Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee Talks About Junior's Betrayal

Renee was recently interviewed by regarding her ex-husband, Junior’s, involvement in the Federal Mob Bust that caused her father to return to prison. This is a very emotional subject for Renee, but she seems stronger and better able to discuss it now.

Renee says that Junior was responsible for putting her father back in prison and she does not forgive him. Renee still goes by what she said in season one, “a rat is a rat, a snitch is a snitch, so if Junior falls into that category, that’s on him.” It has nothing to do with her or her son, AJ. The host says she never expected Junior to do anything like that and Renee says neither did she. Renee says she agreed to do the show in hopes that her life would help someone else and she isn’t going to quit just because things got bad. She is going to keep going. She admits that she has weak moments like when she collapsed after the news came out about her father going to prison again. 

Renee explains that her father got rearrested November 21st, 2011. What broke her down was everyone else getting arrested after that. In November she had no idea that Junior was responsible for her father’s getting arrested because he was cooperating with the Feds. She says there were lots of rumors, but she was denying they were true because she couldn’t imagine he could do anything like that. And Renee is also upset  because they were back together and Junior was acting like they were a family when all the while he was betraying her and their son. In the beginning of February she couldn’t cope with the situation any more. She suffered a panic attack and went to the hospital.

They ask about how AJ is handling things. Renee says he is really a trooper. Renee says he is more of a man then the men she is watching going to court, and he is only 17. She says the day they went to court, they were sitting on her father’s side because they were there for him. When they were walking out, The Daily News was there and the NY Post. The Daily News snapped a picture and AJ had his head down because he was so disturbed about what his father did to his 71 year old grandfather, who had spent the last 11 years in prison. And then, when he finally comes home, his father has him put back in prison. Renee explains how hard it is on AJ because he loves his father and his grandfather. And, then Renee makes it very clear that AJ is his father’s grandson, there is no doubt about it. 

They ask Renee if she will ever speak to Junior again. She says it’s a dead issue. It was sealed at court. She admits for the first time that she was very confused. In this lifestyle you are brought up to stand behind your man, to respect your man so if a man cooperates with the Feds you are suppose to stick by him. But Renee can't stand behind Junior because she has to stand by her father, that’s what's right. So now she has to disregard everything she was taught to believe.

Renee is asked if she ever wondered why Junior would agree to be on the show, knowing how Renee’s dad was against the show and he himself has been involved in plenty of criminal activity. Renee says that’s a good question and no one has ever asked her that before. They say that gangsters generally would not want to be in front of the camera. Renee seems stunned by the question and says it never occurred to her to think of why Junior would expose himself that way. Renee felt it was something he was doing for her, that he had to be a part of everything in her life and she never questioned his motives. Renee says she never put that together and Superstar J says he is kind of smart that way. Renee says if you are so smart you should have called me.

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Deana3452 said...

I love how forthcoming Renee is.

Diondrea Nicosia said...

Damn, what a tough reality to have to deal with; may God bless Renee, her son, her dad & they're family. Its a shame. Everyone who knows me, my husband or watched my show know how I feel about "extortion"...if someone owes you $, why shouldn't you collect it. The feds extort people all day everyday but thats ok? Murderers & career criminals "cooperate" & get to walk free while family men get ripped away from their families & sent to prison for attempting to collect a debt from another grown man who rightfully owed it to'm...go fuckin figure; our justice system sucks!

Rosey said...

I am glad she is starting to really see Junior for who he really is, an a__hole! I know it was hard for her to deal with the issue of "was he just with me to wiretap my father" or did he care some for me? And then to put your son in the middle of loving father and loving grandfather. Who should he love and be loyal to?

Anonymous said...

"Renee still goes by what she said in season one, “a rat is a rat, a snitch is a snitch"

Then why does she associate with Karen who said what her Father did was what he had to?

Chiara Soprano said...

Because she realizes that Karen is like her son AJ, not guilty of doing anything, but suffering for the father's sins.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I didn't hear AJ say what his Father did is what he needed to do..don't project your ideals onto others.