Notice how she goes after anyone and everyone. She even went after Vivica on Twitter, for no reason whatsoever. Vivica did nothing to her.

I can't believe Drita is still mad at Karen about when Karen let Drita know how disgusted she was that Drita started a sexual relationship with and married Karen's ex boyfriend Lee. Drita is the one who bedded and took up with her friend Karen's ex boyfriend who Karen had lived with for 7 years. Yet Drita is the one who is still mad? How dare she. That bitch Drita is sick.
Karen and Drita knew each other from when they were about 15, and Drita even lived with Karen's family for awhile when they were teenaers, and Karen lived with Lee for 7 years, yet Drita cannot undestand why that upset Karen.
BUT Karen has let it, and Drita obviously wont let it go. Perhaps it is guilt on Drita's part?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above. I too would like to see how Ratalie answers the question. Is AJ a rat too, because of what his father did?

Anonymous said...

That should be *teenagers, NOT teenaers.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a good villain on my reality shows but honestly, Gnatalie is reallllllyyyyy crossing the line. I can't take how hypocritical she is! She literally says one thing and then turns around and does/says the complete opposite. Between her clothes and the shit that comes out of her mouth, I can't take anything this trashbag says seriously! She's a joke and she's getting super annoying to watch. To the point where if she's on next season, I won't be watching. I can not contribute to this girl's suck attitude any more by giving her ratings!

Anonymous said...

id really love to know where you get that Drita lived with Karen when they were children .... couldn't be further from the truth
they were young adults

Anonymous said...

It came for the lips of Karen and Drita themselves. So you are saying you know about Karen's and Drita's life than they do?

Karen and Drita said Drita lived with Karen's family when she was a teenager for a short time.

I am aware that Drita and Karen lived together as young adults, BUT Drita also lived with the Gravano family for a short time when they were teens.

BUT lets say that Karen and Drita are lying and Drita did not live with the Gravano family when Drita was a teen, STILL YOU admit they lived together, and that in itself is foul what Drita did to Karen by getting with Lee.

Anonymous said...

PS: I said they lived together as TEENAGERS. To me teenagers ARE children.

Anonymous said...

Apparently vivica wasn't letting natalie speak during the reunion favoring karen and renee cause vivica and renee are friends and I read that nat d tries 3 times to attack nat g but security stopes her but at the third time she hesitates because she's actually gets close enough and drita apparently gets involved and nat d accuses her of jumping her. And I read carla comes on but it's boring as shit

Anonymous said...

One day, Natalie G is going to open her mouth to the wrong chick and end up with her jaw wired shut.

Leigh said...

Well we are all agreeable with how ugly and pathetic Natalie is.
She has called the cops 3 different times ranging from parole officers to the cops to getting restraining orders put on ppl yet calls Karen a rat who has never called the cops and has nothing to do with what her father did.
Karen was on point and 100% right with everyone she said I thought she handle Gnatalie really well.
London and Natalie made themselves look bad no one else so that is just made that all her lies and disgusting way were exposed.
She attacked vivicia about not letting her talk.......ummmm all I heard was her whiny voice shouting over everyone else and talking.........drita and ang were the ones not talking.

She is a spoilt bratty looking slut who looks like she is having a temper tantrum everytime she gets shut down.

A little girl trying to run with the women and failing miserably.
Great blog chiara keep it coming!!

Next week she finally get a knocking then runs out....
U so tough Gnatalie and smart that saying the word rat 14x an episode only makes u look stupid.

Amberly said...

Agreed Leigh.

Can someone explain to Gnatalie that her and London are not gangsters or tough they are 9-5 workers who call the cops when something happens to them and that's ok but she cannot do that then call someone else a rat repeatedly.
There is a street code she clearly has no idea about so stop acting like u do.

She officially made herself look terrible on t.v.
Go Gnatalie go yea girl u did it all by urself

Her brother is a detective and she got quite upset at his mention imagine her disgrace if someone called him a rat repeatedly....

Anonymous said...

A bunch of "grown" ass women acting like a bunch of teenage drama queens! He said this, she said that! GTFOH!! And the bad thing is, these "women" have children. I feel sorry for them!

Anonymous said...

Why does Gnatalie feel free to speak about EVERYONES family but she's gets real real defensive if someone talks about hers. Worthless pile of shit. That girl needs to get gone real quick. No One likes her. It really sucks that the WHOLE fucking season was about her..... What a disappointment that she was EVERYONES story line. Hopefully she won't be back. She is NOT good for TV AT ALL. She and the show made her/herself look horrible and I feel like that's who she REALLY is in real life. She needs to fuck off already. I think the 4 OGs plus Ramona and Love...Ang too I guess. She is loyal to HERSELF and that is something I DO respect. I'm over Drita. She can leave too

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ratalie have something on Ang, it really seems that way. Although Ang claims she hates rats, she can't get enough to Ratalie the rat. Also since Ang's buddy Ratalie is a racist, I am wondering if Ang shares Ratalie's feeling about Black people.

