Friday, October 26, 2012

Mob Wives: Carla's Handyman Making News!

Carla takes the "5th" on the Boyfriend!

The New York Daily News is reporting an interesting item this morning. It seems Carla’s unnamed, alleged boyfriend was taken along on an alleged drug deal in Staten Island. This situation is said to have occurred back in August 2011. We reported on Carla’s “Handyman” in July 2011. The dates are important because they show this is indeed the same boyfriend of season one who reportedly inappropriately touched Renee and Karen. And just this June 2012, they were heating up the Jersey Shore! However, Carla’s spokesperson states that Carla has no boyfriend and is currently looking for one. Really? Maybe her spokesperson doesn’t have a Twitter account because that’s certainly not what Carla and Handy’s tweets indicate. According to what they say, Handyman and Carla still currently seem to have a hot and steamy relationship and even admit to being “in love.” Check them out for yourself and you decide. The link to the complete Daily News article can be found below!

Baby = Boyfriend

Baby = Girlfriend

Baby = Girlfriend

Baby = Girlfriend

LOVE is in the air, just a few days ago!

For someone who advertises she doesn't like "fakes," Carla needs to take a good look in the mirror. If you are going to blatantly lie about something, try not to splash it all over Twitter. The only one who doesn't know about this 18+ month relationship seems to be her spokesperson. Will someone PLEASE notify her spokeperson, Claudia Mora!! Thank you.

Picture Credit: Carla and Handy’s Twitter Accounts

Daily News article: Carla's Handyman???


Anonymous said...

I cant help but notice his twitter handle indicates that he is 36 years old. would that be why the well documented 47 year old senior citizen Facchiolo constantly claims to be 35 years old?I wonder? How dumb does she think the viewing public is? I can now understand why the "STAND UP" woman I've come to know and love (Renee,Karen & Ramona) find her so intolerable to be around.I keep hoping and praying they replace her with another stand up lady one that wont take any shit. Carla's persnickety little comments and eye rolls just don't cut it she's been weighing the cast down since season one and I for one viewer feel BETRAYED that I was led to believe she was attempting to reconcile with her husband and being mindful of her family when all the while she's had a serious boyfriend for years! I call BULLSHIT and what the hell is wrong with Drita? She speaks of RESPECT,LOYALTY,FRIENDSHIP and STREET SMARTS then why is she constantly paired up with a liar?Wake up Drita if Karen is really letting you back into her graces you need to jump at the chance because your current posse makes you look like a FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

I watched a blurb on my AOL that featured sharon pfeiffer and toni ann marie ricci. according to what toni said carla facciola was also sleeping with her husband during their marriage was this also during the course of the making of mob wives? I love my mob wives but they way they fight over men i never thought they would allowed a home wrecker into their midst .It always seemed to me that carla FAKE iolo was cast for this role she just doesnt seem to bare the scars of mob life like a mob wife. On the reunion show renee called her a filler several times and carla skwirme d,am I correct in assuming that carla was hired as an actress to portray this role?