Friday, September 9, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Oh Little Linda!

Big Linda, Greg Scarpa mistress and their daughter Little Linda
Until last night, I've had zero interaction with Little Linda Schiro. Beyond Big Linda accepting my Facebook friend request months ago, we had no interaction.  On July 11, I sent Big Linda a message introducing myself to her and informing her about our site.  She accepted my friend request.  I didn't reach out to Big Linda anymore, once I witnessed her Facebook activity.  The older Linda Schiro played a few Facebook games.  However, the bulk of her activity encompassed her deceased son, Joey Scarpa.  In addiction she provided comfort to others who have lost their loved ones.  In my opinion, it was a Facebook memorial in the memory of Joey.  I didn't visit her page daily nor weekly.  Once in a blue moon, when I got the itch to ask for an interview I'd go to her page.  I'd witness a mother morning her son.  My interviewing her just wasn't that important in the scheme of things.  I left her alone.

Due to a major power outage, I was dead in the water last night.  My only link to the outside world was a cell phone that sporadically worked.  Last night a Linda Ann Schiro friend requested me around 6:19 PM.  Around 6:29 PM she then poked me.  I am guessing this is Little Linda.  She had a lovely profile picture up with two friends.  Later it was changed to a generic picture.  When my power came back on I added her.  Around that time she or someone pretending to be her commented on Chiara's Daddy Girl post.

"I dont expect tears nor did i want sympathy my episode was to show how this life destroys everything around you. You lose people you love and no one deserves to be killed by anyone mafia or not. I have zero respect for anyone that portrays this life as the "good life" this includes all the mob wives on VH1. The life they show is that of conceit. They have no shame but thats neither here nor there...I live with pain as does the families who lost loved ones. And I think its terrible that people try to glam up this life...You know who you are....pathetic.. My episode was from my heart, my pain, my reality...No fake reality show can do that." LIL linda

Sometime today, she deleted me as a Facebook friend.  (I had time to gather the photos I wanted.)  And then her mother's account disappeared from my list of friends.  I don't know if I'll be able to make it through life without the Lindas as my Facebook friends.  However, I'll do my very best to survive.  I hope Little Linda gathered the information she was looking for on my Facebook page.  Anyone with two brain cells walked away knowing I am nobody's cheerleader.
The timing tickled me considering it was right after the airing of Love Majewski's episode and her packed premiere party.  Oh jealousy, oh jealousy how do I overcome thee.  And it doesn't stop there.  It's rumored that Little Linda compares herself to Carla Facciolo of Mob Wives & views her as competition.  [insert extremely long pause & laughter here]  Beyond the long brown hair, I don't get it.  And Carla's hair is gorgeous, so that's not even working for me.  I decide to call Love Majewski.

Hey, sorry to bother you. Do you have pictures of Little Linda at your party?
No, Mistress and don't start with me!

What?  I saw pictures of some of the other I Married A Mobster women and Mob Wives.  I wanted to do a post showing the various ladies from I Married A Mobster at your party.  Some of you always think I am up to something.
You are.

Hey, I got to look out for my readers.  Information is my only goal.
We both laugh!  You are a very, very bad.  She wasn't invited.  Do not ask me another question.

Did I tell you how much I love your Veritas lipliners?
Mistress, I have to take this important call, bye bye!

....dial tone....

What am I Rodney Dangerfield now?  I get no respect.  Not invited......oh I have some digging to do.  Someone is going to tell The Blogmother something!
I Married a Mobster's Little Linda disapproves of Mob Wives.

I have a question is Mob Wives glamorizing the lifestyle?  Sure we've seen nice homes, furs, stylish clothes and shoes.  However, more often than not have we not all seen children without their fathers.  Have we not heard the verbal abuse showered on one wife?  Have we not seen the chaos of not having the ability to trust those you call your friends or associates?  Have you not caught the lies told in order for a Mob Wife to save face?  I truly don't see the glamour in Mob Wives.  Sure they have some nice things, but there is equally chaos & dysfunction.  At the end of the day Mob Wives is a docu-soap that I am addicted to.  I also have to admit Discovery ID's I Married A Mobster has become one of my favorite series.  I have actually been an avid viewer of Discovery ID for sometime now.  I am hoping there is a season 2 of I Married A Mobster.

