Monday, February 20, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap “Mob Daughters” Ep 207

Little Louie steals the show! (for Mob Mistress, ugh!)

At the boxing studio, Drita shows up for more lessons. She tells the instructor she got into a fight at a birthday party. She is on a mission to control her anger and she also needs not to be around “douche bags.” She tells the story of how, when she was 5 years old, her parents sent her to school with a crew cut, blue dress and earrings and set her up to be abused. The instructor teaches Drita some boxing techniques and he thinks she is doing well. Drita blames her anger on Karen and Ramona.

Karen and Ramona meet for dinner and to discuss Ramona’s meeting with Carla. It went well. Ramona says that Drita told Carla things to turn Carla against Ramona. Ramona says she and Carla can build their own friendship. They both agree that Carla is loyal by sticking by Drita and they like that about her. They feel Drita is jealous and is poisoning Carla’s mind against them. Ramona says, “No Drita, no Drama.”

Drita's not happy Carla met with and made up with Ramona!

Vesuvio restaurant, Carla meets with Drita to tell her about her meeting with Ramona. Carla wants Drita to eat first so as not to get upset, but then she tells her about the meeting and Drita is shocked. Carla says Drita is her best friend and she was honest with Ramona. Carla told her she thought she was a troublemaker based on what she heard. Ramona told her she thought that Drita was molding her mind. Ramona says everyone in Staten Island knows the truth, only Carla doesn’t know the history because she came from Brooklyn and wasn’t around to see it. She is the only one Drita can tell her lies to. Drita says Ramona is a manipulator and she thinks it’s sick that she is interfering with her friendship with Carla.

At the pup Hollywood store, Big Ang enters with her 5 month old puppy, Louie, a Pomeranian. She wants to buy him a nice coat. The wise guys used to buy her everything. She couldn’t even get the last guy she dated, a real weirdo, to buy her a f*ckin’ puppy, she had to buy him herself. Little Louie is very spoiled.

Karen gets good advice about how to handle difficult questions.

Karen goes to see Patricia Stark to prepare for her media interviews about her book. Patricia mentions “hot button” topics, things she doesn’t want to answer. Karen says her father was involved with 19 murders and there are some things that are sensitive subjects. In one interview Karen recalls the interviewer called her father a “snitch” and that caused a defensive reaction in Karen. Patricia tells her that she can’t be defensive, but has to learn how to deflect questions she doesn’t want to answer, steer them away from them. Karen is very open about what is in her book because it’s all true.

Renee gets upset with Junior's take on their marriage.

Renee and Junior go to their first couples session in therapy. They talk about how they met, they were young, 23, he had just gotten out of jail. Junior did a lot of lying and cheating. Whatever Junior said about things moving too fast, gets Renee upset. She doesn’t remember their relationship that way. The therapist wants to know what she heard. She remembers they were in love and now she feels it wasn’t what she thought it was. He says they fought a lot about her mood swings. She says maybe she had mood swings because he didn’t come home at night and because he told her to get liposuction making her believe she was fat and unattractive. She says, he just told her he looks at her now because she is thin. She always felt she wasn’t skinny enough and he made her feel insecure and paranoid by going out with other women. Junior is uncomfortable with the session. The therapist wants to know why they are getting together now and Junior shuts down and won‘t speak.

Big Ang and Drita go to the dog park so Louie can have a little play time while they talk. Big Ang tells Drita she went on a date with a “mental case.”  Drita tells her that Carla made up with Ramona. Big Ang says she hopes she knows what she is doing. Big Ang says get over it, it’s all nonsense.  Big Ang tells Drita they (Ramona and Karen) must have a diary to keep bringing up the past. Drita tells her she took up boxing to relieve the stress.

Renee is in the park waiting for Ramona to come out of court and decides to call Junior to apologize. Junior is not receptive to Renee and hangs up on her. Ramona comes over, they are both having a bad day. Ramona just saw her boyfriend in court for a few seconds before they took him away. She feels shot and drained by the whole situation. Renee understands what she is going through, she has done it many times before. She tells Ramona that she is there as the support system. Renee says prepare for the worst and don’t expect him to come home anytime soon.

