Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee Speaks On Disloyalty

Renee On The Issue of Loyalty

Renee and I had a little chat today. I asked her to clear up a few things concerning what some fans consider her “disloyalty,” by getting in the middle of Team Karen and Team Drita. 

Hi Renee, I see you are having a good time out in LA. I know you are pressed for time,  but can you clear up some questions fans have about where your loyalties lie? They seem to feel you are taking sides at times and don’t understand.

I want to say that I am not picking a team. I know who has my back rain, shine, sleet and hail…Ramona and Karen for sure.  I also know that if I needed a woman to talk to about family, I could go to Carla. And, if I needed to talk to a strong woman to talk to about a subject such as a cheating husband, I could go to Drita. I would go to Big Ang to rest my head on her heart. So I am not being disloyal to anyone, I am being loyal to myself and loving them all as individuals.

Can you explain a little more about why it looks like you are taking sides in the show? I know sometimes editing plays a part in what we see or is there more to it?

I don’t think it’s fair to judge me as being disloyal and I’ll tell you why. These episodes were filmed months ago while I was struggling with my surgery and the complications after the fact. At the time, I was being sedated by doctor ordered medication for the pain I was suffering from the open wound in my back that wouldn’t heal. I was not thinking clearly. I always knew that Ramona and Karen had my back, but I was trying to figure things out on my own. It might have looked different because of the medication.

So where do things stand now with the medication and your relationship with the other women?

I was going through a lot the past few months with my Dad, Junior and the girls. I had [something like] a nervous breakdown and I went to the hospital for four days. It was a great stay and now I am only on Prozac for depression, no other drugs. I can see everything clearly now and I see everyone for who and what they are.

But months ago, at the time of the filming, I insulted Ramona by the way I approached the situation. And, I just want to say that her loyalty to me and my loyalty to her were never in question. I should have never questioned her loyalty. But, when you are on medication prescribed by doctors, you sometimes think the whole world is against you and you are willing to attack anyone and anything because you aren’t thinking clearly. 

Thank you Renee, I think that clears up a lot of confusion and misconceptions people had over what was being aired on the show. Now, you know I follow you on Twitter and I happened to catch a couple of pictures you tweeted last night of two handsome men! Would you care to tell us who they are?

Quincy and Aunt Renee

I really would like to talk about both of them. The first one is Quincy, Kim Porter and Puffy’s son. I’m his favorite mob wife, aka Aunt Renee. I’ve known him since he was a baby and he is like family to me, just like a nephew. Kim and Puff should be so proud of their son. I just want everyone to know not to mess with that boy or they will have to answer to Aunt Renee.

And the other handsome man on your arm? You know inquiring minds need to know.

Renee with her gorgeous "mystery" date!

That is the most gorgeous gentleman ever! I met him in California and he is a very dear friend of my cousin Lori and Uncle Ronnie. I asked him to go out on a date last night. He came through wearing all black Gucci, looking so sexy and mature and he is an honorable man.

My objective is to clone him and make sure that all good women get one. But as far as the original goes, hands off chicks! LA has way more than sunshine!

So what will you be doing next?

I’ll be flying back to New York to attend Fashion week.

Well thank you so much Renee, it’s been a pleasure as always, and I appreciate your taking time away during your trip to address questions the fans have, as well as, sharing your “men” with us! Talk to you again soon!

And that concludes our little interview this week. I just want to add that Renee sounds great on the phone. She is doing well and having a ball out in LA. I find it remarkable that she always makes the time to chat and promote the show and give us details of difficult issues in her life. Can’t wait till tonight’s show!


Anonymous said...

I can respect that Renee was going through a lot. It's good to hear that she appreciates how much Karen and Ramona always have her back. I'm impressed with how much patience and understanding they still showed Renee when she appointed herself Carla's Johnny Cochrane.

Chiara Soprano said...

I guess that's the definition of friendship and loyalty for them all. They knew something wasn't right and stuck by her. I'm glad Renee has true friends.

Mob Mistress said...

I really appreciate Renee opening up and explaining what's going on. She and others should remember we watch the show. We see what we see. And sometimes it isn't a good look even for our favorites.

I'm not a cheerleader & never will be.

Camet said...

After watching tonight's show, I can see what Renee means. That girl was out of her mind.

The only thing is, wasn't it only like a couple weeks ago that her father was arrested and she got her meds adjusted? I sympathize with her, but as a viewer if this is going to go on all season it's going to be really hard to watch. Let's hope they have some other storylines they can pull out.

Anonymous said...

Renee is so amazing :)

sKILLz said...

Renne has so much on her plate & deals with it in such an amazing way , well in the public eye that is. You never know what goes on behind closed doors.
I admire her for being so open with her addiction, surgery, relationships, & now depression.
Great interview as always....