Monday, September 19, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Pictures From San Gennaro Festival

Angela Calvacante, Love Majewski and Cheryl Caruso

It was a big day yesterday in Little Italy, New York City  They were celebrating the festival of San Gennaro, which is a big annual event and they had three "mob wives" from I Married A Mobster signing autographs and meeting fans.  The picture above shows the three ladies from episodes of the show and they are holding a bottle of Ms. Caruso's Talero Tequila, which is 100% organic. 

Looks like they were signing pictures!

Sitting in front of Mob Scene Gallery on Broome Street

Love and Cheryl in candid shot!

Had it been any other weekend I would have been out there to visit, sip wine and chat with the ladies, but sometimes life gets hectic and it's hard to squeeze everything you want to do in.  I hope some of you got to go and, if so, please comment below and let us know about your experience. 

Read about these three women and the others in the series using the search box on the lower right hand side of the blog.  

Picture credit: Love Majewski


Harleys Angel said...

beautiful inside and out!

jackncoke said...

Love some of that Love she is one fine looking woman

Anna Collabora said...

Love Majewski is so pretty she looks different everytime I see her but she always looks good,the other ladies are pretty also but she just stands out from the crowd does anybody know who does her hair?

Maxine Pearst said...

Hey Anna I was gonna say the same thing,I love Loves hair and every time I see her she looks totally different I found her on Facebook and on myspace and the photographs in her albums all look different. I really like her makeup in these photographs too,does anyone know what eyeshadow she wears?

Mob Mistress said...

She wears Veritas Cosmetics. We know the name of her hairdresser. However, that is not for public consumption. Your best bet is to take a picture into a hairstylist.

Love Majewski not just an urban legend said...

Thank you so much for the compliment Maxine I'd love to share my hairdresser with you but I agree with the moderators that this may not be public information but my hairdressers would appreciate the acknowledgement. My colorist is Vladimir K for Goldwell available at Allure salon by advanced appointment only&my various styles and cuts are by Ashley of La Dolce Salon