Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mob Wives: Pretty On The Outside!

I came across a website, "Pretty On The Outside," a while back, because it was recommended by one of our readers. The artist, David Gilmore, started doing caricatures of Big Ang and she thought we would be interested, and I was. I love caricatures. The artwork is fantastic and I have gone back often to check on his new additions. He actually has drawn portraits of many of the real housewives plus many celebrities and you can purchase originals or prints from him, if you like. So far, he has focused only on Big Ang, from Mob Wives. I would personally love to see his interpretation of all of the others mob wives too. I will have links to his blog, where you can view David's artwork and his Etsy store. He also has a facebook page you may want to "like" to keep up with his latest work.

I wrote to David Gilmore to ask him if it would be ok with him for me to blog about him and asked his for a brief biography so we could learn something about him. He was more than happy to have us display his work and he provided me with this short bio. David says:

I started my blog at the end of 2006 and my intention was to gently (and at times not so gently) poke fun at pop culture figures with my caricatures.  In 2007 I stumbled across a little show called The Real Housewives of Orange County and as Vicki Gunvalson was airing some dull grievance about a fellow cast mate during one of those confessional interview scenes, I hit pause on my tivo, did a quick pen sketch, and then posted it on my site.  I've drawn the women (and some of their husbands) from all of the Real Housewives show in that same manner as well as other reality tv shows.  Thanks to Mob Wives, I now have a new muse--- Big Ang.  To me, she the ultimate reality tv character and I'm enjoying trying to capture her larger than life-ness.  Someone even tattooed my first Big Ang illustration on their body which is beyond wild to me.  I owe Big Ang a thank card for being my new inspiration.  :)

David's latest piece, Big Ang as Marilyn Monroe, from the cover of Next magazine

Please check out David's site if you are a fan of Big Ang or the many other Real Housewives. I think you will fall in love with his work and I predict you will go back time and time again! He is one very talented artist!

David's Blog: Pretty On The Outside Blog
David's Etsy Store: David Gimore's Etsy Store

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LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Such a talent!