Anonymous said...

Just caught up on the reunion part 1 Well what can I say .... Gnat is a disgrace she dresses like a hooker and honestly that voice penetrates my ears I don't know how KG didn't embed that skull of hers into the floor. I pray for the day when some one actually shuts that mouth of hers permanently. Preferably wire her jaw. I can't stand her and won't be watching next season if this tramp is on it.

Anonymous said...

I use to be on NatG side. But her calling everyone a rat is ridiculous. Plus, she is 30 now as well as a mother, she needs to grow up and show a little more maturity and class.

Still not a huge fan of NatD. She has always came across as just being obsessed with NatG. Why??

Big Ang is my fav. She is always level headed and doesn't act like she is a gangster, even though I'm sure she could handle herself.

I like Drita as well. Even though her tough girl act gets old at times. Not doubt she is a bad azz, but my preference would be for her to tone that down a notch. Overall I really like her though and she seems like a good and genuine person.

I go back and forth on Karen. I do like seeing that she is a loving and devoted daughter. But, when she has had beef with Drita & NatG, I didn't think she was in the right. Plus, I think she is native if she really thinks that her BF wasn't cheating on her.

I have to be real and say from day one Renee has gotten under my skin. She has been a drama queen and a half. My biggest pet peeve with her is I get the feeling she is the Don and that she can do or say anything she wants to anyone, but she is very thin skinned and wants everyone to bow down to her.

So there is my unsolicited 2 cents. :-)

Leigh said...

Shout out to storm I thought he handled Gnatalie and London really well....
He made sense, had Karen's back and put London and his tramp in check.

Storms expression when Gnatalie is explaining how the detective told them to reach out on social media was priceless....that look it all up.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo tired of hearing how hot and pretty Rat, snake, Natalie G is. She is a pretty girl, but everyone thinks she can get away with ber nonsense just because she is pretty. She is cute, but she is no Meagan Fox or Kim Kardashian. And I don't believe the other cast are jealous of her. You don't think that those women have some really pretty friends that are not on the show. I am sure Ratalie is not the only pretty girl they see. They just want her to get gone with her high school bull. Karen had to say she was pretty, just to shut Ratalie's fans up, or else this everyone jealous of Natalie because she is pretty mess will never die. Ratalie always looks nasty to me. All of her slutting and drinking shine through. Her boyfriend London is nice, but he looks like Curly from the three stooges. Karen knows how to play the game and she stayed within limits with this RatNat. She talks about Karen's father all day, but Karen could have went low and called her brother a Pig but she didn't because Karen has manners and respect for family.

Big Ang is being very disloyal this season. She claims that she has love and respect for John Gotti, but you sit there and let Ratalie call Sammy Gravano a rat, rat. Sammy Gravano was a loyal soldier to John Gotti, so if you liked the game, you liked the players. Is Ang about the lifestyle or not. If so, you would respect Karen's father and not lot some slut who has no idea what NY mob life is about, disrespect Karen like that, especially since you and she have been friends for years. I bet Karen wouldn't let ANYONE disrespect Ang's family like that.

I want the old mob wives back. At least those women would argue and make up and that show was still interesting. This stupid, low educated, crack head, pill-popping, alcoholic trick Natalie G messed up the last two seasons with her childish nonsense. I can't wait for Natalie D to shut her retarded mouth up. Nat D is a true warrior, who will not hesitate to box the trick's mouth shut. Fix it Nat D.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above.
1. Gnat G started the shit with Karen, on Twitter last year. So I don't see how you think Karen was not in the right. Karen has a right to defend herself and her family against the bullying that Gnat G started on Twitter. Gnat G consistently goes after Karen for something Karen's father did, and that is insane, especially since what Karen's father did had nothing to do with Gnat G.

2. Drita is not a badass, she is a big mouth, FLIP-FLOPPPER, who is not loyal to anyone. Drita flips like a fish out of water and would not know what loyalty is if it big her on her botoxed face. Just ask Carla Facciolo.

3. Big Ang is not loyal to anyone but the psychotic bitch from Philly, Gnatalie, which is strange since Ang continues to side with the psychotic bitch from Philly against Renee whom she has known for over 20 years.
Ang also was blaming Renee for what Junior did, which makes Ang as bad as Gnatalie G. Both Ang and Gnat blames Renee and Karen for what their family members did. Which is vicious on Ang and Gnart's part.

Anonymous said...

I am one person who does not think that Gnatalie is pretty, she's just a fair looking women who knows how to apply her make-up good. She has a horse face.

C.nikki said...

I'm so sick of nat g, she is so trashy. She loves to open her mouth to Karen, Renee and nat d but when Drita says something she stays shut. Also nat g only line is Karen is a a rat, her father is a rat, rat this rat that, no real argument or reason for this foolishness, just pure immaturity. I hope nat D pops her in the jaw and that she never cones on the show again.