Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mob Wives: Karen, Jennifer Murder Suspect

Karen Gravano, Manuel "Manny" Pinero, Jenn Graziano

Last week Karen tweeted a picture of herself with Jennifer Graziano hanging out at Mr. Chow on September 21st.  Pictured in between them is Manuel "Manny" Pinero, who turned himself into authorities yesterday for the Monday night fatal stabbing of Christopher Adames. The incident took place outside the Juliet Supper Club, in Chelsea.  According to police, both men were having an argument about a woman when the stabbing occurred. Manny is allegedly the prime suspect in the case.  Both Karen and Jennifer made it very clear that they do not know "Manny" personally, they are not friends, they were simply asked to pose for a picture with him and tweet it. 

I know, from personal experience, that the stars of Mob Wives are very accommodating to fans who want pictures taken with them.  Unfortunately, that night, they posed with the wrong person and now  have to answer questions because the picture they tweeted is being somewhat misrepresented in the media.   The price of fame...lack of privacy and the media always looking for a scandal.

Picture credit: Karen Gravano's Twitter Account


Missy said...

Their true fans won't be bothered by this, just a coincidence.

Mob Mistress said...

You can't expect a reality celebrity or anyone else with an ounce of fame to do a background check on those who ask them to take a picture. Karen and Jennifer have no way of knowing the actions of individuals before or after they pose with them.

I'm sorry to learn of the unfortunate death of Mr. Adames, very sad.