At Drita’s house, Aleeya asks her mother if she ever got into a fight. Drita changes the subject because she doesn’t know what to say. Then the phone rings, and it’s Lee. He says, “Remember me?” She thinks he wants to contest the divorced, but in the end what he did was apologize and admit to his cheating. He wants to talk and for things not to get ugly between them because he intends to be part of the girl’s lives. She wants him to be involved with the girls too. Drita was shocked, she wasn’t expecting Lee to own his mistakes and say he was sorry.

Ramona tells her kids the truth about what happened to her boyfriend.

Ramona is at the park with her four kids. They are sitting in the grass and she tells them she has something they need to know. They are close to her boyfriend and she tells them that he is in jail and she doesn’t know how long he will be away. He says he loves them all. She tells them they can pray, miracles do happen. Then she tells them that she had to spend a couple of hours in jail, but she did nothing wrong. She tells them that she always wants to tell them the truth.

Karen calls David in Arizona to tell them about her Mob Candy photo shoot the next day, but Dave sounds angry. He is upset that she has been gone so long and that he is a single dad. Karen is understandably upset. Dave was in prison for 10 years while she was single mom. On top of that she is in New York working and trying to support her family. She tells him not to worry, she will be bringing her daughter to New York to live with her. He wants her back in Arizona, she tells him he can’t tell her what to do. Karen is doing what she needs to do.

Karen is at her Mob Candy photo shoot, getting her makeup on for the pictures. Writing the book has helped her close some of the chapters of her life and understand who she is. She has no idea how the book will be received when it comes out. She has had some hard questions to answer. She is asked, more than once, about her father “ratting” on the mob. Karen seems to get a little choked up, but handles herself well.

At Drita’s house, Renee and Carla meet so Drita can tell them about Lee’s phone call; he confessed about his cheating and apologized. He wants to be friends and be part of the girls’ lives. Drita feels better because he stopped lying and denying what he did. Renee says these men work and cheat all the time and have no time left for their wives and children. Drita says Lee is a good dad. Renee says, “Hmmm, “good dad”? How good a dad is he when he abuses the mother of his children? Renee realizes she could be saying the very same things to herself and her own situation. Renee gets very emotional.

Carla is worried about Renee having a breakdown or getting sick with all the things she has on her shoulders. Renee is very sad as she realizes things are not going to work out with junior. After everything he has done to her, she can’t trust him. Then she reveals, that while they were married, he got another woman pregnant and had a baby with her.


Drita blames her anger on Karen and Ramona? They are the douche bag-jerk offs that are getting her riled up? Excuse me, but I have been paying close attention for two and a half seasons and Drita doesn’t need much of an excuse to strike out at anyone. She brags about her “good old days at Nocturnal” when she would fight and send people to the hospital; she brags about her good old school days when she had a more than a few run ins with other students; she even likes to think she gave Ramona a bloody lip when it was her own eye that was on fire; and she claims she hurt Karen’s ribs and sent her to the hospital…never happened. Drita has a propensity for violence and she needs anger management, not boxing lessons!

A lot of this episode deals with Ramona and Carla’s meeting to iron things out. They both say they have heard that the other one was talking about them. They seem to get past their issues and agree that if they hear anything being said in the future they will call each other to ask about it. I don’t see a blooming friendship coming out of this imperfect union. Why? My opinion is that Ramona is real, genuine and up front about what she has to say and doesn’t hide anything. Carla is the opposite. She is fake, superficial and insincere. She loves gossip. She doesn’t tell the truth, even about her own age, let alone things that matter. In this case, opposites don’t attract. If these two continue to have anything to do with each other, in Carla’s own words…“it won’t end good, trust me.”

