Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice: Victoria and Teresa Round 1

Let the games begin!

Well last night was the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice. I watched it just to follow Victoria Gotti and Teresa Giudice! Mob Wife versus Real Housewife, New York versus New Jersey. I am going to assess their contributions in the competition and at the end tell you who I think won round 1, although it might be obvious!

First a few details. There are 18 people competing this season, now 17. It’s set up as the men versus the women. Each group has to pick a project manager and a team name and then meet Donald in the board room for their task. On the women’s team, Teresa suggests an Italian name, “Vincitori” which means winners. No one likes it. Lisa Lampanelli suggests “Forte” another Italian word that means strong or strength, everyone loves it. Then they need a project manager and Patricia Velasquez volunteers. I was disappointed that neither Victoria or Teresa stepped up to throw their hat in the ring. I have to wonder why?

Off to the board room to meet Donald. The task is to make celebrity sandwiches and the project manager whose team makes the most money plus tips will get all the money made in this task from both teams, for their charity. The losing team loses a member.

Now they split up and the women have to decide what they are going to do next. Patricia suggests a carnival and Victoria says you need a permit in New York for that or the police will shut you down and that theme has nothing to do with sandwiches. Lisa Lampanelli says she will not disrespect Victoria, no matter what she says or does, because she has mob connections. They decide to create a Celebrity Club Room at a deli and the most recognizable person should be outside to draw a crowd to send in to buy sandwiches. That job falls on Teresa Giudice. Everyone calls up friends to donate money, however, they are all holding back because they want to save their calls for help for when they are project manager in the future.

They have lots to say, but do they deliver the goods?

At CafĂ© Metro, in the VIP lounge, the Celebrity Club room is set up. Teresa is in the kitchen making her secret recipe of red roasted peppers. While Victoria Gotti has not shown up for her team and isn’t answering her phone. I heard she slept in late, but later she claims that she had an accident with her eye and her cornea or retina was torn. I am not believing that, sorry. I want to see a doctor’s note. Everyone is a little ticked off at Victoria. A customer comes in saying he will pay $10,000 for a vegan sandwich. They have none, but Victoria quickly whips one up for $10,000 for him. No one gives her any credit for that. I thought she deserves some and that it made up for her being an hour late.

Next part of the task involves each team taking their best sandwich over to the Rachael Ray show for her to taste and pick a winner. The winning sandwich will get a bonus of $35,000. Lisa and Victoria show up with their Celebrity Club International Sandwich. However, the men’s team wins the challenge, according to Rachael.

Time to see who earned the most money. The women’s team earned a total of $126,962; the men’s team earned $332,120 plus the $35,000 bonus, bringing them up to $367,120. The men win, but it disturbs me and the women’s team too, that they got $305,000 just from one person. It’s doesn’t seem fair, but those are the rules.

Patricia has to decide which women were the weakest links on the team. She picks Cheryl Tiegs because she says she didn’t bring in any money; Cheryl disagrees. And she picks Victoria Gotti (as did a few others on the team), for not being a team player, showing up late and not answering her calls. No one said a word about firing Teresa at all. Lisa added that Victoria was heard making personal phone calls while she was supposed to be working. It’s time for Patricia to make a decision. She decides Cheryl is the weakest player and I agree. 

Whose team are you on? So far I'm losing!!!

Victoria came dangerously close to being fired on day one! No one complained at all about Teresa Giudice. Therefore, I have to say that Round 1 goes to Teresa, and Victoria comes out on the losing end. Very disappointed in Victoria Gotti. We’ll see if she bounces back next week. 

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