Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano's Mystery Man Gone?

Renee Graziano giving us hot mama in Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!
Please do not shoot the messenger.  However, I catch what I catch.  I see what I see.  I could pretend that I didn't see it.  Yet, that would give you zero reason to come back and read The Mob Wives Blogspot.  At the end of season 1 of Mob Wives, many of us were excited that Renee Graziano had a big good looking man on her arm.  He was a former NFL football player.  He seemed like a potential excellent catch.  Renee seemed ready to move on and find love after Hector Pagan.

Well, I do not think we'll be seeing Mystery Man season 2 of Mob Wives.  Hector Pagan's (Junior) sister Jasmine tweeted the following:
We love tweeting relatives and friends of the Mob Wives!
OrganizedLadyNY tweeted, "Home sweet home... my brother @jrpaganmobwives is repenting 4 his sins & treatin @reneegraziano 2 a night of #ROMANCE :)" 

You read it right!  It's looks like Renee is taking back Junior.  People love who they love.  If Junior is the man Renee wants to make googly eyes at, I am happy for her.  Mr. Pagan is the father of her only child.  And we can't forget that when she calls, Hector comes a running.  He's not a knight on a white horse.  However, he is a tall, dark and handsome guy.  I know!  I know!  He's a former convict.  No one's perfect, let's just hope there are no more side dishes in the background.  I hope the two love birds had a very romantic evening!

Credit: Jasmine Sanchez
Photo Credit: Renee Graziano


Chiara Soprano said...

So the cat is out of the bag? Figures you would pounce on that tweet. Renee does seem swept off her feet. Here is her latest tweet:Went on an an amazing date 2nite HE cooked me dinner then we watch a great movie..... WoW. Feels good 2 b appreciated!! Xoxo thanx u knw who

Everything old is new again?

Harleys Angel said...

OIY, i can so totally relate. you're right, you love who you love. my and my ex are doing the same dance.

it's easy to look at someone elses relationship and say this or that, but when it's my own heart i sometimes throw caution to the wind.

I wish for Jr and Renee, what i wish for myself. true happiness

Mob Mistress said...

For me the advice I give is the advice I can live by.

So, I can honestly say I love me enough to walk away permanently from someone I love. I can love you. But if you aren't good for me, I walk away. Sure it hurts, but life goes on....

Anonymous said...

This just sucks plain nd simple! I was really hopeful for her character it seemed like she was accompolishing something in therapy and i was looking forward to viewing her progress this season as a designer now she is back in her abusive relationship[ and bragging the comment from the organizer seems forced with the get back already comment.I think Mrstress is right I love myself too much too stay and the cleaning lady should have to sign a VH1 cinfidentiality gag order or something i wish she didnt tell us that now im disapointed in renee's decision and i think she's another exagerrater like drita saying she was constantly divorcing her husband these women seem to like the abuse they should catch a few imarried a monsters and see how the women end up that stick around

Mob Mistress said...

Hello Anonymous!

Why does it suck? Maybe in therapy she learned not to move through life worrying about what other people want for her. Maybe she learned to be truthful to herself and be with the man she truly loves for better or worse. And I care about Ms. Graziano so of course I am hoping for the very best!

I can share it's not a move I'd make. However, it is also not my life. I wish both Junior & Renee the very best.

They don't need to catch a few I Married A Mobster's because I assure they've seen actual mob wives & mob molls and see their lives.

One more thing why the 'cleaning lady' snarky remark. Does Jasmine clean homes? Do you know her? I see the term organizer. Do you have a personal beef that you'd like to share with us? There is nothing wrong with being a housekeeper or organizer, it is a honest profession.

Jasmine said...

Hi this is Jasmine & I'd like to thank Mob Mistress for your comment regarding me :) ... As for Renee we "all" know from season 1 of Mob Wives she is MORE than capable of speaking for herself so i'll keep it on myself & the comment from "anonymous" lol... Yes I am an Organizer & yes it is an honest profession & a business which I am VERY proud of building. Ironically 10 yrs ago on September 11th, I was locked up in MDC finishing a 19 month prison sentence I'd served in FPC Alderson. I came home January of 2002, went to school full time to become a substance abuse counselor AND worked full time in Chuck E. Cheese to pay my bills. I managed to graduate at the top of my class, worked as a substance abuse counselor for 5 yrs, had Gastric Bypass surgery because my weight was causing medical issues & than worked as a weight management counselor for 2 yrs after I'd learned to conquer the life long battle with my compulsive eating issues. After watching Hoarders I realized I could be of help to an entirely differant compulsion & made the decision to start my own business as a professional organizer & help those people in need. ANYONE who knows me knows I truly enjoy helping people PERIOD. I've had "everything" & i've had "nothing" & am still surviving in this crazy world. I don't think i'm better OR less than ANYONE so yes if someone needed me to "clean" their home because they weren't capable i'd take my organizing hat OFF & put my cleaning hat ON

jessica said...