Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E15

Sonja to Ramona: We're white trash? What is white trash anyway?

So Monday night was the third and finale episode of the St. Barths trip and the same theme carried throughout all three episodes. Aviva just could not get over the fact that she and Reid were invited to the island only to get there and find out her husband was really NOT welcome. How do we know this? Well first of all there is LuAnn’s remark that he would change the “dynamics” of the trip simply by being there. LuAnn has tried to distance herself from this comment and much like a politician, she actually denied saying it. Ahem, roll the video tape! She sure as hell did say it! Then, there is the conversation where Ramona wants to appoint LuAnn as the ambassador of bad will, to ask Reid to leave the enormous house (that he was invited to stay at by hostess Carole) and go to a hotel. And finally, my intuition tells me that Aviva was informed by someone, a producer perhaps, that Ramona and Sonja went hotel shopping just in case they could not tolerate Reid’s presence. Now that is pretty extreme! How the hell would anyone feel who made a huge sacrifice of leaving her family, to do something that produces huge anxiety and fear only to be treated poorly by the very friends who asked her to come? I’m cutting Aviva slack for being a “Royal Pain,” and maybe if she had a little more support, she would have calmed down.

On tonight’s episode…"they love me, they love me not," Aviva’s “white trash” insult gets a lot of airtime. Ramona and Sonja could not figure out what the hell "white trash" is so they google it. I can’t believe they got this far in life without knowing what the term means, however regardless of the meaning, they were both highly insulted. Sonja’s one night stand with Tomas, her throwing herself at the butler/chef and her excessive drinking with Ramona the entire time may lead one to think their behavior is trashy. Even Sonja admitted that in her blog.

Wait a minute, there's a couple's date?

Moving on to the “couple’s dinner” comprising of Carole and Russ and Aviva and Reid. It was just supposed to be a quick dinner and back to the group and I’m really not so sure no one else was invited. However, the fact Heather had no clue about this dinner wasn’t right. She was blindsided. She flew off the table and on to the beach to sulk. Carole catches up with her and they make up quickly. There is potential for a real friendship here so maybe Bravo will get rid of one of them? They have no flair for real drama, they are too real and intelligent for reality television.

Heather and Carole,Two reasonable, non argumentative individuals. They make up in an instant.

And, I don’t know why the hell Ramona and Sonja got so insulted over the couple’s dinner in the first place, since they spend most of their time alone, with each other. Case in point, EVERYONE is invited to Russ’s performance and all the cars are headed there. However, when they arrive, the car with Ramona and Sonja is missing. It turns out they went back to the house “to pack.” If that isn’t a royal insult, I don’t know what is. Seriously, these women are always talking out of both sides of their mouths…they want to be included and find every excuse to exclude themselves. Just like Ramona not wanting to jump into the pool with everyone else. And then Sonja just pulls off all her clothes and jumps in. Why the hell does she feel everyone needs to see her naked? These are two extremely self-centered, attention seeking, drama queens! They have gotten so extreme I am even liking LuAnn, who seems to be trying to act classy when she isn‘t chasing pirates on the side. I think Carole has been a good influence on her, reminding her how gracious royalty is supposed to act.

No one sent me the memo that a girl's vacation includes
being drunk and naked all the time.

After Russ’ concert, those who went return back to the villa for a special final dinner on their last night at St. Barths. More talk from Ramona about how Carole never mentioned she would be spending time with Russ. She claims she never got the memo. Clearly, that was Carole’s first and foremost reason for going, to spend time with Russ, who she never sees. I think Carole (Bravo) was thinking that Russ would be busy much of the time so why not invite the girls for a little getaway. Then, the producers figure let’s throw in Reid so the others will be pissed. By the way, is there evidence of a real concert or has this scenario been manufactured for the sake of the show? I have to wonder because Bravo got no footage at all of it. What do you think? 

Well another Bravo vacation from hell, what else is new? Will what happened in St. Barths stay in St. Barths? Will LuAnn's "secret" rendezvous with Tomas slip out to Jacques? You bet it will, otherwise why even  included the footage and make a stink over it. And why the hell would LuAnn cheat on Jacques on her first night there, if she really wants to have a baby with him? Hmmmmmmm, maybe she just created an opportunity for more drama and airtime for herself? Stay tuned!

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