Saturday, September 24, 2011

Real Housewives Of NY: Jill Zarin On Joy Behar

Jill has plenty more to say about her being let go from Real Housewives Of New York on Joy Behar"s show.  She said she was told about the firing over the phone and that she would not be coming back next season.  No reason was given other than they were looking to make a change.  However, when Joy read Ramona's comments regarding Jill to her, Jill had a very negative reaction.  Ramona's comments included that she felt Jill became "a negative force in her life, cancerous."  Jill was highly offended and said that it was a horrible thing for her to say, especially when she was just fired.  Joy agrees. It was like Ramona "put the last nail in the coffin" of Jill's being fired.  Jill thinks she should have been graceful when speaking about their relationship on the show, and said that they had had their ups and downs and wish her the best.  They also discuss Taylor Armstrong and her selling pictures to ET for $125,000.  An interesting video clip!  Have a look.


Harleys Angel said...

Thanks for the video Chiara.

Jill is always so quick to comment on the action of others and place blame elsewhere. But honestly all the ladies on RHNY seemed to be about 3 french fries short of a happy meal this season. Bethany got out just in the knick of time.

Rosey said...

Harleys Angel I agree with you. They were just too argumentative this season! A couple episodes and even the reunion I couldn't watch straight through. All were talking over one another. Bethenny did get out in time but she needs to amp her show up a bit.

Harleys Angel said...

Hey Rosey, I couldn't watch either this season. They acted like they were being cast for the next mean girls movie. I was hoping they would start fresh with a group of women but I'll see what happens next season.

The reunion show was horrible and they all should be ashamed of their behavior.

Mob Mistress said...

Jill expects others to behave gracefully. Yet she was anything but graceful when dealing with Bethenny, Alex and others.

Taylor Armstrong is showing her true colors.