Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mob Wives: Happy Belated Birthday Gerard Gravano!

Gerard Gravano rocking tattoos which respresent hardship & doing time.
Mob Mistress has been a very, very bad blogger.  I almost missed Gerard Gravano's birthday on September 6!  Come to Mistress G.G., Mobby gots to give you your spanking!  How many licks do you get? 

As many of the readers know, I thought Sammy the Bull was smokin' hot back in the day.  There is just something about a bad boy.  I think I like the darkness in their eyes.  I really don't know what it is.  So it's no surprise that Gerard got it going on too.  I have to give a big ups to his lady.  You go girl!

My allergies and work are kicking my behind.  So I am going to bounce for now.  However, I just had to make sure that Karen Gravano's baby brother knows Mistress ain't blind.  Oh wee, them arms and tattoos..... hmmph, hmmph, hmmph! 

Virgos are nothing nice, if you get on their bad side.

Photo credit: Gerard Gravano


Anonymous said...

WOW, my fave mobwife has a brother, Happy Birthday again, you know Leon Brown? We got one (Leon rown)over here(really is his name, too) who also is a bodybuilder, he says he is going to go PRO and works out 3-4 hrs a day!

Anonymous said...

Him? Seriously? Eww.

Chiara Soprano said...

Happy belated birthday!

Mob Mistress said...

Him? Yes, hmmmmmmmm!