Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big Ang: Blonde Linda Chats with Carmela

Carmela Interviews Blonde Linda

I had the pleasure of interviewing Blonde Linda, one of Big Ang's best friends. Linda has made several appearances on the show. Big Ang and Linda go back 40 years and their relationship shows it. Linda, who was guilty of humping nearly everyone and everything including boys, men, furniture and one time even Little Louie, on the show, was fun to speak with. I was waiting for her once to say "who's your mama," but I didn't get so lucky. However, I knew I would enjoy this interview because some of the stories she told brought me back to my fun days in the 80's. And boy were those the days.

Hi Linda, thank you for taking the time out to speak with me.

Aw, your welcome Carmela, my pleasure.

First of all, I was wondering if you were related to AJ, because I see one of your last name is the same as his.

No, it’s a coincidence and he refers to me as cousin Linda.

Where did you grow up?


Did you go to school with Big Ang?

No, but we both grew up in Brooklyn.

Tell me how you were approached for the show?

Well, I was around on the set of Mob Wives. I use to go when Ang was filming and Jennifer Graziano, who I know for years, told me about her idea for the Big Ang show.

Did you date any wise guys?

But of course! Sometimes Ang would date a guy and afterwards I would date him, we sometimes switched off and on.

Are you dating now?


And what about marriage?

Been there, been married twice. I'm a cougar and I loveeee my boys!

What is the best gift you ever received?

Well, houses, jewelry, I never had to pay rent once in my life!

Wow! What kind of work are you doing now?

Nothing, I am a retired bartender.

And what is your drink of choice?

Patron baby!

Tell me a bit about Big Ang.

Big Ang has an aura about her. People gravitate to her. She's genuine and not a phony. She's a phenomenal cook. When she cooks she cooks for an army. We  use to have dinner parties s and Ang cooked for all the girls.  Ang could make anything. She could prepare dog shit add some spices and you would think it was great!

I’m thinking in my head, even I couldn't pull that off!

Tell me about a scared shit moment.

Well, really not scared of anything, but I do remember once we were driving down the highway and a cop pulled us over. He wanted to give Ang a breath analyzer  test. He walked over to me and said, "Boy she's hot, can you get me a date?" And I said, "Sure, I’ll get you a date if you let us go!" 

Linda then told me how wherever they went money was thrown at them. She tells me of the times her and Big Ang would show up at clubs and the place use to clear out for them. When guys use to ask for a date, Linda would say "Sure, but you need to buy me an outfit first". And the guys would go for it.

I was enjoying Linda's stories, I asked for some more funny moments with Big Ang. And she had a few more…

There was the time when we were out at the club and Ang was pregnant. Her water broke on the dance floor. So we took her to the hospital. Shortly after we were all in the wheelchairs taking them for rides. Then there was another time when we were at an After Hours club. It was like 20 steps downstairs. When we got there it was snowing. When we tried to leave there was over 15" inches of snow and it snowed the door shut. We couldn’t get out and had to call the sanitation department for help. They came and got us out and had to carry us to our cars because we were carrying our heels in our hands. She also tells me of another time when they were leaving a club and they lost the keys to the car. Ang had really long terodactyl nails so she tried starting the car with them!

Silly me, I was laughing and writing and forgot to ask her if it worked!

Tell me about your relationship with Tan Tony and Franky; the bartenders at the Drunken Monkey.

Well, Tan Tony is my TV brother. He's hot! I love him and we are the same. He loves his women and I like my men! And those eyes will melt you.

I definitely agree with that! And Franky?

He's a fun, nice kid. I don't really know him as long. But the boys are great.

Which mob wife, besides Big Ang, are you closest to?

Renee. I know her since I'm 17. Her Aunt Celia is very close to Ang.

Did you watch Mob Wives Chicago and what did you think of the show?

Yes, I did. Honestly, I didn't take to the storylines so much, but I love Leah and Christina. Christina was just here and we had a blast.

And what do you think of Neil?

He's very nice. Nothing like who I thought Ang would date, but he is very loyal to her.

Any off-screen or during taping moments you can share?

Well, for one thing, we use to all talk at the same time. They were constantly telling us to be quiet and to stop that it's not done like this!

What are your future plans?

Well, I'm a simple person. I'd like to get into fashion  or make-up if this continues. We are hoping for a Season 2.

Well, I wish you all the best for your future. Thank you for taking the time to talk. It was fun. Before I go, did you go to the Girl Power awards that honored Jennifer the other night?

Yes I did!  She deserved it. We had a blast! She's one smart cookie and everything she touches turns to gold. We had a party afterwards and it was standing room only!

What a very nice compliment, I must say. Well, thank you Linda for taking the time. It was really fun talking to you. I hope to meet you in person soon.

Thank you, Carmela. have a nice day. 

Interview By: Carmela Corleone

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