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Paranormal Witness: The Cabin EP Recap 210 Pt. 1

A creature with 14-inch feet is tracked to a cabin in the woods of London, Ohio

Keith and Diane were childhood sweethearts that eventually married and were blessed with a daughter named Raven.  They decided to live a quiet, happy life in the rural countryside of London, Ohio; they had a small house with the woods in the back. Keith worked during the day and went to school at night so Diane was by herself caring for the house and Raven for the most part. 

Not before long, Diane began to “hear things” outside like little scampering noises. Having lived in the country her whole life, she thought it may have been a dog or other woodland creature. One night, she is washing dishes in the kitchen when out the window and she sees a pair of “eyes”. Slightly startled, she concludes it’s just a loose, stray dog. But then the eyes got closer. “The eyes I was seeing were at eye level,” she explained. “Something was stalking me!” When Keith came home, he noticed she was terrified. She felt someone was watching her the whole time Keith was gone. A concerned Keith took a flashlight and searched for footprints or tracks. He saw nothing. He tried to reassure her that it was nothing and tried comforting her. One night, Diane went to put Raven to bed one night. She turned on the light and went close up the house when she saw the same eyes that were very close to the window. She backed into the living room, back out of the window sight so she didn’t have to see the eyes. But it came to the living room window, stalking her. Panicked, Diane turned off the lights so she could see it but it couldn’t see her. She peeked around the window and still saw it. “Someone was standing there!”  she explained. 

An image of a werewolf, which has been featured in many myths and urban legends
“I was very frightened,” Diane recalls. “I was afraid this person would come into our home and hurt me or our daughter. Or worse, kill us!” She called the police to report the intruder. While she was praying for the cops to arrive, she heard it moved from the dining room closer to the back of the house. The police came and with their flashlights armed, they searched the area and saw nothing. Keith pulls in the driveway and finds the cops at the house. He is upset at his wife for causing a ruckus over nothing but also tried to ease her mind. 

Four months later and it was just before the holiday season around late November. Keith was awake before daylight and headed out to the car. Rubbing his eyes trying to wake up, he looks in the rearview mirror and turns the car lights on. He looks in the mirror again and sees the eyes behind him. He screams, grabs his flashlight and goes outside to see what he saw.  “Did I see something or did I not?” he thought. Keith thought he was seeing things until something on the roof caught his attention. There were tracks over the roof…but they were 14 inch long tracks with a claw mark that he had never seen before in his life. “At that point, I knew that yes, there was something there!” he said. He calls his lifelong friend Dennis, who also went hunting with him. Keith is armed with a .33 rifle on him. Dennis looks at the tracks and goes “what the hell is that?” Whatever jumped on from his house landed 20 ft away from his house. “We could tell what we were looking at wasn’t human,” the men concluded. The men decided to go deep to the woods. They didn’t know exactly what they would see, all they knew was that  “we were looking at something walking on two feet”. The men walked two miles within the woods, fueled with anticipation at what they would find. They came to realize that they might be the ones that are being followed too and that the mysterious creature was onto their act. The men came onto a clearing and they can see at the edge of the woods a small cabin. The tracks lead to the cabin. It let straight to the back door of the cabin and the door is shut. The men were dumbfounded. Whatever was in the woods with them is now in the house and Dennis began beating the side of it, pestering it to come out. After no response, the men agree to walk away and walked out to the road. They stopped at the nearest phone booth and Keith called his dad, asking him to pick them up since he didn’t want to be walking around with a rifle.  Keith’s dad asked what they were doing walking around with rifles. Keith explained the strange creature and the cabin. Keith’s dad mentioned that he knew of a familiar old man who lived there that worked at the local tire store.  

The next week, Dennis shows up with an old tire. They go into the tire store and asked to get the tire fixed when really, they just wanted to get a glimpse of the old man. The man’s name was George. “He came out of the shadows and….he looked right at us. At that moment, we knew it was the guy,” A stunned Keith recalls. “His eyes…they were a very vivid gold and they were tense. It was almost like a trance for a split second. He knew we were the ones who tried tracking him…” The old man then returned to the shadows. Keith and Dennis both felt that deep down, the man knew who they were. The men were hoping to see the old man again but they never did. It was the manager that took the tire out and gave it back to Keith and Dennis.  The men noticed that there were markings on the tires, like symbols. They didn’t know what it was. “We knew us, we knew him…now what do we do?” Keith pondered. 

What lies there in the cabin?....

Three months later, Dennis calls Keith and says that they are going for a ride. They pull up into the lane where George’s cabin was. Dennis then said George died and Dennis’ dad heard it on the police scanner. The men go to the scene when they a deputy sheriff there. He walked over to the men and said “you guys gotta see this!” The deputy led the two men in the cabin. Keith noticed there were no personal items, no food, no clothes, nothing. It was an empty cabin. The deputy said “you have to look at this” and took them to a small room where he opened the door. “A pungent smell hit us…it was like a wet dog smell,” he described. The walls were covered with steel and held together by metal strips. They saw 10-foot strands of chain. There was something restrained back there. But what was it or who was it? Even more interesting were the scratches on the wall. Keith remembers that they were all thinking it….werewolf. But no one verbally mentioned it. 

The stalking stopped after George died

All George left behind was a jar of silver dollars and an unsolved, paranormal mystery...

Jane's Notes: This is part one of the whole episode. There's another short segment to a separate ghost story which I'll get to. So to the episode. Ghosts? Okay. Aliens one week and now werewolves the other? I need a cuddle buddy for next week's episode at the rate this show is going! Even I'm getting scared! Anyways, the wolf is my animal so werewolves are pretty interesting. Scary but interesting. If you want to know more about werewolves, check out this site here for everything in regards to werewolves.

Also, I found THIS precious gem...werewolf fighting!! Seriously. Forget shooting paintball guns at racoons or throwing blows at balconies. THIS is what I would love to do! So MM, Chiara, Carmela, Mia...any other takers? Twitter followers? Anyone? Any of the mob wives up for this? Anyone? *crickets chirp as the other bloggers DM each other that I'm nuts*  

Werewolf hunting anyone?
Picture Credit:, Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunter Society 

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