Thursday, September 13, 2012


The Book Signing!

ALL I CAN SAY IS, IT WAS BIG! What else is new?

Last night Big Ang came to Northvale, NJ for a book signing of her new book, "Bigger Is Better," and there was a big crowd...I was in it! Thankfully, it was a beautiful night out, so most of the people got to mingle outside. Big Ang answered a few questions from the crowd, which was quite amusing. 

Big Ang answers questions!

Everyone wanted to know if she was going to be on Mob Wives Season 3. "Yes," she said, "we are filming now". They were also curious about a second season for the Big Ang show. "Well,"  she says, "they haven't told me yet, but I hope so!"  Someone else asked when she is at the Drunken Monkey. "Every Tuesday and Friday". But Neil chimed in and mentioned, "but not this Friday because she'll be in Atlanta". 

Neil's Tattoo!

Good thing for Big Ang's backup crew, which usually consists of Neil, her sister Janine, her brother Stephen and his wife Maria. They are one supportive family. It's pretty obvious that they are climbing the ladder with Big Ang and it's great to see them having so much fun. During the questions someone went as far to ask if she was accepting applications for the Monkey and she said, after one of her long thoughtful pauses, "well, only for a busboy," and everyone started laughing. They wanted to see Neil's tattoo and Big Ang tapped the table for Neil to put his leg up and show it. He did, and I got a pretty good shot of it. Big Ang then turned around and showed off her lips tattoo. And, of course, one of the last few questions was about the never ending debate: Is it sauce or gravy? "Well," she says, "I call it sauce". Even that got the crowd discussing amongst themselves about what they call it. 

Fan with special T-shirt!

Big Ang signing for fans!

Who doesn't love Big Ang?

I was lucky I got to stay up front with Big Ang while she signed books and I took on the job as professional photographer for everyone. There were two fans that really stood out. One young man had a great T-shirt made, which I took a photo of below. Then there was another young man whose heart was racing and had a nervous giggle, he almost cried.  He was trying to tell Big Ang how much he loved her. She was overwhelmed with his feelings. I enjoyed myself by chatting with Ang's brother Stephen. On every occasion I've met him he has been very sincere.  He thanked me for doing a good job on the all the blogs.

Another BIG fun night in the presence of Big Ang. Season one was truly a whirlwind of parties and gave us a glimpse into her life. I'm sure Big Ang has more to show us, so I'm waiting patiently for the answer to a Season two.

Written By Carmela Corleone

Picture Credit: Carmela Corleone

Don't forget to catch  Big Ang tonight 6-8 pm at :
Barnes and Noble Tribeca
97 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007

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