Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E18 Finale

Ramona not too happy at ping pong event!

The whole episode was a What The Hell Moment! How many charity events did we see again…two, three? They used charity events and parties to rehash every argument in the whole season? Whose bright idea was that I wonder? Will anyone take credit for it? I have to seriously question anyone’s intention to do “good” for a charity when it’s set up from the beginning to be sabotaged, or at least potentially disrupted, by old drama and new arguments.

Let’s see, where should I start? Carole’s pin pong charity event. I don’t know what Aviva was thinking bringing George to the ping pong event knowing that Ramona would probably be there. George, who I guess was prompted by Bravo producers, made his way over to Ramona and Mario, to have his say. As much as I dislike Mario, he handled the situation well. Ramona, on the other hand, looked like she was literally going to explode. And this is the perfect time to rehash an old argument, the falling out between Aviva and Ramona, which was supposed to be about Ramona calling Harry for information, but became about George “manhandling” Ramona (new argument)! Ramona flipped the script. Maybe they will delve into the Harry phone call on the Reunion Show? I hope they invite Harry!

Loud and obnoxious? Oh, and drinking...again.

Next we have the Yummy Tummy fashion event for charity. Now I generally do not write much about Heather, but I have a comment or two this week. Yes, good for her for telling Aviva she has heard enough about Ramona! However, she has had several issues with Ramona and Sonja, told them off several times, and last night was no exception. Why the hell were Ramona and Sonja talking about the toaster oven again? Ramona and Sonja were incredibly rude when they were yakking it up during the runway show (new argument). Loud and obnoxious doesn’t even begin to cover it. They give new meaning to those words. Were they drinking before and during the show? You bet!

How many drinks have they had now? 

Sonja, the ingrate, still complaining about Heather's free help!

Meanwhile it’s time to rehash the old toaster oven argument. Sonja, the ingrate, wanted even more free pictures than she got, and she isn’t too shy to mention it to Heather. Heather has had it, but even when she is angry, she remains cool and level headed. I wonder if another season with these women will change her into a raving lunatic? Can anyone tell me when was the last time you bought a toaster oven anyway?  I hear that the boxes are now ready, thanks to Heather, but the toaster ovens are not? I think Heather should join forces with Aviva, since they are on the same page about Ramona and Sonja, and battle it out with the drunken duo.

Heather wants Aviva to stop mentioning Ramona, but
she has her own ongoing issues with her!

And finally, we have Carole’s book party! What’s a party without and argument, right? Aviva and Ramona rehash the ejection of George from Ramona’s event last week. I have to say, I think Aviva was way over the top defending her dad, but Ramona would drive me to extremes too. Eventually, Aviva asks Carole, the epitome of class and grace, if it was wrong of Ramona to throw her father out? Carole, who no one ever listens to, says “yes, it was wrong” at least a couple of times. No argument from Ramona? Carole is the only one allowed to say what she wants because her royalty out ranks everyone. Can you argue with a princess about manners? But, Ramona quickly defends her silence on the subject by saying, of course Carole was just trying to appease a crazy Aviva. We all know that if Carole said it, Carole meant it and Ramona was WRONG!  Ramona chooses to remain deluded. What else is new?

It’s interesting to me, after watching the whole season, that Carole and LuAnn managed to steer clear of any arguments. I think Carole is a keeper! The show benefits from her intelligence, wit, and calming affect. LuAnn, on the other hand, may need to be put to out to pasture, if there is a season six. Bring in another new housewife already! There is nothing that is going to come from that baby story line and everyone knows it. They already milked it for all it was worth and then some. LuAnn is played out. I don’t know what Andy intends to do with Ramona and Sonja…send them to Dr. Drew’s rehab? Aviva has not become a fan favorite, however I find that her arguments are pretty valid. Maybe they are a little too played out because she isn’t used to dealing with people like Ramona and Sonja? She learned a lot this season, I would like to see how she handles them next season! Heather has a backbone and uses her brain to argue, not Pinot! I like it when people make sense and use logic. That is why I am a fan of the three new wives.

On to the Reunion Shows!

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cwedd30 said...

Heather is my favorite housewife. She stands her ground and stands up for what she thinks is wrong. Aviva is a bit on the crazy side! Let it go! I mean I am not "Rolling out the red carpet" for any man that isn't MY husband and all my friends feel the same way. Yes the two drunks kept up but so did she and her snotty attitude was a huge turnoff! "I went to Vassar blah blah so I'm so much better! Wow high and mighty tell us how you really feel! The other ladies well Ramona and Sonja were too drunk to really put two and two together no wonder they were nuts! Carole I think is in the league with Heather maybe my second favorite. Thanks for getting me hooked! It's been entertaining!