Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mob Wives: Mikey Scars Gets Away Scott Free

Mikey Scars: Three years & time served!

Mikey Scars aka Michael Dileonardo, is one hell of a mobster with a long history of criminal activity. He also was allegedly connected to Carla Facciolo, (read our detailed blog on that). That’s why it is very interesting that the New York Post reports that he was sentenced to three years time served today. By ratting on every mobster he knew, Mikey never had to serve any time for his crimes.

Mikey Scars was a Gambino capo turned government witness and helped to convict over 80 gangsters by testifying at 14 trials. For his trouble the mob thanked him with several attempts on his life.   The Feds thanked him with three years time served for his cooperation despite his long list of crimes which included murder. Of course, he is in grave danger for breaking the mafia sacred oath of silence, the Omerta. One of those he informed on was John Gotti Jr. That left Victoria Gotti, his mother, very angry (there’s a blog on this too).   If the mafia ever does locate him there is no telling what would becomeof him.

Mickey Scars is currently living in the witness protection program with his second wife and kids.

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