Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mob Wives: Reader's Wish List

Oh poll results, oh poll results!  Chiara asked, "What is on your wish list for season 2 of Mob Wives?"

49% voted - I want Karen Gravano to expose the goods on Lee (D'avanzo) with a detailed timeline.  Hell Drita put his business out there.

37% voted - I want to see Renee Graziano dating her Mystery Man and/or her interviewing the Jail Mail Inc. staff.

50% voted - I need to know where Drita D'avanzo stands on her divorce with Lee.

13% voted - I want to see Carla Facciolo interact with her kids because she "di-ent".

39% voted - We want the third Graziano sister thrown into the sauce.  We WANT Lana!

The majority of you want to know where Drita D'avanzo stands in regards to divorcing her long time incarcerated hunk of love.  Per Drita's Facebook page she mentioned filing divorce papers.  Only she, her attorney and the court knows for sure.
A large percentage of you really want Karen Gravano to spill the goods on Lee.  Sure I'd like to know the timeline with the rest of you.  And I definitely don't want Karen to skip over 7 years of her life. When I run out to buy Shadow of the Bull, February 2012, I want a whole chapter on that situation.  However, I don't want to know anything outside their relationship.

Thirty-nine percent of you agreed with moi!  You are dying to get a glimpse of the oldest sister Lana Graziano in action season 2 of Mob Wives.  Oh Jennifer my favorite executive producer, can we please with whip cream and a cherry on top see Lana in an episode or two?  We love you Jenn Jenn poo!!!

*I am smiling with all my teeth showing that have broken off.* 

Only 13% wanted to see Carla Facciolo interact with her children.  Many of you either think she did interact with her children or it's not top on your list of wants.  Speaking of Carla, I've been trying to get a hold of her.  All I want to do is ask her a few innocent questions, so I can do a post on her.  Carla if you are reading, what I ever do to you?  I know you don't like everything we blog around here. Yet, you and I have been respectful.  I even answered your call when I know you want to fuss me out.  We're honest with one another, now call me damn it!

Thank you to all who voted.  Your opinions matter to us even if we disagree.  Today, I go see Columbiana.  I love me a good, bad b!tch. 

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Anonymous said...

I read an article about you sme time back, even though i cant wait for MW2, we get to meet you! Have a great day, :)oh yeah