Monday, September 26, 2011

Real Housewives Of NY: Alex and Simon Speak Up!

I don’t think we have heard the last word on the firings of The Real Housewives Of New York, but I’ll write one more blog about it because Alex had a lot to say about it. She and her husband, Simon, basically blame Jill Zarin for their being let go from the show. Ramona had some unkind words for Jill too, but she was one of the lucky three remaining on the show.

So Good Morning America wanted to know what Alex and Simon had to say and here is what they shared. They say they were upset by Bravo’s decision to let them go. But, Alex adds, the show has gotten more and more toxic. While people have accused Alex of creating “drama” on the show, she counters with it’s not that she is creating drama as much as “calling people out for the bad behavior on the show and she got louder and louder about that.” They discuss the negativity directed at Alex this season. One example is the way Luann looked down on Alex and made rude comments because she feels superior to Alex. And then there was Kelly, who was also much more antagonistic towards Alex all season.

Then they bring up Jill Zarin who Simon calls “flawed woman extraordinaire.” Everyone has plenty to say about Jill. He compares her behavior with that of junior high school students. He says Jill is a manipulator and has been trying to get them off the show for a number of years and she succeeded. Jill’s reply is that the couple is jealous and she “just feels pity for them” because they are using her to get the attention of the press.

The couple also discusses how being on reality television can be detrimental to a relationship and marriage when you are always under the scrutiny of the public and people are writing about you and speculating about your life. Simon says they have been able to withstand all of this because they have a very strong and loving bond and nothing is going break it. Then he gets very emotional for a moment as he talks about his feelings for Alex. They do seems closer than ever, and they may be the exception to most reality cast members. The stand to lose $275,000 for not being on the show next season, but they are starting their own business called ALUXE Home, specializing in bed and bath products.

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Video Credit: Good Morning America


Mob Mistress said...

I will miss Alex! She had become my favorite housewife. I just wished she had been able to ignore the bullshit.

Simon and I share the same opinion. Jill Zarin per television seems to be very junior high school in nature. I find her calling other RHONY to plot not to film with Bethenny a very calculating & disgusting move.

Rosey said...

I liked Alex too but I think her husband Simon interacted with the housewives directly too much. He was always in someone face such as Sonya and Jill's. When he told Jill to "watch out" in regards to the cyberbullying, I think that is what messed up Alex staying. Just my opinion.

Harleys Angel said...

Alex and Simon have always been a mystery to me. But they grew on me with each season. And I will miss them. Hell, I looked forward to seeing what Simon was going to pull out of his closet each week. And I don't mean himself...YES I said it but it's what made him so fun to watch. And after Bravo questioned bring her back for season 2 because she wasn't causing enough drama she had something to say aobut everything. Good for her...