Little Louie steals the scenes he is in, but don’t be fooled by that cute face! I have a Pomeranian and he gets me up at 5:30 AM every morning and barks for every little thing. After a while, cute wears off. If you are thinking about getting your own little Louie, please do the research and choose wisely. That’s all I’m sayin’. Of course, the fact that little Louie peed a couple of times here and there, while he was in the store, should give you a hint! Tip for Big Ang, avoid weirdos and murderers, stick with dogs.

Karen has a couple of major things going on in this episode. She got some great advice on how to handle tough questions about sensitive topics in her book. I’ve seen almost all her interviews and she handled them extremely well. However, I can also see times when she had to take a momentary pause to gather her thoughts, when interviewers want to provoke with questions about her father and call him a “snitch” or a “rat.” Obviously, her first impulse is to defend her father, but she always managed to keep it under control. Kudos to her for that!  

Karen’s other issue is with David, her daughter’s father, who is whining about being a single father the past year or so. Meanwhile Karen has been working herself to death, writing a book, doing media tours, appearances promoting the show, a book signing tour and doing Mob Wives, a show that turned into an overnight sensation, all the while flying back and forth from Arizona as much as possible! I almost had a stroke myself. Karen was a single mom for all the years he spent in prison, I think it was 9 or 10 years. I’m sure Karen didn’t call whining to him. Besides, I was also under the impression that Karen’s mother was doing quite a bit to help Dave raise his daughter. What the hell is he thinking? Obviously he wasn’t thinking at that moment. I’m happy to hear that Karen will be bringing her daughter to New York permanently and we will see what develops after that happens.

Drita is proud of her fighting record, but not enough to tell her daughter, Aleeya, about it so she changes the subject. Here is where you see the difference between her and Ramona. Ramona sits her kids down and tell them the truth about her boyfriend and herself and going to jail. That’s the smart thing to do because first of all that’s the way to build trust and set the right example for your children. Second, if they have a problem of their own they won’t be tempted to lie about it. Now in Drita’s case, she has been keeping things from Aleeya all along. First it was the divorce, because she didn’t want to hurt her. Now she asks her mother about fighting and Drita plays dodge the question. Maybe if you are embarrassed by your behavior, too embarrassed to tell your children, it’s time to correct it? In any case I cannot believe that Aleeya doesn’t hear about the show in school? Even if none of her classmates watch it, which I doubt, all of Staten Island has to be talking about it, according to Drita. I would not want my child finding out anything about me on the street. So far the show has shown Drita’s violence, discussed her divorce, her husband cheating and her history of fighting. If Aleeya doesn’t know about it all, she soon will.

It’s amazing that Lee called to confess and apologize. it’s even more amazing that we didn’t hear either of those two things happen. At least I didn’t. He said he wanted them to be friends and he “f*cked up?” Well, you know I don’t trust Lee as far as I can spit anyway. He may be trying to worm his way back into Drita’s good graces so he has a place to land when he gets out of prison, now that she is making the big bucks legally.

Last, but not least, Renee and Junior’s therapy session and relationship. Renee has been so damaged by the past that she was kidding herself if she thought she could rebuild a relationship with Junior. For once Carla is right to worry about Renee. It’s like trying to build a house of cards on sand, it’s just not going to stand up. The fundamental ingredient necessary for any relationship, trust, is missing. Trust can take a lifetime to build and a second to shatter. Junior has shattered Renee’s trust time and time again. The bombshell that he not only cheated, but had a baby with another woman, while they were married, is something Renee can never get over. When she told the story, it was like it had happened yesterday. I think Renee is in love with the man she wants Junior to be, not the man he is. Renee needs a good man, who treats her the way she deserves to be treated, once she has healed emotionally from the scars Junior has left.

Renee sums up her breakthrough moment with "the finger."

Renee has a breakthrough moment when she tells Drita that a good father doesn’t abuse the mother of his children. Suddenly she realizes that her words apply to herself as well. Maybe Renee will take stock of her relationship with Junior and see it for what it really is.


