Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: Reunion Part 2 S5 E20

LuAnn: "Ramona, YOU are no angel, okay! and 
Carole, you never miss an opportunity to knock me down!"

First of all, this was a very lackluster part two reunion. There was more rehashing and just a couple of short, spicy moments, but over all it was dull. They should have just added thirty minutes to last week’s show and called it a season. The best I can describe it is what the hell was the big deal about this reunion?

They begin with the LuAnn and Tomas storyline, which they obviously saved for this week. Jacques declined to be at the reunion, or so Andy says. Somehow I find it hard to believe anything Andy says, is it just me? Everyone knows LuAnn came home late with Tomas, but she and Jacques are still together. Tomas simply gave her a ride to the house and LuAnn lied to Ramona because she felt Ramona would blow it out of proportion. Ya think? Ramona is always looking for scandals  EXCEPT in her own backyard! Ramona says LuAnn loves her men, LuAnn says you are no miss goody two shoes. I wish LuAnn would have elaborated on that. Then, Carole adds, being a mother is a good reason not to bring a pirate home. LuAnn jumps down her throat saying, “you never miss an opportunity to knock me down.” The truth hurts. LuAnn really does not like Carole. Frankly, Carole is right, as usual, but my biggest complaint is we never hear enough from Carole! Can’t wait for Carole’s book to come out about her blogs and observations this season!

Carole: "Maybe a good mother doesn't bring pirates home? That's all I'm saying."

Sonya needs to act her age and have a little self respect. On the show Andy calls it, Sonya turned up the heat on sexy. A viewer says, “money can buy you ass,” referring to Tomas, LuAnn’s sloppy seconds. Sonya also hit on the house staff, was that appropriate? She calls it flirting. I call it desperate. Aviva gets the heat for criticizing Sonja and Ramona’s sleeping arrangements. Yet even Andy and I are finding their behavior a little too “gay.”  Maybe they have some latent tendencies that make them have to sleep together and swim naked together? I don’t know.

George behaves inappropriately. Aviva is called low class by a viewer, for pimping her friends out to her lecherous father. Aviva says low class to her means how you treat other people. Carole is asked if George is breaking any of the widow’s rules of dating in her book? Carole answers, he is breaking all the rules. Aviva says she can’t control him and she has to accept him.  What’s a loving daughter to do? By the way, do you think it was Aviva’s idea to have George on the show or Andy’s? My vote goes to the master manipulator, Andy! Bravo for seeing the potential for high drama in George, Andy!

Toaster Oven Gate. “Most famous toaster we’ve never seen.” Heather was upset and frustrated yet again last night. Sonja says the toaster oven isn’t out because it’s part of a whole collection. Fine. But, Heather and Sonja are still arguing over the sexy “J.” Sonja says she just wanted a white box with her name on it. WOW! Then she whips out a bunch of fan designed logos to show Heather. Again with the logos! Sonja wanted the sexy “J.” Heather already felt unappreciated for all her work and now Sonja is showing her sketches from a viewer. Even Andy looked taken aback. Heather did a lot of gratuitous work on her branding, and she finally says to Sonja “you wouldn’t know hard work if it bit you in the ass.” Heather does not want to work with her professionally ever again. What a surprise! 

Holla Heather: "You wouldn't know hard work if it bit you in the ass!  HOLLA!"

Aviva vs. Ramona…Reid vs. Alcohol. She said the Miami experience was eye opening. That was when Aviva first started getting disillusioned with Ramona. Ramona yells out, “your father called me trailer turd.” Aviva can’t control what comes out of George’s mouth any more than Pinot can control what comes out of Ramona’s mouth. Apparently, George has been claiming he gave thousands in the checks he delivered to her charity, but only gave $500. Aviva felt betrayed and sabotaged at St. Barth’s. All this is rehashed yet again. She was invited there with everyone knowing Reid was coming too, only to be told by some pot stirring producer that Ramona said it would change the dynamics of the trip and Reid should go to a hotel! Now what rational person would not be extremely offended by that? The bottom line is Aviva is dependent on Reid as Ramona is dependent on Pinot.

Aviva: "I'm sorry, a lot of that anger were based on my mother's issues with alcohol"

Ramona needs rehab? Aviva is asked if she really believes that Ramona needs Dr. Drew and she says no, they just party hard. Aviva explains that she is sensitive to over drinking because her mother died of alcoholism. When she was angry with them, part of that anger is from how she feels towards her own mother for dying so young from something that was avoidable.  Aviva apologizes for that, they have every right to party on vacation. 

Ramona: Don't go there Andy!

But then Andy wants to pursue Ramona’s drinking a little more. He brings up that last season Kelly accused Ramona of being an alcoholic. Then he wants to know from Heather and Carole if they think Ramona drinks too much or has a problem. An unusually calm and restrained Ramona nearly explodes at Andy! How dare he keep bringing this up! She isn’t tolerating it. I think she totally scared Heather and Carole, because they both started saying, “no, she has no problem with Pinot.”

Ramona: "We're not done yet? No one told me."

They touch on a few more little topics and then a wide-eyed Ramona gets up and is ready to leave while still filming is still going on. Somehow she thought they were done. Even if she thought so, I don’t know what was her rush to take flight off the set?  But they manage to convince her they were still filming, so she finally sat back down. I thought after five years she was a "pro" at this reality tv business? Maybe she had a little too much to drink during the last break? Oh well, there goes a good minute of reunion time wasted! Or was it Ramona who was wasted? 

My final thoughts. I enjoyed the new wives over the old wives. The breakdown is 3-2-1. The three new wives seem to make up a team, with Aviva occasionally on the outside because of her dramatics. Ramona and Sonja will defend each other’s right to drink, party and get naked to the bitter end. They seem to have no real loyalty to royalty, LuAnn. LuAnn is the cheese who stands alone. LuAnn can’t get along with Carole, it’s a royal jealousy thing. LuAnn can’t get along with Ramona, too much history there. LuAnn has no story line so she tried to use Tomas to create one…and the “baby” story line. Both of these attempts are going nowhere fast. Seems to me, LuAnn needs to be replaced. For all you fans who are anti-Aviva, let me say this, you shot yourselves in the foot. Aviva wins the award for creating the most drama this season, intentionally or unintentionally. Drama is what these shows live for. If anything, all your complaining probably moved Aviva to the top of RHONY season six. Not sure if Carole has the stomach to agree to another season, that would be everyone’s loss. Her intelligence, wit and dry sense of humor are such assets if only we could hear what she has to say! HOLLA Heather, as much as I have grown to like her, not sure where she stands. She handles her issues head on, without drama, and the truth is always on her side. I’d like her to come back. Sonja and Ramona, sorry to say, the fans love them, so undoubtedly they will be back.

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Like Carole, Ramona, Sonja, heather is alright, Aviva can do without and LuAnn needs a private life with ever lying and scandalous ways.