Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mob Wives: Karen's Book Release PARTY!

The "evite"!

I feel very honored that I was evited to Karen Gravano’s book release party last night! It was AMAZING. It was held in NYC at the Greenhouse, a beautiful club with great music by DJ WHOO Kid. I honestly don’t know where to start, but here goes.

As I go to enter the club, I am asked for my name to check the guest list. When I say Chiara Soprano, it brings a smile to the girl’s face, who promptly finds my name and allows me to enter with my daughter. Before entering I have to sign a “release” and I am thinking, they are shooting footage for Mob Wives tonight and I might end up on the show! Wouldn’t that be crazy? When I enter the club the first person I see is Big Ang! The club is practically empty so I run over and introduce myself and ask if she will take a picture with my daughter. Big Ang was very sweet and gracious. She took off her mink coat and went to pose with my daughter for a great picture that she could bring to work and show her friend, who is crazy about Big Ang!

As we are standing there waiting, Renee and AJ walk into the club. She is smiling and I already know who the life of the party is going to be. Renee starts dancing every time she hears a note! Renee sees me and runs right over to give me a hug and a kiss! It’s like we are family. She calls AJ over to introduce us, because she knows I love him, and I introduce her to my daughter. It’s so exciting! AJ gives me a hug and kiss like I’m an aunt at a holiday party. I love that kid!

Renee and Big Ang waiting for Karen to arrive.

Then, there is a commotion gathering at the entrance and what we see next is Ramona walking in like a star on a red carpet runway. She looks gorgeous and she says hello right away. Soon after, I spot Jennifer Graziano and she stops a minute to say hello and meet my daughter. Jennifer is looking slimmer since starting her diet! She looks great!

The next person I see walk in is Love Majewski, from I Married A Mobster. Love is a long time friend of Karen’s and she looks fantastic. By now I am kicking myself for forgetting my camera! We are still waiting for Karen, and Love introduces me to Karen’s brother Gerard. He was such a gentleman and you could see he was full of love and pride for his sister. Of course, Lisa Pulitzer, who assisted with the book, was also there.

Lisa Pulitzer with Karen!

A little after 8 PM the guest of honor, Karen Gravano, is announced and walks into the room. She looks strikingly stunning in her purple gown and bling. I loved her dress. She is trying to say hello to everyone there and stops to give me a hug. I congratulate her on her book and wish her success.

A.J. Pagan showing Karen support with his lovely mother Renee Graziano.

The Mob Wives spend the evening dancing and mingling with guests. They all know how to have a good time. Men with huge cameras are running all over the place, weaving in and out of the crowd, trying to catch every conversation. I almost got “boomed” a couple of times myself.  I’m sure we will all get to see some of that footage on the show. This is a major event for Karen, and they will have to incorporate it into the storyline.

Karen mingling with Guests!

A little after 9 PM, Ramona gets up to say a few words for her dear friend, Karen. She is proud of her for writing the book and says that Karen has made a few mistakes in life, but it has made her who she is today. Karen takes the microphone and thanks everyone for coming and welcoming her back. She looks radiant when she says, “I’m an author.” A lot has gone into the writing of this book. Karen has had to examine her whole life in the process, where she came from and where she is now, and she feels she has come full circle by being back in Staten Island. Then Jennifer has a few words to say about her close friend, Karen. She lovingly says that she doesn’t think Karen made mistakes, just a few missteps.

Ramona, Renee and Big Ang!

Ramona, Renny and Florina of Bad Girls Club

From what I saw last night, there was a lot of love there for Karen. Renee, Ramona, and Jennifer were so happy for her, and proud of her. You could see it in their smiles and their eyes. Whatever differences they may have on the show, there is an obvious close and loving bond that these women share that will never be broken. They share so much more such as growing up in a lifestyle that most people just read about or see on television and film. They are wives, mothers, sisters, friends. They know the pain of having loved ones sent to prison.  They belong to the same cultural background where raising your voice or screaming doesn’t have to mean you’re angry, but passionate about what you have to say.

Karen was surrounded by love last night by people who are proud of her accomplishment and success. It may have been called a book release party, but what I saw was a celebration of Karen and her life and an outpouring of love and affection by all.

Best of Luck with your book Karen, but from the sound of the reviews, I don't think you'll need it!

PS If I find more pictures, I may post a part 2 Blog so you can get more glimpses of everyone!

Karen has a BOOK SIGNING today! If you missed the party and want your book signed, please visit her at Tribeca Barnes and Noble at 97 Warren Street in Tribeca, NYC at 6 PM

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Anonymous said...

Being this the source for all things "Mob Wives", that's so awesome that they thought of you and sent you an evite :)

I'm curious what the Bull himself will have to say about the book?

Mob Mistress said...

I love it! When I called you during the party DJ Whoo Kid had the place bumping!

I'm so happy you went! I'm equally excited for Karen's continued success. Gerard seems so very supportive & proud of his sister.

Anonymous said...

I've Decided...Its Official... your The Luckiest Person on the Face of the Earth!;-)Lol!

Missy said...

I finished the book yesterday and thought it was great! Very insightful. Super job Karen!

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi CeeCee I am lucky, it's been a lot of fun. I write for the love of writing, but then all these other things have come out of it that i never expected. We hope to hit one million hits this weekend and all that in 10 months! We are very proud of our blog.

Monique said...

Chiara- That is so great that you were able to attend the party!

I really enjoy your blog. It is well written and opinionated - just like I like it! Lol

Just out of curiousity- did any of the ladies show up with any men? Just wondering if they had dates?


sKILLz said...

Wow wow wow! So exciting..your one lucky duck I will tell you that.
Very proud of Karen & where she has come up from.
Ramona seems to have such confidence & class that I'm sure she would stop any room in its tracks as she her..
Do we get to see the pix of your daughter with Ang or A.J.?
Or any other pix from you?