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I Married A Mobster: Honoring a Hero, Adam Arias

Originally posted 11 September 2011

I spoke to Love’s mother, Lorraine Arias-Beliveau, about her brother Adam Arias, who was killed during 911, ten years ago. On this very significant tenth anniversary of 911, instead of a blog about mobsters and criminals, I think it’s more important to remember those who lost their lives that day, and especially those who died while trying to save the lives others. That was the case with Adam Arias, Love Majewski‘s uncle. I asked Lorraine a few questions about this remarkable man so that we could pay tribute to him and others who died that tragic day.

Q. It’s been two years since you visited Guantanamo Bay for the terrorist trials of the 911 co-conspirators. Has there been any word on when the trial might resume?

I was told the trial would resume in September.  They have been formally charged with crimes and going for the death penalty. She is frustrated and asks “what’s the hold up and why haven’t they been tried in 10 years? There must be a reason, maybe it’s political, but why are they being protected?”  My parents are 85 years old I wonder when or if they will see justice for their son.

Q. Do you have any idea why it’s taken so long?

She really doesn’t understand why it has taken over ten years. There have been delays, such as Obama stopping the trial and trying to find a place in the United States to try them. Attorneys have told me that it is a slow process and they have to avoid doing anything improper in order to avoid a mistrial. But Lorraine feels what she witnessed there two years ago was a judge who was pandering to the co-conspirators and everyone walking on eggshells around them. There was a point in the trial when one of the conspirators asked for a cushion to sit on and there was a big discussion over it. Lorraine says she had to leave the courtroom. It was too overwhelming for her to sit there for that discussion. She also says the main conspirator made eye contact with her and tried staring her down, but she held up her brother’s picture.

Lorraine feels that the 5 of them openly admitted to the terrorist crimes of 911 and she just wants the satisfaction of seeing them found guilty and punished by life in prison. As it stands now, she feels they get special privileges for prayer time, and family visits; and, during the trial, they got to wear beautiful linen and have a computer.

Q. Do you plan on going to the 911 ceremony on Sunday?

Lorraine says she doesn’t need to mourn with 3,000 people and long lines. She prefers to go at a quieter time when she can be with her own thoughts. She says she went to the first ceremony and it was eerie. It was calm and sunny out that day, but at the time of the attacks, a sudden wind blew through the area. It was as though the spirits of those who died were there.

Honoring Jim Beliveau For His 911 Service

She says when her husband Jim Beliveau, a retired fireman, heard about the attack he went straight to round Zero to help. He had no gear at the time. He was there for 13 days, and for his efforts he was awarded a watch with an inscription on the back.

Q. Is there anything you would like people to know about your brother Adam, especially today on the tenth anniversary of the attack and his death?

Lorraine says, her brother Adam was warned about the attack and he could have left the building and gotten safely away, but he didn’t. He made sure everyone on his floor exited safely and then he left and began helping police and firefighters save lives. She says, “No greater love has any man than to give his life for his fellow man.”

Adam was her youngest sibling, born in 1964. He was brilliant beyond belief. He was a good son and a very special human being. He loved animals and people. He was very successful as the Vice President of Euro Brokers. He excelled in everything he did.

Adam could have left in time, their brother called to warn him. He left a wife, he was a newly wed. The day before the attack, he took his father to a car show. Her parents were devastated. The family did everything they could to search for him. They put up flyers and checked all the hospitals. Lorraine feels that there was a lot of loving support and, in times of crisis, New Yorkers pull together.

She recalls her brother’s funeral and says there was an Italian man there crying. When she asked who he was she was told he was Adam’s barber. He gave Adam his first hair cut and Adam continued going to him all his life. There was also an Asian man there too that she didn‘t recognize; he was Adam’s tailor.

Lorraine and her family feel a tremendous amount of pain from the loss of her brother, but she feels it is magnified 3,000 times. In her heart, this was not their individual experience of loss, but a group experience of loss.

The family is still very much affected by that tragedy. She says Love was very close to her uncle. They were also close friends. And, Lorraine’s mother will not move out of that house, because it’s the house Adam grew up in. It’s very sad.

Lorraine just hopes that the trials will resume soon and they get their long, overdue punishment.

Watch Lorraine speak about Adam and the trials in this video: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4694721/guest-visits-at-gitmo/

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Picture Credit: Lorraine Arias Beliveau and Love Majewski


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Mob Mistress said...

Sorry our site is not for your political viewpoint. You want to comment about Adam Arias or the 9/11 tragedy fine.

Love Majewski not just an urban legend said...

Thank you ladies again I speak for our entire family when I say this means alot to us.I spoke with Adam's widow yesterday & gave her the link so she could check out the site.

And yes that is me with the glasses when my dad accepted his honor(SMH do you people miss an ything?)

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Chiara, thank you...its good to know othe conspirators are incarcirated. Its noteveryday you get a citizen assisting public safety st there own will. It seems Adam Arias was a great man.

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so fricken sad and this poor family has been through so much

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They didn't even mention this on ID,I wonder if she was with Chris when sept.11 happened?