Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Leah Visits Big Ang!

Leah visits Big Ang today!

Once again Mob Wives Chicago Meet Mob Wives (New York City) and it's so great how they get along. Leah has made her third trip to the Big Apple in the past few months. Yesterday she was at the San Gennaro feast in Little Italy, and today she was visiting with Big Ang and her family for Sunday dinner. There were plenty of pictures posted on Twitter today so we could all share in their wonderful day!

Leah with Big Ang and family

Now this is Sunday dinner! WOW! That was some pot of sauce!

Leah and dad, Wolf.

Leah and Wolf with Stephen Raiola (Big Ang's brother)

At San Gennaro yesterday!

Looks like Leah is right at home in her second city, "New Yawk," as she likes to call it. And New York is more than happy to have her here! What else can I say except, "Welcome home Leah! and enjoy your time here."

Picture credit: Stephen Raiola Twitter


Sarah said...

I wish Leah would move to Staten Island and be on Mob Wives!

Carmela Corleone said...

Now that would be a great idea!