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"Paranormal Witness" The Abduction Recap PT. 1

The story of an alleged alien abduction is told by the people who were involved. 

“Before you judge this, take a look at the facts. The facts speak for themselves”

Travis Walton was a young, single 22-year-old rebel living out of Snowflake, Arizona. He was a fearless man that spent his time bullriding, boxing, and riding his bike. He was also a working man and was part of a group of men that were dubbed “The Loggers” and would do lumberjack work in the rural areas of the town. The Loggers crew was led by Mike Rogers and his team consisted of Travis, John, Kenny, Steve, Dwayne and Allen. They were assigned to work through the woods of the Sitgraves National Forest and they all worked long, strenuous hours from dawn until dusk. Most of the guys got along well with each other but Allen and Travis weren’t too fond of each other. Allen would cut down the trees and they would land next to Travis…but Travis gave him a look that would let him know to watch it. Other than that, the crew worked hard together.   

Another day at work
It was a normal workday on November 5, 1975 when the sun set. Mike was packing up all the gear and the boys, tired and weary, climbed in the truck to head home. During the drive, the boys were joking around and talking about girls and partying when they see a glowing light in the distance within the trees. They assumed it was a bright moon but they noticed the moon was already risen above the forest.  “It’s not fitting…it doesn’t look quite right,” Travis recalls. The men drove over to where the light was and Travis got out of the truck to run towards the glow. The men were shocked at what they saw; 

“It was a clearly defined metallic object hovering less than 100 ft. away!” (Travis)
“It was a light I’ve never seen before and haven’t seen since….” (Mike)
“It had panels that were lighted. It was beautiful…” (Ken)
“It was pretty beautiful, like a brand new corvette! Terrifying but beautiful!”  (John)

Flashing lights....
All the sudden, a piercing, bright blue light shot out and “zapped” Travis in the chest, causing him to fly back and hit the ground. The guys screamed, terrified that their friend died before their own eyes. The guys, fearing their own lives, left the location and drove down the rural road, panicked and arguing over what they saw and what to do next. The guys stopped the truck, trying to recollect what just had happened and debating whether or not to go back to the spot where Travis was to collect his body. They decided to go back to the spot where the UFO and Travis were and to their shock, Travis’ body was missing. Guilt and shame set in and the guys broke down as they realized that they left Travis’ dead body behind and now he was gone. Now they had to debate whether or not to call law enforcement to report their friend is missing. But how would they explain to the police what they saw? Would the police even believe them? They took the chance and contacted the Sheriff’s department. 

Marlin Gillespie, who was the Sheriff at the time, was called out to the scene and asked the guys what had happened.  While Sheriff Gillespie did take note that they did look fearful, he suspect that as the guys talked about the UFO and Travis, that they were just partiers that were loaded on drugs and alcohol. Sheriff Gillespie relayed this information to Ken Coplan, the assistant Sheriff. Both thought that the UFO story was used as a cover-up of a crime that was committed. The next day, the deputies conducted a search party to search for a body or injured individual in the area. About 60 men were called upon the search.

Upon the search, Mike noticed that the volunteer members had Geiger machines with them to test for radiation. The guys asked the volunteers to run the machine over them and they came out clean. Then they remembered they were in fresh, changed clothes. They then checked the hard hats. The needle on the machine spiked drastically and the volunteers left. The guys asked the cops who the volunteers were and even the cops had no idea.  

Search Party
On Friday November 7th the second day of the search, the Sheriff’s department had a helicopter that circled wide area. The sheriff also searched abandoned warehouses and cabins. The Deputy Sheriff took the case seriously but the Assistant Sheriff didn’t take it seriously. He kept antagonizing the guys to tell him the truth. He talked about the repercussions about what would happen if the body wasn’t found. The next day , the news had spread worldwide and the department was getting blown up with phone calls and messages about the case. Most of the calls were in regards to the rumors of a UFO.

On Sunday, it was the 4th day of the search and there was still no trace of Travis. That’s when the guys started getting accused from murder. Meanwhile, Deputy Gillespie approached the guys and asked them if they wanted to take a lie detective test. On Monday, as the men were going to the department, the media had a field day with news reports and photographers hovering the suspect men and asked them about the UFO and of a possible murder. Cy Gilson was going to conduct the tests:  Cy at the time was a top rated polygraph examiner in the state of Arizona. Cy gave them a brief idea of what they were going to do and how he was going to conduct the questions. The guys realized then that they were being questioned about murder and not a UFO. They all felt that the guys were going to get set up but they still agreed to take the test. Sheriff Gillespie was confident that the test results would solve the mystery that day. Steve was the first one to be tested. Cy figured since he was the youngest, he would be more willing to confess. Steve was nervous to the point where he felt his nerves would flunk him. Cy explained his tests had 92-97% accuracy and he would not tell the guys the results of the test. All the men were tested. But in an interesting turn, when Allen was tested, he wasn’t cooperative. He was moving his arms so the needles would deflect and because of that, no determination could be made with him. The testing took all day and into the evening. Cy looked over his results and wanted to view the results with another examiner. 

Truth or lies?
When the guys were waiting for the results, Cy walked passed them and they demanded the results. Cy said he would not disclose the results. This did not please the men and as they kept on demanding and pressuring Cy to give them the results, Cy caved in and told them “as far as I can see, y’all are telling the truth”. Cy went home but he was stunned. “I don’t think it’s even possible for 5 of those individuals to ask the same questions and beat me at my game,” Cy explained. Cy relayed this information to Sheriff Gillespie, who was stunned when he asked about the UFO and realized the men had passed. But there still was no sign of Travis. 

Meanwhile, five hours later; Travis’s brother-in-law receives a phone call from Travis……

(to be continued...)

Jane's Notes: This episode is actually an hour and a half long, hence why I decided to divide up into two parts. I'll post the second part either tonight or tomorrow morning. I will say this...first of all, I was DREADING this recap because while ghosts and spectres don't scare me, my skin crawls at the sight of aliens and UFO's. I HATE anything having to do with aliens, UFO's, abductions, etc. I know, it's wierd, right? You'd think I'd be all over this and would be the first to step in a UFO but NO. There are just some things that make me go; 

But all in all, I braved through the episode and it wasn't too bad actually. I actually am looking forward to seeing what happens next (I didn't watch it all through, God bless DVR). I'm also more curious as to who the "mystery volunteers" were. I'll definitely do some more digging on this so stay tuned for the next recap!

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