Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mob Wives: Season Three Mafia Wars!

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Season three is a long way off, January 2013, but we can’t wait to know what is going to happen. Every time a mob wife gets interviewed, the first question on everyone’s lips is, “Can you tell us a little bit of what we will see in season three?” Of course, the “Omerta” code applies to production story lines, so we aren’t going to get a lot of information this early in the game. However, you know I am ready to jump out of my skin when I hear anything at all regarding upcoming drama details.

First, Drita drops a bomb, saying that she and Ramona are going to get into it and it’s World War III! She says she is cool with Karen, they have maintained the truce struck at the end of season two. We know that Drita and Ramona barely tolerated each other in season two. Ramona’s beef with Drita is the way she treated Karen during season one, particularly the fact she physically attacked her on the rooftop. That seemed to be the breaking point for Ramona and why she went out on the balcony when Karen talked to Drita. Drita’s issue with Ramona isn’t quite so clear to me. I know she felt Ramona was trying to turn Karen against her and prevent them from getting over their differences. A lot goes on in Staten Island that we don’t know about. People are always gossiping, just ask Carla, she always seems to have her phone in hand to compare stories. Ugh!

And now, speaking of Carla, Renee recently dropped a bomb of her own, during an interview On The Couch. She says that she isn’t getting along with Carla in season three. AJ doesn’t care for Carla either! Carla must have done yet another unforgivable thing to Renee. We all know the first two: Calling her a liar over the boyfriend, Handyman; and not visiting her or calling her when she almost died after surgery. Renee forgave her for those things, but I am sure she didn’t forget. But now, from the sound of it, Carla has done it again. Whatever it is, it’s something Renee is NOT willing to forgive so fast. I, for one, am looking forward to Renee giving Carla a piece of her mind. Carla is all about Carla, she is nobody’s friend. Team Renee all the way!

Also, I hear we are going to see a lot more of AJ Pagan in season three! Finally! AJ is very popular with the ladies, young and older. Some people think I have a strong bias towards AJ. I do. I love this young man from his first scene on the show. I would have said “kid,” but I think AJ has had to grow up a little faster than most, because of the lifestyle. So I look forward to seeing more of him on season three and I know many others do too!

Rumors keep swirling around about new mob wives being added to the mix. I think there will be, but who she/they are is still a mystery to me. I was informed that Big Ang will still be a regular part of the cast, as well as doing her own show. Karen is writing a second book last I heard…will Drita be in it? And as for Drita, she mentioned she will be paying Lee a visit in prison. Will that be part of season three? I would bet on it. Lee is due to get out of prison in six months, says Drita. Will they get back together? Will season three end with Lee coming “home,” like season two ended with Joe’s homecoming? Stay tuned!

This is the sum total of all I know right now. As I learn other little tidbits, I will be passing them along. But, it looks like we are going to need one of Renee’s T-Shirts for all of season three. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I agree with your blog! I keep wondering about Carla thats why I asked you last week if she was still on the show. I think Renee just needs to let go of the thought there were friends for so long. Carla is not loyal. She never was and never will be. I also think her friendship with Drita was one of convenience especially for camera purposes. I cannot wait to see what happens with the Ramona/ Drita issue. Woohoo thats gonna be a good one! Im happy for Karen and I hope she continues on her road to success.

Rosey said...

Hi everyone,

I do think that Carla is about Carla and she needs to make up her mind about her husband. Do you want him or not? Renee always gives Carla a free pass on how she treats her. She should call her on her actions because even when you were upset in season 1 with Junior getting raided. Carla and Drita did not come to see you, that sat at home discussing it not comforting Renee.

cwedd30 said...

I want to see Toni Ricci on season three! Carla will have a hard time spinning her shit with Toni there to slap her down!

Anonymous said...

New people..

Gina Marie Facciolo: Carla’s sister who’s husband is currently incarcerated and who doesn’t get along with Renee.

Adriana Reina: Granddaughter of Gaetano “Tommy” Reina who grew up with Drita and Karen.

Vanessa Gavinno: Cousin of John Gotti who grew up on Staten Island, and is friends with all the original Mob Wives from the first 2 seasons, except for Ramona Rizzo.

And i heard that there has been fight between Ramona and Vanessa..

Mob Mistress said...


Wikipedia is not a viable source. The information was added ... removed... then added again.

Both Chiara and I addressed the powers that be & they vehemently denied any of those women were new mob wives. They added they weren't even on their radar to become candidates for season 3.

Thank you for commenting & have a great day!