Anonymous said...

YOUR supposedly the writer for this Blog but yet time after time your very bias.You talk about Drita all the time and mostly negative.Your post today was that Ramona is very truthful with her kids and Drita isn't,well I agree with Drita not telling her daughter,you know some things should not be divulged.I wasn't a big fan of Dritas but now i clearly see she is the only real one on the show.And be careful what you write when you really dont have a clue about the life and what people really go through!it can come back to bite you in the Ass!

Chiara Soprano said...

Every blog is biased because it's based on opinion, and opinion is personal and subjective. You are entitled to disagree with me it doesn't phase me in the least. You say Drita should divulge things to her daughter? Yet she airs her dirty laundry on national television. Is it better for her to find out things about her family from strangers on the street? That would be worse in my opinion.

If you are that disturbed about what I write, you don't have to read it. There are other blogs which are biased in favor of Drita that might suit your taste better. As it says on top of our blog page, it's our opinion and we are sticking to it! Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I think Junior is a completely different person when he and Renee are together. When they're not, he's totally supportive, comes out in the middle of the night to help her, and she gets sucked it. When they're together, it's this emotional abuse. Getting someone pregnant, telling her she needs lipo. Crazy.

As for Drita, ugh. I love how she whined and cried about Karen's friend coming on when Big Ang acts like her mom. Oh Drita you're so pretty, oh Drita everybody is terrified of your flailing suckerpunches, oh Drita they need a diary to remember stuff you did 4 days ago. Lol Like Drita needs anyone else feeding her delusions.

I agree that she needs to be honest with her kid. You know all the other kids and their parents watch, and with Drita always bragging about how she thinks she's biggest badass in the world, other kids who think they're tough might want to try and start something with her daughter. She needs some honesty so she knows what's going on
around her. Right now total strangers know more about her life than she does. You can't have secrets when it's all on TV, which is why I used to laugh when Drita blamed Karen for her kids finding out all this bad stuff about their father. No, that was you who did that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says she doesn't like your comments..however I on the other hand just wanted to say how much I enjoy this site. Please keep the comments coming!

Mob Mistress said...

"YOUR supposedly the writer for this Blog but yet time after time your very bias.You talk about Drita all the time and mostly negative."

I just got off the phone with Chiara not one word was mentioned about Drita. What the fuck are you writing about? We have over 500 posts you dumb twat and most of them aren't about Drita. Pick up a dictionary and learn the definition of blog. Dummy you think we're Dan Rather or Barbara Walter? We're blogger and we share our opinions.

"And be careful what you write when you really dont have a clue about the life and what people really go through!it can come back to bite you in the Ass!"

You don't know what we have a clue about considering you are coming across as clueless. How about you bite a diseased dick?

Anonymous said...

I feel SO BAD for Renee. I think what also hit her (following the therapy session) was the incredible amount of time wasted crying over and trying to work things out with this man, who wasn't worth one scintilla of her time.

Junior made a baby on her outside of their marriage -- the ULTIMATE slap in the face. There's no coming back from that! He sat there in that therapy session like his time was being wasted, when all the while, it's Renee's time that's been wasted.

I am so happy for her finally seeing that there was no future with Junior (besides the whole wearing a wire on her father thing).

Junior has shown himself again and again to be of low moral character. He's clearly not someone worth bothering with. He appears to be a user as well.

Happily, Renee is well rid of him. All she has to do now is to heal and realize that not every man will treat her this way, and to stay open to good things.

In time, they will come, just when she least expects it.

Anonymous said...

"bite a diseased dick" ???

The person that stated their opinion did not say anything vulgar...yet your response is not only vulgar but just plain ignorant.

It is clear this blog is bias and i agree this ur opinion and you are free to be as bias as you wish to be. I think the frustration that comes to play at least for the outright disregard when it comes to certain characters. It's like Karen and Romana are angels and can do no wrong in this blog. Their bad behavior is sugarcoated or avoided all together. Either way this is my first and last time reading this blog. THere are plenty of more balanced blogs in regards to the Mobwives and i am sure many posters will be able to find good ones. Ramona and Karen are smart to have a blogger in their crew lol. Kudos to you gotta try to build fans somehow.

