Saturday, September 8, 2012

Real Housewives Of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E14

Ramona grills Tomas like a steak on a BBQ

Even though I was away on vacation, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see the second episode of the St. Barths trip…aka “the white trash” episode.  There were plenty of “What The Hell Moments,” during this hour long fiasco of a trip. The new wives had to have known all would NOT go well…all they had to do was tweet a fan who saw their trip to Morocco…like me. Anyway, let me rant and rave a few minutes, it will do me good.

Sonja's bruises easily and content smile = Tomas

Why the hell was Ramona tormenting poor “Tomas/Johnny Depp” about his liaison with LuAnn? She was relentless with her questions, trying to trip him up to get him to admit he was with LuAnn the night before. Anyway, shouldn’t she have better spent her time bonding with the “girls” and leaving Tomas alone? Didn’t her cross examination take away from the dynamics of the trip? I wonder if she will ever give him the third degree on his hooking up with Sonja? Just asking? I mean, what the hell were those bruises on Sonja’s arm from anyway? Wasn’t anyone concerned? Maybe Heather knows? Heather mentioned walking in on Sonja and Tomas during “anal sex.” If that’s not a What The Hell Moment of moments, I don’t know what is! Does "anal sex" take away from or add to the dynamics? Why is anyone walking in on anyone in a huge 40 million dollar house? Who can answer these questions for me? BravoAndy???

Half naked in the pool? 
Is there such a thing as too much bonding?

Aviva and Reid arrive to St. Barths. Reid made the supreme sacrifice of accompanying Aviva to spend time with her friends, because of her fear of small planes. Ramona and Sonja knew they were coming, but they were in the pool half naked, when they arrived. Aviva must have felt, “What the hell are they thinking?” She ended up saying a lot more than that. I just want to know how many women go swimming topless with their friends? Is this why they needed an all girls vacation? There was so much talk about Reid ruining the trip that I didn't get. What difference did it make that Reid was there? He made himself scarce AND he was invited by the hostess, Carole. Carole tried to point that out, but these women never let Carole get a word in edgewise. I guess they will be reading about their obnoxious behavior in her blogs and her upcoming book about her experiences this season. 

"You're nothing but white trash, quite frankly!"

One thing leads to another, because Aviva is incensed, and there is the big fight scene! Aviva is so upset she calls Sonja and Ramona nothing but “white trash!” Aviva never really calms down for the rest of the episode. She demands that the girls, Ramona and Sonja, apologize to Reid, thank him profusely for coming and then maybe kiss his feet a few times. Nothing seems to appease her. Not even Ramona’s undying pledge that she will apologize to Reid. Maybe that’s because Ramona says, off camera, that she is only apologizing to calm Aviva down, not because she means it. I think we all got that insincerity without Ramona’s explanation. Sonja, however, refuses to apologizes and even cries because she was called “white trash!” How believable is that? 

Sonja: Boo Hoo, she called me "white trash!" 

I want to know if Aviva knew Sonja and Ramona went hotel shopping “just in case” they couldn't take Reid’s presence? What the hell was that about? The 40 million dollar house wasn’t big enough for all of them and Reid? Maybe that’s why Aviva was extremely upset? She may had gotten wind of that from a cast member or production staff? That is really insulting, especially when you add it to everything else that happened, like their trying to appoint someone to ask Reid to stay at a hotel? Really now, how classless is that?

LuAnn to Ramona: I never said Reid was unwelcome...or did I?

I love the way LuAnn kept herself out of the argument. Ramona was right. Wasn’t LuAnn the one who said Reid’s presence would disturb the dynamics of the trip? I have déjà vu of blogging this before. LuAnn can sleep with Tomas, Sonja can kiss the butler and sleep with Tomas, Carole can see Russ during the trip all she wants (and I am totally onboard with that), BUT Reid working in an out of the way office, on his computer, would disturb everyone’s dynamics??? 

These women know how to kill a trip, don’t they? Carole was nice enough to invite them all for a get away. She had intentions of spending time with her boyfriend, Russ, who was working there, so it wasn’t an accident that she picked that location. For all their talk about wealth and class, these women leave so much to be desired. 

Carole is still my favorite. People say she is boring. I find her witty and intelligent…when they let her get a word in. She is down to earth and treats everyone with dignity and respect. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t take any of them seriously. I am glad she gets along with Heather. I think Heather is a straight shooter who doesn’t like or have time for drama, but she will not back away from an issue. Why the producers allowed both Ramona and Sonja to bust her chops all season long, I don’t know. But Heather has been doing a great job of holding her own on both fronts. Was Aviva too pissed at Ramona and Sonja? I don’t think so. If she was a mob wife she would have pulled all their hair out. Instead, she just calls them “white trash.” Pretty mild mannered. So far I am siding with the new wives over the old wives! Let’s see what part three of St. Barths brings?

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Rosey said...

Hi Chiara,

I like Ramona because she brings some excitement to the show! She keeps you wondering what's she going to do or say next.
LuAnn "miss class" did an international "hookup on camera" and it is funny that she is trying to deny it, like we are dummies!
Aviva needs to lighten up, she brought her husband to a girls event where I am sure the other wives wanted to bring their husbands to. Mario would have been fun there also.

Chiara Soprano said...

Rosey thanks for reading and commenting. Ramona is an acquired taste, I don't care for her. She is especially irritating this season when she screams things In Heather's face and then takes off before the woman can respond. I'm not sure Carole excluded the men, she seemed fine with Reid going and she herself,knew she would be spending time with Russ. I know she said "girls vacation" just not sure she didn't modify that since we only hear half of what she says. LOL I think Carole's blogs are great too, at least there we can see what she really thinks!

Anonymous said...

It's funny I saw the same ep as you did, and came away with completely different angles on what happened...I thought Tomas was a gentleman deflecting all Ramona's interrogating, a good-guy move; even protective. Not a "greasy prize." and it's not the same to hook up with Islanders as it is to bring your husand or SO~Russ the exception because he was the whole reason for the trip, or 1 of 3 major reasons as stated by the hostess, Carole. Sonja and Ramona are fun, and they like to dance and drink cocktails and flirt and generally enjoy themselves~I son't see what the problem is...? Unless you're buttoned-up Aviva who see's there behavior as crude and well, the now infamous slur. People, we are on a French island; going topless in the sun, or in the water~beach or pool, is not trashy or strange, it is European! Even Carole went topless on the boat.And I don't get how it was promised to be a "girl's trip" ~see the M&M lunch~ and then it's a couple's night? Of course it changes the dynamics. It's amazing to me that we all watch the same thing and come away with a completely different story.Guess that's what makes RHONY and Bravo so successful, we all love OUR housewife more than YOUR housewife...;) Go fans! thanks for the blog, and letting me comment, luv, Xx

Chiara Soprano said...

Anonymous, thanks for your perspective. I love to read different takes on the same show LOL. I do think Aviva was being protective of her husband, who went there solely for her benefit. She was right to be pissed at how disrespectful they were about his coming when he was invited. I think Mario is the only man who actually enjoys being with these women and the drama (no comment). I think Reid would have rather stayed home. I think they were basically saying, if you have to bring Reid then we don't really want you here Aviva. Knowing what they did about her phobias, they should have told her before she got on the plane. I'm sure she would have rather stayed home.