Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mob Wives: Karen's Interview With Cherry!

Cherry Martinez interviewed Karen Gravano this week at Power 105.1. They begin by talking about Mob Daughter, Karen’s new book, being released on February 14th (Valentine’s Day gift, hint, hint). 

Karen says she is very proud of this book, it is her foundation. In it she talks about her life from the time she was born up until the present. It’s her story and it tells about experiences she went through in her life because of who her father was and the lifestyle he chose. The book explains more about who Karen is and why she decided to be on Mob Wives. Karen says it’s a really good book and it’s about family and the culture they grew up in. 

Cherry wants to talk about the time Karen went about to have her beautiful baby. (With a shout out to gorgeous Karina!) Cherry is going to verify Karina’s bloodline and then give Karen a certified “hood pass.” Cherry asks, she is definitely mixed, right? Karen says, yes. Cherry says she has heard Karen on the phone with Karina’s dad, Dave, and asks if they are in a relationship? Karen says she feels they will always have a relationship because they share a child together. Karen says, “are we a couple?” it’s complicated. They have been through  a lot of things throughout their relationship, which has been for 14 years now, but he spent 10.5 years in prison. Karen adds, she will always have a love and respect for her daughter’s father and he will always be a part of her life. Cherry says that Dave wants her home. Karen says he did, but we will see that play out on the show. And Karen reveals that Dave might be doing a special guest appearance at some point (which means yes, he will be on the show!) Cherry is excited about that! Karen says he is light skinned and fine! And she says she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to men as long as they are real. She says Dave if from New York and she met him at the China Club, in 1997, right after New Year’s. Karen says they were both there with friends and she introduced herself to him as “Gina,” which was her aka name at the time, because she was a “weed dealer” and she writes about this in her book. She gave him the first bag complimentary, but he called the next day. She thought he was calling for more, but he was calling for her and they have been together ever since. And Cherry makes a big point of saying he moved to Arizona to be with Karen, which is a huge deal for a black man. 

Then they watch a little Mob Wives. Cherry wants to know how Karen feels watching the episode? And then Cherry asks, is there any way that Karen and Drita can ever come together and have a sit down and iron this thing out? Karen answers, we can have a sit down and she thinks they should have a sit down because she thinks that she and Drita are unclear about certain things and to Karen it’s all about the meaning of friendship. Karen says that when she returned to Staten Island, she got in contact with Drita because she believed they had a relationship that Drita is saying they didn’t have. Karen felt they could reconnect. Karen never felt that they were no longer friends. She felt betrayed, but not that the friendship was over. And what Karen wants from Drita is for her to explain to her how it is she felt that she and Karen were no longer friends. In Karen’s mind, when you are friends with someone, you are friends with someone until you have a falling out.  And Karen says, neither she nor Drita had any kind of argument, all that happened was that Karen moved away. Karen says she has been living in NY almost a year and she has friends in Arizona that she hasn’t talked to so does that mean they all aren’t her friends? She says when Ramona went away they didn’t talk for a couple of years. Karen and Jennifer found out she was stuck in a foreign country and they reached out to her to try to get her back. And they are as close as ever. Not talking during a separation didn’t change the fact that they were friends. And here the interview ends!

Be sure to get your copy of Mob Daughter on February 14th, for yourself or for a loved one who loves Mob Wives or the Mob! It’s hard to imagine growing up in that lifestyle and Karen is letting the world know exactly what was involved.

Picture and Video Credit: Power 105.1, Cherry On Top

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