Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mob Wives: Karen's Hot KTV1 Interview

Karen opens up about everything!

Karen recently sat down to chat with KTelevision1 about various topics including her book, spa, future projects, cast members Carla and Drita, porn, one night stands, pool table fantasy and a lot more. Sounds like season three is going to have some drama! It's wonderful to see Karen again, Love her lightened hair color.

I noticed that when KTV1 tweeted the link of the interview to Carla, she called Karen a "clown," on twitter, her favorite word. I guess she di-ent like what Karen had to say about her? Check it out!

Picture and Video Credit: Ktelevision1

1 comment:

atty said...

Great interview although I wish the background music wasnt quite so loud.