Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Real Housewives Of New York: What the Hell Moments S5E16

Didn't Ramona's hair look horrible in this scene? That's all I could think about.

I was too busy to watch the RHONY because loyal to my “mob” blog. Instead, I was watching The Mob Doctor. However, I was paying attention to the live tweets and I must say that our good friend, Stoopidhousewives.com made the show sound hilarious. As soon as The Mob Doctor was over we switched on a replay of RHONY, so I watched it an hour late. I was disappointed that is wasn’t half as enjoyable as the tweets on Twitter. Let me tell you why...

All I remember at this moment is that Aviva told anyone and everyone that would listen, how much she hated the trip to St. Barth’s and how obnoxious Ramona and Sonya were. Well those two things are clear to everyone. Aviva did not do herself any favors in this episode. Even my dog covered his head with his paws when he watched the show and let out a whimper, as if to say “not this again!” 

I couldn’t keep up with all the little “sit downs” between the housewives. Does anyone have a scorecard? Anyway, Ramona and Sonja are up in LuAnn’s business instead of minding their own. Why do both of them care if she told Jacques about Tomas or not? Why the hell is it any of their concern? Why don’t they ask LuAnn about it? I’ll tell you why, because Jacques needs to find out and create a scene. There has to be drama for the show. It makes no sense that LuAnn is desperately in love with Jacques and yet sleeps with Tomas the first night at St. Barth’s…if it makes no sense I’m not buying it.

Rant #1

Let’s get to the “sit downs” with Aviva, shall we? Ugh! Aviva meets Carole and Heather and launches into “St. Barth’s mode.” Of course these are the two “nice and reasonable” housewives, so they humor her rant. I could almost hear “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” playing in the background. Why the hell does she feel the need to rehash the experience to everyone who was there and witnessed it? But okay, I think to myself,  I will let this rant slide. She just needs to talk to people who understand one more time. Wrong.

Rant #2

Aviva meets with Heather alone. Heather already got an earful of St. Barth’s earlier. Apparently, it’s not fully out of Aviva’s system yet. So she begins talking about the trip again. I am wondering what the hell Heather ever did to her that Aviva is making her endure around round of ranting? Heather has the patience of a saint (we saw that with Sonja’s toaster oven project) and she is always polite no matter what she may be thinking. Regardless of how hard Heather tries to diffuse Aviva‘s anger, Aviva stands firm in her position and can’t let it go.

Rant #3 with "apology"

Aviva decides to meet with Sonja, who is even more angry with her than Ramona will ever be. Aviva realizes that her “beef” is mainly with Ramona and her behavior and Sonja just got “lumped in” due to guilt by association. Aviva tries to apologize, but Sonja isn’t having it. I think the rejection of her apology left Aviva stunned. But what the hell was Aviva thinking? All the while she was apologizing, she was tearing down Ramona to her best friend. That wasn’t going to put Sonja in a receptive mood, if anything, it made her dig in her heels. That put Aviva on the defensive. Aviva insults Sonja by saying she sees her drinking too much and spiraling downward and feels sorry for her. Great! Nothing like a little friendly lunch to clear the air. However, I found Aviva’s comment, that a real friend doesn’t take you out to drink till four when you’ve had too much to drink, has a ring of truth to them. After all, Sonja and Ramona are not college co-eds. Maybe they should act their age?

Sonja ain't buying what Aviva is selling!

Let me wrap this up by saying that during the St. Barth’s trip I understood completely why Aviva was angry at Ramona and Sonja. I am also sure that all the ladies heard a lot more from her than what was aired on the show for viewers. They had had enough. I think they felt they could leave all that drama behind them when they left, but Aviva has packed it all in her bags and brought it all back to New York. Sorry, Aviva, but you have to know when enough is enough and let it go. Take some deep breaths when you think of St. Barth’s. And next time someone asks you to be in a reality show that has been on the air for four seasons, watch the previous episodes before giving an answer. These women get more obnoxious every year. 


carmen mateo said...

I hate to say it, but I’m also curious if Luann told Jacques about the “situation” she had in St. Barth’s. The people at Bravo know what they are doing as this makes for great TV. I will miss the upcoming episode of “The Real Housewives of New York,” because of my new work schedule at Dish. I can not get enough of these women, and pre-set my Hopper to record the new episode, since there is so much recording space I will have plenty of DVR room left to catch every moment of drama this season. I am definitely team “Ramonja,” :).

Anonymous said...

Cannot stand Aviva. I can handle Ramonja, because at least they just try to have fun when away from usual busy life, home, kids, etc.. I am thinking that Aviva just is unsure how to behave like a friend or have friends. She has been two faced and troublemaker, now insulting and too overboard.