Until then I am on the verge of having a chat with a very legitimate Scarpa.  I was a sleeping cat until someone stepped on my tail.  Now we shall play....MEOW.

Picture Credit: Discovery ID and Linda Ann Schiro's Facebook


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I don't think Mobwives is glamorizing the Lifestyle, hehe, the stories are great, I do know what it feels like to be blocked out cuz I am locked out, lol what can say or do? Its too bad and its mt lost :(, Sorry for your lost.

Mob Mistress said...

Thank you for reading and commenting! It's not my lost nor her's. I just didn't go add requesting her because I am familiar with her situation, on top of her mother's. However, to come snooping on my page and then bouncing... well like I wrote the cat is awake.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you , I'm making the best of it....special assignment, lol, I'm staying out of whatever I just read I feel lost about it. Have Great Evening :)

Anonymous said...

MM you are funny evil bitch!!!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry MM but as you know I had an event tonight for fashion week & much more important to me than this little troll was my appearance to raise funds for the 9/11 orphans this evening in NYC. I promise I will fwd you photis & I did bid on a few items but unfortunately I didn't win any of the silent auctions( at least not yet but if i do Ipromise to either gift you or Chiara any piece I win)If you ladies promise me something in exchange? This week was a traumatic event for my family & all of NYC & although the petty little trite vindictive means with which Not so little linda has attacked my episode & ratings & party,made for an amusing distraction.She deserves no more of your time her vicious lies & comments about the ladies of mobwives were just as pitiful as the comments about the ratings.Once you speak to your source you'll get to know that the one thing reliable about the Linda's is that they tell outrageous lies & makes false claims consistently.I refuse to give this coat tail rider anymore attention she knows why she wasnt at my party & everyone on set knows I have forbidden either Linda to be in the same room as my cherished mother.That being said should be enough! Now let me tell you that I took great pics at the show & not only was Natalie Cole there to make a hearty donation but so were the entire winning cast of RuPaul's Drag Race& project runway & americas next top model. Lets chat tomorrow & Ill send you all the pics from the event it was such a good cause. I'm excited about it,Now I'm shot & I have an entire shoot to makeup tomorrow.So I'm finally home to bed.Good night & wow can you recognize a rat fast(pun intended)

Chiara Soprano said...

Love your present accomplishments speak for themselves. Your focus on the future and the positive things you are doing are creating a new you. The past is the past, you owned it and have moved on. I wouldn't give anyone the time of day who is still trying to knock you down, the issues lie within them not in you. Best of luck to you in the future in all you do!

Jnettemariee said...

Love I wish I could've attended you're premier with Chiara. You're story and plight are a great inspiration to me. And I really have to thank Mistress and Chiara for giving me a chance to write for this blog. I just don't get Negative people who would rather sit in their own mistery. And like my mom use to say...mistery loves company. the hell with the one who cant be happy for you, be happy for yourself. you have the world at your feel. hugs harley

Diondrea Nicosia said...

Hmmmm, where do I begin?! I think I'll just say what I usually do. People need to stop being jealous of others...what do you give a rats ass about what the next chick is long as it doesn't concern or affect you & yours who cares!

I'm proud of Love & I have love for Love just because she has been nothing but nice & cool & funny towards me & is always willing to help & look out however she can...and that's the way all mankind should be. I wish her nothing but the best & I'm sure that with all the good karma she's putting out into the universe she will have plenty of success & happiness...but that's where it ends. Shit, I'm trying to get mine & better myself & my family, I'm trying to make sure my husband can come home & chill for a minute when he gets out, I'm trying to make sure my daughter never has to go through any of the struggles I've had to, I'm trying to remain a homeowner in these trying times...I am damn sure not too concerned with what the next chicks doing...I don't have time to be...and I only have one kid. I can't imagine someone with a few kids finding the time to be worrying about what someone else is doing! DO YOU DO YOU DO YOU PEOPLE...I CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH!

Mob Mistress said...

To Anonymous~

Thank you, now I know why I love doggy style so very much.

Unknown said...

Awe Diondrea this was so touching.I appreciate & value your friendship as I do all my friends & now that you've met them,you understand my frustrations when people talk smack & don't even know them.If more women stuck together instead of tearing each other apart.We'd all get alot further

donna said...

Lil (NOT SO LIL LINDA) sounds like she has a problem! What's the matter. She applied for Mobwives & was rejected so now she mad?