Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mob Wives: Dareen Hakim Bags

Mob Wives Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Angela Raiola with Dareen Hakim, handbag designer.
Today I was cruising twitter.  I came across a picture of Ramona Rizzo looking stunning in a green dress.  Sometimes I want to drop kick her.  How in the hell does she look like that after four kids?!  I had 3.  My last one was years ago and I still look 7 & 1/2 months pregnant.
Apparently Ms. Rizzo visited The Playboy mansion.  I suppose it was a nice time.  Frankly, I'm not an animal fan.  Hell I don't even like the zoo unless you count The Bad Girls' Club Las Vegas.  Moving along, I got a glimpse of Uncle Moan My Name Mone again.  Jennifer can get mad if she want to that man is fine.  I'm just typing out loud.  Uncle Mone posed for a picture or two with Jennifer Graziano's bestie Ramona.
Ramona poses with Uncle Mone.

Yes, that is one good looking man.  Nice! I also see Ramona poses with Chris Brown.  I'm not a Chris Brown fan either.  I will type my panties aren't in a bunch that he performed at The Grammys.  He was nominated for a Grammy in which he won.  It's a celebration of an artist's musical contributions.  Yes, he assaulted Rihanna.  He was also prosecuted.  I don't know him or research him enough to have an opinion or whether he's made some anger management changes in his life.  What I'll type is: I laugh at people who go to a Roman Polanski or Woody Allen movie but want Chris Brown banned for life from The Grammys.  Anyhow here's a picture of Tinkerbell, Chris Brown and Ramona Rizzo of Mob Wives.
Tinkerbell, Grammy winner Chris Brown and Ramona Rizzo

Ramona Rizzo working a green dress with a banging clutch.
I really want that green dress.  But it's not the only fashion item I have my eyes on.  Ramona's clutch is to die for dreamy.  So, I had to find out from who and/or where The Riz scored it.  It's a Dareen Hakim Le Icon clutch.  The V Clutch is a must have in my book, take a gander.
The V clutch, need I type more?

Isn't it gorgeous?!  Even if you don't like it, I do!  I visited Dareen Hakim's site and viewed several bags I'd love to add to my bag collection.  The Le Icon would be one of my choices.  I love the fact that you can customize it. Of course I can't forget The Casanova.  I love to see a female designer getting her grind on.  You go Dareen and don't stop until your bags are a household name!  There is no denying Mob Wives have style, Drita not included.

Photo Credit (purse): Dareem Hakim


Becky said...

I agree Ramona is gorgeous. I'm so happy about her & Big Ang joining Mob Wives for season 2.I don't like the orange bag. I do really like the one Ramona has. Before I forget who is Uncle Mone?

Anonymous said...

The green dress looks good on Ramona. I'm not digging either one of the bag.

Anonymous said...

Ramona may be gorgeous but there's just something about her that irks me and I can't put my finger on it. Needless to say, people need to STFU on Chris Brown because they will shit on him but don't realize that half the artists/celebrities they follow have SOME kind of record.

Anonymous said...

I agree Eva. Ramona irks me too! She trys to act all tough and hard and comes off as being soo fake on the show. She's all talk.

Anonymous said...

I love Ramona. I think her 'extra' is from watching season 1. Now she has a defend her friend. The purses are cute. The orange one too modern for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

I love the show and Ramona keeps it interesting. Love her, Karen and Renee! Drita is the best as well. And I love reading blogspot. You ladies are amazing!!!!