Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo Dreams It Up!

Mob Wife Carla Facciolo working the hell out of black dress with longtime friend Etty!
As many of you know I have a nickname for the duo Carla and Drita, DRILA.  And I am not always kind with my opinions in regards to Drila.  However, I must give Carla Facciolo credit.  When she has an issue with what I blog, she'll pick up the phone and chew me out.  After she's said what she's had to say, it's my turn.  Once we've aired out our issues we are cordial & respectful with one another, no hard feelings.  We simply move on.  I may not always 'like' Carla per an episode or two of Mob Wives.  However, I have respect for her.  Whatever I think of Carla, her beauty is undeniable.  She is a knockout in the looks department.  The picture above clearly is proof.  I recently called Carla to ask her the who and where?

Carla I get e-mails from your fans accusing me of ignoring you.  I do not ignore you.  You just don't give me a lot of information.
Tell them it's good to be ignored.  I don't mind.

Carla tickles the sh!t out of me.  She is one of the reasons I have to wear Depends now.  She's a smartass!  Mrs. Facciolo shared with me that she was @ The Dream Hotel in the city for a friend's birthday.  The Dream Hotel is a hot place to be in the Mob Wife's opinion.  Who I am to argue with the lady?  I am so old; I think Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream is the hottest & greatest thing since Tom Jones.  Who is the cute blond with her?  Well of course that's Etty, Carla's friend from back in the Brooklyn days.  Etty has filmed with Carla here and there on Mob Wives.

I see you got a picture of Joe and my son up.  They went for a haircut.  He has a great time with his father.
Yes, we do!  They look happy.  Giiiiiiiiiirl your husband is fiiiiiiiiiine!  I'm telling you do not let that go.

She laughs.  We chat a little more and we say our goodbyes.  You know I give Carla a hard time.  Yet, the woman doesn't take it personal and let's it roll off her back.  I think I could learn something from this Mob Wife.  However, I have the temper of 'she who shall remain nameless' without the yap.

Hotel Picture:
Carla & Etty Picture: The better half of Drila

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