Friday, September 2, 2011

Mob Wives: A Dynasty of B!tches

Was this b!tch auditioning for Alexis Colby's secret love child?
As always, I'm about to date myself.  I don't know about y'all.  However I loved, loved me some Dynasty.  And when I saw this picture of Renee Graziano I said, "D@mn she's giving us
b!tch Joan Collins, Linda Evans and Dianne Carroll style!"

What you have no idea what I am typing about?  You were still an unfertilized egg in your mother's womb. Boy oh boy you younguns!  Allow me to show you the ladies Renee Graziano of Mob Wives was styling like back in the day.
Dianne Carroll as Dominique Devereaux, Blake Carrington's half-sister
Dominique was one of my favorite characters back in the Dynasty days.  She knew how to give
b!tch in a classy way.  And boy oh boy did she get on Alexis Colby's last furry nerve.
Linda Evans gave good b!tch like noboby's b!tchness as Krystle Carrington, Blake's loving wife.

Man the pond fight between Krystle and Alexis was the b!tch business.  It made Drita's attack on Karen look like a toddler trying to fight over a toy.  Who's this Alexis I keep mentioning?  Be careful of what you ask for.....
Joan Collins is a bad b!tch in reality.  As Blake's ex-wife, Alexis Colby she was the pit bull of all b!tches.
Well now you know why the picture of Renee back in the day brought me back to my Dynasty days.  The make up, hair, furs and attitude sums it up.  Renee Graziano owns being a spoiled mob princess.  And some of her antics during season 1 of Mob Wives sure in the hell confirmed it.  I am dying to hear from an Australian who just got to watch the premiere episode of Mob Wives.

We have a poll up wanting to know your take on the new face(s) joining season 2 of Mob Wives.  Do you want things to stay the same with the four ladies Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo and Drita D'avanzo?  Or are you dying for some new blood and added drama?  A canary or two have chirped in my ear, I hear season 2 of Mob Wives makes season 1 seem like Sesame Street.  Typing of Sesame Street, last night my hubby said, "Bert is your long lost twin brother."  Not Bert as in Bert and Ernie, he's talking about Bert of Project Runway.  If he keeps reminding me of how ornery & old I am, I may be on an episode of Snapped very soon.

Photo Credit: Renee Graziano


Anonymous said...

yeah,i faintly remember Dynasty along with Fantasy Island, lol...MW1 was real good but waiting for even better MW2, How many new wives you got there, huh...lets see them all, lol, you to

Mob Mistress said...

I can't be a complete @sshole & spoil the anticipation for the Mob Wives viewer.

It seems like season 2 of Mob Wives is going to be off the hook!

Chiara Soprano said...

I remember those shows and I watched that huge fight between Alexis and Krystle! LOL, I have to say, as exciting as that one was, I was glued to the set for the Mob Wives brawls!

Jnettemariee said...

omg, shoulder pads, big hair, more shoulder pads...i rocked the 80's bigtime. dynasty, dallas, how bout
la law. we need an 80's channel on cable.

so if we were the stars of dynasty...
Underboss would be Blake
Mistress would be Alexis
Chiara would be Alexis
and I'd be Sammy Jo
LOL whadda think?

SEB said...

Wow!! That's a great pic of Renee