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"Paranormal Witness: The Tenants" Season Finale Recap Pt. 1

 The dark spirits of a family won't let go of their house

It was the year 1970 when Edwin and Marsha Becker, a couple that have been married for 3 years, were waiting for the arrival of their first baby. The couple lived just outside of Chicago and were over-the-moon at how happy their life was together as a little family. “Life was exactly as it should be!” Marsha exclaimed. One day, when Edwin went to pay the rent for the landlady, he told her about Marsha’s pregnancy. However, rather than a “congratulations”, the landlady told them to leave because she allowed no children and pets in the apartment complex they stayed in. Marsha was 7 months pregnant so the couple were desperate to find any suitable place to call home before the baby’s arrival. Edwin took off into the inner-city and found a 2-story apartment building within the city. He was interested in it so he met with his realtor about it. The realtor took him inside the place when the two men came across an old woman named Myra that screamed obscenities at them and told them to get out. “This house is not yours, it will never be yours!” she screamed. The realtor saw how startled Edwin was so he assured her that she was going to be taken to a care home and was just upset because she was the last remaining member of the family that owned the living space. 

A young couple's big steps
The men went upstairs into a scattered, cluttered, room. “Paper, clothes, scattered all over the floor!” Edwin recalls. “I thought someone vandalized it!” The realtor affirmed him that it had great potential for his wife and baby. Desperate to shelter his wife and unborn baby, Edwin took it. Meanwhile, Myra kept on giving him the “evil eye”. But Edwin swore he would make a home for his family.When they settled in, Marsha just had her baby and the couple were ecstatic at their new life. “In the first few days, I was so busy that there wasn’t time to think,” Marsha said. Marsha’s prized possession was a very beautiful candy dish that was a wedding present; despite being so busy she made it a habit to leave the candy dish in the middle of the table. When she went to get a tablecloth, she noticed the candy dish was on the other side of the table. During dinnertime, the couple are home at night when the dining room light began flickering but it did it in a way that made Marsha feel uncomfortable; “it was almost in rhythm, like moarse code…fast flashes then one flash,” Marsha recalls of the strange flashing light. Edwin tried convincing her it was just a circuit. Then it stopped. A month later, Edwin woke up at 5am to work. Once he got into work, he called Marsha and heard the phone was busy He figured Marsha was calling family and friends. Few hours later, he calls again…phone is busy again. “I didn’t know who she could talk to all day long!” he said and began to get bothered at how busy the phone was. Edwin came home and was frustrated that he couldn’t reach her all day. Marsha swore she wasn’t on the phone, which made him even more upset.  She saw the phone was on the table but that the cord and receiver earpiece was on the floor. “I didn’t understand why he was upset with me, he should’ve known me better than that,” Marsha exclaimed. One day, Marsha was tending to the baby when the phone receiver dropped again and she couldn’t understand what was wrong but knew it wasn’t good

Every morning, Marsha would wash the dishes from breakfast when she turned around and saw the cabinet door open. All the sudden, the dishes were flying out of the cabinet, all flying in one motion and then slam down to the floor. “That scared me to death and it felt dangerous, very very dangerous!” Afraid to have the place by themselves, the couple decided to rent out the first floor to potential tenants. Dan and Diane White were interested in living downstairs; they responded to an add to rent the place. They were about their age with a brand new baby as well. “I was very excited about the apartment and I saw that Diane could see it as a home,” Dan recalls. Marsha was even more ecstatic to have someone like her in the place. “She was sweet and smiling and had a kind look to her eyes. All I could think about is I was not going to be alone.” Edwin called the next day and told them to move in whenever they wanted.

Wondering what help would be out there for the couple's unusual problem...
Dan would come home from work, Diane would be out and Dan would see chandeliers swinging back and forth. Dan thought it was the couple upstairs walking around that was causing it. But then it would begin to swing on its own again. One afternoon, Diane put her baby in a walker while the women visited. There was no way the baby could touch the floor and move because the baby was so tiny so there were no concerned of the baby moving about. But out of the corner of the eye, Marsha sees something moving. Her mind didn’t accept that the baby was doing that. The baby’s stroller was moving towards the staircase and the baby started wailing and screaming. A panicked  Diane rushes to save her baby in the nick of time, while Marsha felt an overwhelming sensation of guilt because she should’ve told the new tenants the house was haunted. Marsha and Edwin had a talk where she told him there was something in the basement that wasn’t right. Edwin didn’t believe her fully but also wanted his wife to fill at ease. Edwin went down the basement one night and “it was s a cave filled with junk”. He was examining everything in the room. He noticed a particular jar. He opened it up and noticed it had old Monopoly pieces and then noticed that there was a live bullet round in it. He noticed there was a door in the back of the basement and opened it. One side of the house was shoe boxes, the other side was magazines dated from the 1930s. The name “Ben Verdere” was written on every magazine. He began opening up shoe boxes “it was the most amazing things I’d ever seen,” Edwin describes at his discovery. “There were clippings of paper of women. Maybe a tight sweater, a skirt up in the air…” Edwin figured out that Mr Verdere must’ve beenquite disturbed and perverted. Edwin didn’t want to tell Marsha because she didn’t want to add fuel to Marsha’s fear.

One morning, Marsha would take a bath once she put the baby down and Edwin went to work All the sudden, Marsha felt uncomfortable. “I just felt like I wasn’t alone.” She then felt a hand touch her shoulder and she lost it. When she went to reach the phone, the phone fell down. She felt someone was attacking her and threatening her life. Marsha didn’t belong to the church but wondered if a kindly, old priest would come fix the house “to take the evil out”. After contacting a priest, he agrees to come out to help the couple. Edwin thought it was “a bunch of crap” but insisted to help Marsha. The priest comes over and pulls out a goblet, holy water and bible.He reached in his robe and pulled out a holy water dispenser. Marsha was frightened that something was going to happen. Then, the holy water dispenser (which was made of brass) shattered. Even the priest was frightened and packed up to leave.

At this point, even Edwin begins to believe that someone disturbing is haunting the house and his family….


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