Friday, February 24, 2012

Mob Wives: Karen, Ramona & Geraldo!

Our Mob Wives do get around quite a bit and it’s hard, even sitting at home on the computer, to keep up with all of them. This morning I find out, for the first time that Karen and Ramona paid a visit to Geraldo Rivera. Now I was never a fan of Geraldo, especially after he drew the map in the sand, while on air in Iraq, showing where our troops would be located. However, I am a fan of Karen and Ramona and found this interview interesting.

After a little clip of Geraldo bothering John Gotti and being chased away, and more clips from Mob Wives, out come Karen and Ramona. As Geraldo introduces Karen, he says her father Sammy was a mass murderer and then says Ramona is the granddaughter of Lefty Ruggiero, who killed EVEN MORE people than Sammy…Ramona get a very surprised expression on her face. I don’t think either of them were expecting such a brutal intro. Then Geraldo begins by reading a quote from Karen’s book, and he says that Karen seemed more upset about Sammy turning informant than she was about his involvement with 19 murders. Karen explains she felt betrayed because her father was going against everything she ever knew and was taught. 

A very surprised Ramona!

Then he asks Ramona if she ever discussed what grandpa did for a living and if she saw the movie? Ramona says she saw the movie, but as far as her grandfather was concerned, he was never convicted of anything, everything he was accused of doing was “alleged.” He never confessed to anything, it was just what they said he did. Geraldo says he knows what alleged means but he was under the impression that “Lefty” confessed to 26 murders. Ramona says “My grandfather? No.” Geraldo says that is what he is alleged to having committed. Ramona responds that he never confessed to it and it was never proven, so he took it to his grave. Ramona says she celebrates her grandfather and the love the gave her. What he did outside the home really wasn’t her business. She only knew him as her grandfather and what he did was never discussed.

Karen answers tough questions without flinching!

Back to Karen, Geraldo wants to know how men dated her knowing her father, Sammy, was so connected. She says her boyfriends were probably a little nervous dating her and they were very respectful. But, she adds, if they ever did anything to hurt her, he would deal with them as a “father” not as Sammy the Bull Gravano, the gangster.

Geraldo wants to know how real is Mob Wives? Ramona says the fights are real, and she and Karen are equal when it comes to fighting. She says others on the show aren’t real, but they are real, maybe too real for tv. He asks if that’s because their dads were real mobsters and theirs are wannabes? Ramona and Karen laugh before answering. And then Karen says an emphatic “yes.” Ramona says they aren’t acting for television, they are being themselves, but a lot of people get behind that green screen (the confessional) and become green screen gangsters. Geraldo asks Karen if reality is real. She says “Yes it is real.”  Karen says the show brought her back to something she is trying to move past. Geraldo brings up her book, Mob Daughter. 

Unfortunately the video would not allow me to post it here but do watch it, it's one good interview! 

Link to video: Geraldo Grills Karen and Ramona


Anonymous said...

so if Ramona only knew her grandfather as her grandfather and not a mobster, why is she on the show? people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, so she shouldn't state that other people on the show aren't real when she isn't being all that real herself!!

Mob Mistress said...

There is a difference of knowing your relative or friend is a mobster and knowing them as such. Lefty wasn't a mobster to her. He was simply her grandfather. Yet, due to his life she endured times when he was incarcerated.

Other individuals on the show are showing the audience their real selves. There is noting wrong with Ramona sharing how she see things.

Hey you said...

WoW, interesting new facts about Ramona's grandfather. I remember watching Geraldo and "a hit" . Gangs were big then in this case mobsters.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the line drawing in the Sand on Geraldo made up on some level? I do remember Geraldo saying he was somewhere in Iraq in a warzone area when he actually wasn't (I believe he was in Iraq but not on the "hallowed" land that he claimed to have been on).

Mob Mistress said...

All I can do is smh @ Geraldo in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Thing with Ramona is, she may remember him as her loving grandfather and I won't fault her for that and there's nothing wrong with that at all.

But it seems she's slightly in denial about what her grandfather really did. Karen won't hesitate to admit what her father did for a living but Ramona keeps trying to act like her grandfather wasn't a bad man when in reality, he was a gangster. It just is what it is. He was her grandfather that happened to be a gangster.

Anonymous said...

^ No Ramona is saying she never knew much about that side of her grandfather so how can she talk about it? Karen's dad was much more open about it whereas Ramona's family sheltered her from it! They even said that on the show!

Mob Mistress said...

No what?

Once upon a time she was five years old.

Once upon a time she was 1o years old.

Once upon a time she was 16 years old.

One can experience a lifestyle or event in their lifetime and not know what is going on. However they grow up & have a full knowing & understanding what they lived as an adult. They can process their life experience.

When I was growing up my mother was simply Mommy to me. As an adult I see her beyond Mommy. I know she is more than Mommy. I also have the ability to process information about our lives & certain experiences as an adult. As a kid I hadn't a clue to what was happening nor the tools to process it.

Anonymous said...

Ramona is the flip flopper. She says she comes from that life n brags about how her n karen are tough blah blah n then she act like her gf was a caring man and she was sheltered. Get your story straight. She likes to say the other women are fake n shes real right? then why did she make nice w carla? Oh yeah to please renee. What a phony and a follower.

Anonymous said...

Why does Ramona have to talk about her grandfather? This isn't called Confessional Discussion About Relatives' Crimes. It's not about that. If it were, Drita wouldn't be on because Lee isn't a mobster. Drita also thinks she's tough, and her family aren't criminals. You don't need to have criminal parents to be tough. This is about the women and what they go through. Of course she was sheltered, what do you think, her grandfather made her a made guy at age 5 and let her in on his business? Renee is in denial about her father too, but that didn't stop her from doing the whole Mafia Princess routine. Yet when Karen pointed out her father killed people, that upset Renee. She enjoyed the perks, she loves her father, she doesn't want to go there in her head about how that money's made or what supports that lifestyle. It makes sense. They're not bad people, and to live this life they have to concentrate on some things and be in denial about others. Otherwise they couldn't deal with their husbands or families at all.