Mob Mistress said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion. You're coming across like an idiot if you get frustrated about a blog that isn't yours or what a stranger blogs concerning the show they watch. I'd get frustrated over a flat tire in the rain & the tow truck taking 3 hours. I don't get frustrated over situations I can control. No one is forcing anyone to read this site.

"Either way this is my first and last time reading this blog."


*rolling eyes & laughing out loud*

I love trackers.

"Ramona and Karen are smart to have a blogger in their crew lol. Kudos to you gotta try to build fans somehow."

You just pulled that out of the clear blue sky, right? We don't know Karen nor Ramona. Therefore we are not part of their crew. Try again with your lies, & thank you for your kudos! We started this blog not to build fans. We aren't cast members and don't need fans. We started as friends wanting to blog together and the readers grew. Hence 1,000,000 plus in hits in under a year.

It's my site and I'll be vulgar when I want to. You don't like it kick rocks. But you'll be back to read my response and our daily posts. I know the type. Have a wonderful day, I am!

Anonymous said...

I loved the blog. I love all of them. I don't really ever see it as biased, because every opinion is usually backed up with something that was actually said on the show, by whomever. But, fyi, when something starts off with 'my two cents', that usually means someone is giving their own personal thoughts and take on the subject.

I lol'd @ Mob Mistresses reply. I thought it was perfectly suited and Mob Wives-ian. :-) And Chiara, maybe you should get that dog of yours a nice sweater like Big Ang's dog. Maybe that's what's missing and why it's misbehaving. LOL See if Big Ang can hook you up! (kidding)

Mob Mistress said...

"And Chiara, maybe you should get that dog of yours a nice sweater like Big Ang's dog. Maybe that's what's missing and why it's misbehaving."

Oh my stomach is hurting from laughter!

Anonymous said...

I know this is off the topic, but, does anyone know when Lee gets out of jail?

Anonymous said...

Weren't Renee and Junior separated when he impregnated the other woman?

Also, did she ever mention Juinor's other child before because it was brought up in a question during the Sit Down which was taped beforehand?

Anonymous said...

Those who dont like this blog should go elsewhere...but damn...the diseased dick comment was next level. lol

noshiz80 said...

Wow! Opinion war going on! Not everyone agrees and everyone has a favorite or two. It is what it is.

Anyway, POOR RENEE! I felt so sad for her. I wish she could move on from Junior. He doesn't seem to treat her badly all of the time but there is definately some mental manipulation/abuse. I hate to talk trash on him because he is Aj's dad and everyone loves AJ. But he is soooooo wrong.
I don't know what to think about Drita anymore. She isn't on my favorites list but sometimes she seems legit and honest that she wanted to make up with Karen. I don't like the fact that everything comes back to her beating someone's ass , though. Who cares if she can fight? Who cares if she used to beat everyone up. I hope she does what she says she wants to do and that is "keep it in the ring." Seems like fighting is the only thing Drita has going for her.
Karen is definately making something of herself for sure. Glad her book is out and I hope she can control her emotions when ppl ask questions that hit nerves with her. It would be tough to be in her shoes and hear any type of negative backlash and answer pointed questions by the public. I was surprised to see that her phone convo with her daughter's father was so negative considering the way he was supporting her in the first season.
I feel bad for Ramona, too, and give her the thumbs up on being honest with her kids. She has a possible long road ahead of her.

Drita should be honest with her daughter. kids aren't stupid and they figure things out anyway. I thought it was funny how she avoided the question from her daughter about fighting. If you can't tell your kids the truth about something you did when they ask you, then you probably shouldn't do it in the first place. With that being said... I hope she get's rid of Lee. I do feel for her on this point. No one deserves to be cheated on or treated badly. Glad Renee made her point about what a good father is.

