Friday, October 12, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: No Season Two Rest In Peace?

Pouring for the homies of Mob Wives Chicago
Word has been passed down to us that there will be NO season 2 for Mob Wives Chicago.  Right now I really don't want to believe it.  Frankly I can see why with the lackluster numbers & Facebook unfriending drama unfolding during season 1.  In spite of my not really being fond of all the cast members, I wish them all success.  Yes, I am sad for each of the ladies of the Mob Wives Chicago.  A season two would've been great for each of them.  However, I have no doubt most of the women will be just fine.  Nora Schweihs has her Master's Degree & wine to cuddle up next to each night.  Renee Fecarotta has Eye Candy & her pretty daughters.  Leah DeSimone has her hair, eye shadow & most importantly her delightful parents.  Christina Scoleri has her daughter & (I'm sure by now) dish soap.  Pia Rizza has Bella & her survival attitude that will keep them afloat.

Mob Wives Chicago may be as dead as Al Capone.  However, I'll keep hope alive for all the women.  I also am hoping Mob Wives Florida is picked up by VH1 & green lighted for production soon.  I think Kimberly Gambino and her personalities friends would be a treat to see on the small screen.  Rumors are flying around about the casting.  However, once I caught a glimpse of Mrs. Gambino on The Big Ang Show, how could Jennifer Graziano pass up on a Gambino with sex appeal & major personality?

Recently, it's been brought to our attention that the production leak was indeed a hoax.  The author was allegedly written by a young man named Jeff who is no stranger to spending time in jail.  It seems he, if I have the right Jeff, beat the mother of his child breaking her spline.  What a winner!

Rest in peace Mob Wives Chicago, every time I grab an handful of Garret's Popcorn I'll think of the most confusing cast of friends & not really friends ever.  How about that!

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Chiara Soprano said...

Disappointing news. I was hoping for one more season, minus one or two cast members. The production leak was as good a hoax as I have ever seen. Thanks for setting the record straight and pointing the finger where it belongs. I will always wonder how Christina's fashion designs are coming along.

atty said...

I agree with Chiara-was hoping it would carry on but drop a couple of the cast.Oh well,onwards and upwards-Thank you for all your work on this blog.Most entertaining! x

Mustang Mommie said...

Thanks again for a great blog. You are never biased, & thats what I love about your blogs :) We will miss all the Chicago Mobwives I really liked the show & truly wish them all the very best ! Hope good things cometo all the ladies :)

Jane Doe said...

Sadly, I'm not surprised. If some of the ladies took a crash course in social media etiquette 101 (I'm looking at Renee, Giana and Christina), they couldve gotten more positive feedback. Too many scuffles and "he said, she said" bullshit and not enough "mob" that turned of many viewers.

Anonymous said...

The FecarottaS are so happy!! No more trashy family members on TV
We hope that it was worth for Renee to lose 80% of her family for a stupid show that had THE WORST reviews ever!!!
Hopefully she will be enjoying her time as a grandma!