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Paranormal Witness: Ghost in the Garden EP 210 Recap (PT. 2)

 A mysterious little red-haired girl is seen in a historical, family household 

Ray Bolkin had the ideal family life. His son Dave married a beautiful woman named Kim and together, they had an adopted 2-year-old boy named Jackson. Ray couldn’t be happier to live a peaceful family life in a home that was 200-years-old and was rich in Bolkin family history. In the backyard of the house was an old, much smaller house where Ray’s aunt used to live in. After she occupied it, the house was empty. That was the first time the house had been empty for 200 years.One day, Ray decided to go in there and do some tidying up. It was a dark place and had a completely different atmosphere compared to the main house. The kitchen was the first room he decided was to be cleaned. He had to move some things around, including his sister’s cane which he took and set it on a corner. The cane hit the floor.  He moved it again to another corner….but this time, it didn’t fall. It was actually as if someone had thrown it across the middle of the room. 

A colonial revival house, a style that was popular within the mid-late 1800s. Might provide an idea of what the actual house looked like.
Later that week, Dave was doing work in his shop. He was fixing a mailbox and putting on a lid. He finished part of it and he left it unfinished for the next weekend when he had more time. When Dave went back, he noticed the magnet part of the box was missing. The woodshop was locked the whole time so he wondered how it went missing. Later on in that week, he was out in the yard cutting grass when the lawn mower stopped. He bent down and stared and laying in the grass was the little magnet, which had stopped the lawn mower from working. “I didn’t understand how it got there,” he recalls. So Dave asked Ray to come in the yard. Ray and Dave both noticed there was a “procession of different things” laying out on the grass from the woodshop. Different items out of the garage in the yard laid out in between the actual home and the old farmhouse. Ray thought it might’ve been someone playing a prank. Dave was still puzzled as to how the woodshop was opened up. 

The men were out in the front porch doing some work on the porch while Kim and Jackson were playing in the yard. All the sudden, the stereo blasted on from inside the house. It went on by itself because the whole family was outside. Dave went inside to turn the stereo off when the television set came on. There was simply no logical explanation for it. On another occasion, Dave was downstairs when he heard what he thought was someone upstairs in the house. He got up out of his chair and walked out into the foyer to the front door of the house. He turns to the staircase and sees a little red-headed girl on the stairs. He ran up the stairs but when he got near to the top of the stairs, she faded away. After that, he was up in Jackson’s room when he heard thunder from afar. Dave went outside to see the storm that was approaching and notices a little girl standing in the front yard, staring at him in the backyard. No response came from the little girl. She began walking away and once again, disappeared. 

Bothered by what he had been seeing Dave went back into the old farmhouse to figure out if he can find clues as to who she was. He found a picture of the wall on his ancestors , two great aunts  and one of them was named Petronia, who  was born in 1877 in the farmhouse and died there in 1920. The thing that Dave really noticed in the picture was Petronia had bright, flaming red hair, similar to the little girl Dave had been seeing around his house. Family history tells that Petronia had a very difficult life with medical issues and by the time she was a teenager, she was almost blind. But this actually brought comfort to Dave, knowing his ancestor was still with the family. “We believed that she had re-manifested as a child because that’s when she was the happiest,” Dave explained. “She could see and play around just like any child.” 

Jane Notes:  I really don’t think there was a big “scare factor” put into this episode and I actually felt it was a decent ghost story that didn’t need the scare factor, as the previous episodes have done just that. To me, while the tale of the supposed werewolf left many scratching their heads, pondering what had happened, it was still the unknown of what exactly that creature was that left many fearful, me myself included (mixed in with fascinated at well). I think it was a good part on the producers of “Paranormal Witness” to close this with a haunting but decent ghost story, as for the most part, they had featured ghost stories with disturbing…and sometimes demonic…pasts. I also believe that this story can be related to SO many with passed loved ones. I actually had a dear friend ask me why sometimes, we never see our passed loved ones but others do. I guess it all depends on that individual, how they lived, how they died and the energy they left behind that can be manifested. Story time now! I have a dear relative that travels to the Balkans quite frequently, where my father is from. Our family has a very rich history over there. Anyways, this relative of mine claimed that once or twice, back in the states, they have seen my paternal grandmother. I was a bit startled at this as this grandmother died waaaaay before my relative and I were born. How was it that they saw her but I never did? But the difference is the relative went back to her homeland and I never have. Does this mean grandma is playing favorites (I hope not!)? Not necessarily. But my relative may be more “connected” to her because said relative visited an area that was rich in my grandmother’s history….therefore, it is possible my grandmother may be more willing to manifest themselves to my relative since they were more vulnerable to “energy imprints” left from the region. 

Do you have a similar story? Have you ever seen a deceased loved one or ancestor? These occurrences happen more so than many realize and our loved ones have unique ways to let us know they are there with us. 

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