Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Mob Doctor: Trailer and Sneak Peek

Hello all.  It's me, Mia. I am the newest blogger here at, and I will be recapping FOX's new scripted series The Mob Doctor. 

As we see in the trailer, the show revolves around Dr. Grace Devlin, a young surgeon (a thoracic surgeon, to be exact, meaning she operates on hearts and lungs) who falls in with the Mob to keep them from whacking her brother.  Check it out:

My takeaways from this trailer are as follows: first, since one mainly goes to a surgeon hoping not to become a dead body, I would not be inspired to go to a surgeon who has wanted to touch dead bodies since childhood.  And what kind of city is Chicago that a young child can find a dead body in the middle of an open field?

Also, the emphasis of the M & D in title card reminds me of the opening credits of Diagnosis Murder which I appreciated because that show was fantastic.

FOX has also provided us with some of the cast's commentary on the show.

Hard to tell quite yet if this show will be a compelling drama or totally over-the-top.  I'm hoping for the latter, to be honest.  That will be much more fun.

The Mob Doctor premieres on FOX this Monday, September 17th at 9PM EST.

Picture and Video Credit: FOX


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard, Mia! :D

Corbyn Samuels said...

I’m really interested in seeing how this show will play out. It’s a show with content you don’t usually see mashed up. Maybe this is what it will take for it to get publicity and stick around for this season. I’m wondering how Dr. Devlin will be able to keep her day job from interfering with her moonlighting. That question has me intrigued enough to set my Hopper to record this show. If I happen to miss the show I can stream it directly to my iPad using the DISH remote access app. That means I can watch the show on the train ride home. This show seems interesting enough to pass the time on the way home which is always a good thing. A DISH co-worker suggested that all of the characters have something to offer the show but that the show’s creators need to figure out how. Right now they are just jumbled all together and I don’t think that your average audience wants to sit around and figure it out.