Not much to say about Carla, today. I'm glad she is trying with Ramona. Drita didn't see that coming!!!
I love Big Ang! I think she is sweet and hilarious. I hope she stays out of the drama!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ramona did the right thing by telling her children that her boyfriend would be going to prison BUT was it really a smart choice to bring him into their lives to begin with? How can a mother move her FOUR children in with a drug dealer? Didn't she think of the danger she could of been putting them in?

Chiara Soprano said...

To the last Anon who said about Ramona " was it really a smart choice to bring him into their lives to begin with" I had the same thought. Of course it's Ramona's life and hopefully she considered that, if she was aware of it. I had the same exact thoughts regarding Carla and Handy man. I think all women in general,need to be careful about who they bring into their children's lives. Only Ramona can tell us the answer to your question.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Anonymous in that the blog is not favorable to Drita and Carla, but in defense of the bloggers--who cares?!? It's their OPINION. And as I always say, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one... so here's my asshole: I love the show, very entertaining! My heart goes out to Renee as I think many women out there can relate to relationship issues and when to let go of a bad/uhealthy relationship, and I love the way she relates to all of the women, and they clearly relate back to her. And who doesn't love Big Ang? I think she was very insightful in this episode when it came to Karen and Carla not letting go of the past. They can deny it, put lipstick on it and and give it a martini, but it is quite clear that they are fighting over Drita's husband/Karen's ex. These women need to move on and stop fighting over a man that none of them seem to want anymore anyway. If he ain't paying your bills or feeding your Kitty Kat, then he damn sure ain't worth fightin' over... Love Drita, but she needs to lay off of the boxing thing--if you're too embarrased to tell your daughter that you are out there fighting, then you should probably find a way to re-channel that fight or flight instinct-like Big Ang said, boxing is just more violence (but then again, that's part of the reason why we love Drita and we love the show!).... Loved the way Karen handled herself in that Mob Candy interview. Tough questions, but I like the way she answered them. Best line of the episode came from Karen going off: "you've probably been slapping your d*ck around on my couch the whole time I've been gone.." CLASSIC!!!!

Anonymous said...

I felt really bad for Renee and I hope she never confronts Ramona about not liking Junior. What's she gonna say, "How dare you call the man who knocked up someone else during our marriage and told me he couldn't ever look at me during sex because I was too fat a loser, what, you like, care about me or somethin'"? It's too Drita and Carla to always defend the guy and make excuses, then you're getting mad when your friends don't want to be groped.

For the blog, it's sad to come off so weak and whiny defending your green screen gangsta. Oh noes, it's a major trauma in my life when someone has a different opinion about a tv show. Grow up. When you pay for the bandwidth on your own blog you can do whatever you want. If the Internet is that scary, hide under the bed and talk to yourself till it passes. Then go posing around town how you beat that website's ass and sent it to the hospital!

Camet said...

I think Big Ang's too biased to give Drita the advice she needs. She's telling her what she wants to hear, not what she needs to know. It seems like the beef about the past has been put to rest. What they're not over is the crap Drita continues to pull. Drita seems to think she can do whatever she wants, then when she's over it everybody needs to be over it. That's not how it works. If you want to move forward, stop trying to put your hands on people, stop lying about it in public, and stop admitting you didn't mean it when you apologized. It's not rocket science what's keeping this thing going. I doubt she and Karen can ever be friends again because when Drita said they were never friends, if that were me I'd be really suspicious of her motives and why she was hanging around me all that time pretending to be my friend. But they probably can't even be civil if she keeps blaming everybody else and pretending that they're mad at her for things from 20 years ago instead of last week.

Anonymous said...

The show had gotten way too staged this season. If it wasn't for Big Ang, I don't think they would make it to season 3. Let's face it, even though a lot of people do not agree with the way Drita handles situations, that's the only exciting thing that happens on the show! I feel bad for her, but who really wants to watch Renee crying over Junior all the time?