Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Review: “Brooklyn Story” By Suzanne Corso

I was passing my time reading tweets on twitter When Aviva Drescher mentions Suzanne Corso the “mob wife” is going to show up at her function. My eyes open wide and I tweet back, “Mob wife? I’m going to look her up right now.” I no sooner Google the name Suzanne Corso and I see she has at least one book out, “Brooklyn Story” based on her own life story. Oh, did I mention that Renee Graziano was the maid of honor at her wedding and Suzanne says they are still friends? 

So I look up Suzanne Corso and read about her story, which she tells through the voice of her character, Samantha. She is not exactly a mob wife after all. She was raised by a Jewish mother and grandmother. Her Sicilian father walked out on them while her mother was 8 months pregnant. They were poor enough to be on welfare. When Samantha is 15 she meets a handsome guy, Tony, who is 17. They spend lots of time together, he buys her gifts, he takes her virginity and he ends up physically abusing her. Tony says he is in construction, but he is an aspiring mobster with girlfriends on the side. Samantha fears Tony. She has one outlet to escape the misery of her life: she loves to write. One day she hopes to be a writer. She dreams of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan one day and write. Her life takes a positive turn when Tony ends up in prison and Samantha moves on with her life and her dream to become an author.

It sounds like a good read to me and it will help pass the time until season three of Mob Wives kicks in, OR season two of Mob Wives Chicago OR Season two of Big Ang OR a NEW JustJenn Production!

You can read more about Suzanne/Samantha’s story at: Suzanne Corso Story

Picture & Video Credit: Simon Schuster Videos

The author, Suzanne Corso, talks about her book in the video below.

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