Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Ladies are Back

Mob Mistress, in all her wisdom asked if I would write about the 2nd season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to write about what is aired by Bravo and not on the media coverage of Russell Armstrong’s suicide.

The much anticipated premiere of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had a humble start. Instead ofHollywood glitz it started with a tragic Hollywood story. It starts off at Adrienne Maloof’s house where all of the housewives and husbands (minus Taylor) gathered to discuss the death of Russell Armstrong. They all feel the same way any of us would feel; sad, confused, and concerned for Taylor. In the end it was Kyle words that rang most true saying "Life goes on ... it has to."

the focus of the first episode was a dinner party Adrienne was given for Camille's appearance on the sitcom “S#!t My Dad Says”. A frustrated Adrienne sets the tone for the evening by pointing out that while she spent the whole day preparing for the party, Paul spent the day on the golf course. To irritate Adrienne even more Paul repeatedly shouts her name while she’s trying to dress herself in a closet bigger than my house.

Adrienne admits to being a little nervous about everyone being together but its Kim who is most anxious over her issues with Kyle. After everyone arrives they head to the “theater room” for Camille’s performance and all seemed to enjoy the show. Except for Paul, who acting like an 8th grader who just stole his dad’s Playboy Magazine points out Camille’s other film credit in “The Naked Detective”.

Finally they’re all sitting in the dining room when Adrienne decides to make a toast and extend an olive branch to put their differences aside. Before she can get the words out she starts bickering with Paul over his inability to uncork the world’s most expensive bubbly, a $2,200 bottle of Angel Champagne. Adrienne keeps demanding Paul “stop it” and “stop being rude,” while making all their guests uncomfortable until Lisa tells them both to "Stop It". The tension just seems to build from there. As everyone tries to make small talk Paul asks Taylor how things are going with Russell. “We’re working on things,” Taylor says revealing they are in psychotherapy. Everyone seems to support Taylor's decision to seek therapy. But then Ken, who never says anything, says he doesn’t believe in therapy he would rather work any problems out for himself. Everyone takes issue with it, especially Kyle. Ken goes on to say he thinks it’s up to the man to make a woman happy if things aren’t going right in the relationship saying he sees going to therapy as being “weak”. Taylor who’s visibly upset runs to the bathroom. Ken asks Kyle if he’s upset Taylor and Kyle say she thinks he’s offended her before rushing to her side.

When they return Ken asks Taylor if he has upset her? Ken then admits “I’m an old Englishman and maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.” But it’s clear the room has turned on them and Lisa makes up a forgotten appointment explaining they must cut the evening short.

I’m not sure how this Lisa vs. Taylor story line will play out. I don’t think Ken meant any harm he was sharing his opinion. All the ladies have distinct roles in this series. Lisa is by far the voice of reason in this series. Kyle is "the know it all" older sister (even though she’s younger). Kim is the most childlike. Adrienne is the serious one. And Taylor is the troublemaker. This season, despite the recent tragedy, has the beginnings of a great season.

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