Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Ang: Episode 10 Finale

The Big Finale has creeped up to us along with the last weekend of summer. This final episode rounded out Big Ang's summer.

Big Ang and Linda drop into Casale Jewelers browsing at diamonds. Big Ang says she loves going to the jewelry store, it's like therapy. The jeweler shows her a few rings but when he shows her a 15 1/2 carrot diamond Big Ang says that's exactly what I want. The list price is $750,000 and Big Ang realizes that  she has extravagant taste for Neil's pockets. After looking at many rings she pulls out a very large stone she bought at an auction that she would like a setting for. I hope Janine was there to seal that deal! 

Big Ang wants a ring because Neil and her did things backwards. First they got married but never got engaged. Big Ang says she never once had an engagement ring. 

Big Ang, Linda and Sandy the plumber were invited to Lil Jenn's house for dinner. Big Ang is a bit worried cause she says Lil Jenn can't cook. Lil Jenn says she made her best dish.....grilled cheese. Big Ang says she's been cooking for Lil Jenn for 30 years and that's all she gets? Linda wants to know if they are going to eat the sandwiches one at a time. Lil Jenn tells them how her mother doesn't want her to use her good pots. Everyone seems to be worried that Lil Jenn may start a fire! Big Ang gives a big eye roll and says Lil Jenn is still living with her mother and father. Big Ang tells the girls that she heard from AJ and that he is coming home on an 11 hour pass.She says she wants to have a pool party. The girls mention strippers and Lil Jenn says oh no, strippers come with getting high and partying. They talk about the salon that Big Ang is opening and ask her how much she put into it. Big Ang says the sign alone with the neon cost $10,000. The girls gasp but Big Ang says she's  hoping to make it all back. Lil Jenn says her life has been one big roller coaster but Big Ang says more like one big party. I'll agree to that! 

Big Ang Secrets salon opening is here and Big Ang has champagne on ice for everyone. The store is decorated without sparing the zebra print. There are 2 large chairs in the shape of a shoe adorning the print with hot pink trim. There is also a matching rug. Everything in the store sparkles. There is a queen chair and Big Ang takes a seat and Lil Jenn calls her the godmother and says  everyone should come in and kiss your ring. It's a wonder this is the first time Big Ang was called the godmother! All Big Ang's friends are there along with her staff. Even Renee Graziano who gives us all a big smile shows up. She talks to Big Ang about AJ and Big Ang invites her to the pool party she is going to have. Big Ang calls a staff cheer meeting and everyone salutes with patrone! Big Ang annouces that now it's time to get some treatments!  Janine asks everyone if they know what Big Ang's secret is and she exclaims " to make money!" Well good thing for Janine cause she really puts an effort out and is ready to make some money! I thought that was Big Ang's secret?! 

At the Drunken Monkey Drita stops by to visit Big Ang. They haven't seen each other the whole summer. She wants to ask Big Ang about AJ and what's happening. Big Ang tells her he is in a rehab and at least she can put her head down on a pillow at nite knowing he's safe. Drita comments that AJ is a smart young man and he will be ok. Big Ang tells her about the party and Drita says she can make it. Big Ang says it's going to be no booze, no trouble, some clean fun! She's going to invite everyone and  AJ's friends then she retracts and says oops, no not his friends. 

At home Big Ang and Neil are eating lobster. Neil seems to be having trouble getting the lobster out of the shell. I'm thinking...Neil works in sanitation right? Clearly there are bigger things that get stuck in that truck than a lobster tail right? Big Ang comes to his help and gets the lobster out in a second. Big Ang says he's  like having a 3rd child. I think Neil likes Big Ang's motherly touch. She tells Neil she went to the jewelry store looking at diamonds. He says he's heard enough about the diamonds and to wait. She says if she waited for him, she would be homeless, clothes less and everything-less.I want diamonds, diamonds diamonds! She tells Neil to wake up and smell the f***ing coffee. That's one thing about the wiseguys Big Ang says there's always bling bling and fur fur. 

The day of the pool party while Big Ang is setting up, she gets a phone call from AJ. She tells AJ all about getting his favorite Chinese food. He tells her that the whole place is on lock down. No one can leave the property. The cameras roll over to Kilo (AJ's dog) and Little Louie and even the dogs are frowning. Lil Jenn, Linda and Janine show up and take one look at Big Ang face and know something is wrong. She tells them that AJ isn't coming. They want to know why and Lil Jenn explains how when something goes wrong sometimes everyone gets punished. Well Linda says now that AJ isn't coming-get out the alcohol! The guests arrive. Tan Tony ( I guess I decided to call him that) and Franky along with Little Dave from the Atlantic City trip, Mimi from the draq queen nite at the Monkey and Sandy Stitches. Then of course there's our little mix of a mobwive, Renee. There's some talk about going into the pool and Renee says she'll go in right now. And there she goes. Renee does a cannonball! I hope I got a good shot! She's swimming and flirting with Franky and Big Ang says she better watch out, that's Sandy's guy! Big Ang says this is really scary and laughs. Everyone has on wax lips to emulate Big Ang and it's a kiss fest. Neil calls out to Janine and asks her to come inside. He shows Janine something he got for Big Ang and asks Janine if she thinks Ang will like it. Janine says omg you're going to give her a heart attack. 

Neil comes out side and tells everyone to listen up. He tells Big Ang he has some special chinese food for her. He hands her a wonton container. Everyone asks Big Ang what it is and when she opens it and find many strands of confetti she says "lo mein"! and everyone laughs. Of course there's a black box and Big Ang is already smiling. I'm sure at this time Big Ang is hoping it is BIG! She takes a look at the ring which is BIG and beautiful. She asks Neil what bank did he rob? She's so happy cause now she has bling bling for the fing fing. Renee has a moment and everyone is oohing and ahhing Big Ang and congratulates her. Big Ang wishes AJ was there. Neil asks her if he can finally say "wife" and Big Ang is not short of another eye roll. She says that Neil made the toughest day for her the best! Someone yells out now it's an engagement party! And the fun continues. Big Ang sums it up by saying this year she started a new business- Big Ang Secrets, her old business blew up at the Drunken Monkey, she bought a condo, she tried new things-the motorcycle ride for one and she had a few heart attacks. She says she survived and now she's engaged to her husband. You never know what can happen Big Ang says so she says keep on living and keeping it big. I have it all, friends family and diamonds! 
This ties it up for Season 1 of The Big Ang show. I've enjoyed watching these episodes but most of all I've enjoyed meeting Big Ang , her family and most of her cast. Thank you to Jenn Graziano for bringing us fun every sunday. I look foward to Season 2 of The Big Ang show. 

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During the hiatus I will try to bring you news and events about Big Ang and her crew. She has written a book and will start doing signings very shortly. 

Thank you for everyone's support reading the blogs. Thank you to Mob Mistress and Chiara for giving me the opportunity being part of this blog-site.

Written by Carmela Corleone

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