Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mob Wives: Rachael Ray's Make Unders!

This morning Renee, Big Ang and Drita were on the Rachael Ray show for "Make Unders" and it was so much fun to see them all together. So they all sit down and have a chat at the table. Rachael is confused about the fact that the mob is all about keeping secrets and they are on television. Renee says they aren't giving secrets away. Drita says the show is about their struggles and you can Google all the men in their lives if you want to know what they did. Renee credits her sister, Jennifer Graziano, for putting together a great cast in hopes that women can see their struggles and learn from them. 

Rachael brings up the article in the papers about her ex husband, Junior, turning rat. Renee says first of all she wants to thank the NY Post for taking a great picture. Then she says that this is an extremely personal matter to her, not just because it involves her father and ex-husband, but because her son is involved. Renee says her ex is an absolute disgrace and he made his bed and should lie in it.

Rachael wants to know which of the three is the biggest pot stirrer? Renee says of these three I am, I make a nice thick sauce with meatballs.

They are there to get Make Unders today..not 6 feet unders and then Rachael is dying to know where Big Ang gets her under garments. Does she get them custom made? Big Ang says she gets them from Victoria Secret online. Rachael is shocked and they joke that they have a Big Ang Department. Then Rachael wonders how she can sleep, and Big Ang says on the side.

Rachael asks them to describe how they dress. Renee says crazy, sexy, cool. Drita says she dresses how she feels and Rachael calls it South Bend look. Big Ang describes her look as hot.

They go off for their makeovers and the stylist who does it says he learned a few things. Sicilians go crazy of you put high heels on the table and garment bags also double as body bags. 

Now I snagged a couple of pictures off my television for you of the "after" look!

Picture credit: Rachael Ray Show and my camera

Link to preview: Rachael Ray and Mob Wives


Anonymous said...

I think they are setting a horrible example, not only for staten island but who ever watches! My daughter and her friends are 14 years old and think that they should date a mobster when they get older! Big ang is not hot..she is a horror show and renee needs class, drita might be ok..but as far as them and being reconized for this is a disapointment and disgrace..!

Mob Mistress said...

How is Drita okay when she brags about beating up people & putting them in the hospital? I don't know how the others are horrible examples yet she might be okay.

Oh the irony!

If I don't want my children to watch something it isn't available for them to watch. There are parental controls and one can always go to basic cable.

Anonymous said...

I love the show. I dnt allow my kids to watch it I dvr it abd watch it after hes asleep. They r just being themselves. Honest and they were raised up that way! They are good mothers. And how they act awsy from their children is their business. Renee has had a hard time and I suffer from anxiety and feel for her. I like the pics. Can't wait to read karens book!