Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Love Majewski's Junior

Love Majewski is easy on the eyes.
If you all don't know, I've been waiting for Love Majewski's episode of I Married A Mobster.  Miss Majewski is a character and a half.  If there was ever a mob moll ripe for a two hour movie or series it's this one.  She's lived a life of up and downs according to my research & Gone In 60 Seconds.  Now, before her haters come around and start posting some dumb sh!t; don't waste your time.  WE KNOW!  WE KNOW!  She's never been married.  And she chopped up stolen cars.  Are you f*cking happy now?  I do want to thank you.  The constant internet bashing & hating of Love Majewski put her on my radar.  The way some of you act, she's the vein of your existence, I figured she must be one bad b!tch.  Thank you to all the Love Majewski haters!  I have to chuckle.  You know I've spoken to her and she doesn't even concern herself with the peanut gallery.  The only thing she'd said was, "Mistress, they know where I live and they have my number.  And my phone ain't ringing and no one's knocking at my door."  If that doesn't sum it up I don't know what does!

Lillo Brancato Jr. on A Bronx Tale set w/ Robert DeNiro.
So let's get to the dating tale.  Love Majewski of I Married A Mobster is one sexy woman.  I believe one of the cast members of A Bronx Tale agrees with me.  A Bronx Tale is in my top ten of my all-time favorite movies.  It's a coming of age story told through the eyes of Calogero "C" Anello.  A young Calogero witnesses a mob beef.  He refuses to snitch, earning the respect of Sonny a wiseguy.  Sonny becomes Calogero's street father if you will.  The boy watches and learns the lifestyle.  He learns life lessons from both his blue collar father and street father.  Both men become the foundation of Calogero's morals.  If you haven't seen A Bronx Tale, I suggest you hit up Netflix and order it as soon as possible.

Moving along Lillo Brancato Jr. is the handsome actor who played Calogero to perfection.  In the late 1990s,  Lillo spots Love in Saks Fifth Avenue as she worked the Chanel counter.  The two dated for several months according to my sources.  I hear Lillo is a great kisser & speaks Italian fluently.  If that doesn't make your heart pitter patter, he was equally a gentleman.  When a girl said no, he kept his hands to himself.  He was smitten with Love apparently enough to introduce her to his mother & family.  Love even spent Thanksgiving with the Brancato clan.

The romance ended when Love was invited to a 21st birthday party.  The birthday girl had a special guest to introduce, the guy she was dating.  Yep, you guessed it!  It was allegedly Lillo with an 'oh sh!t' look on his face when he spotted his love muffin in the sea of guests.  Well what can I type, sh!t happens.  And though I am sure Love liked the guy, the way she rolls I have a feeling she had a good laugh and moved on.  All is fair in Love, war and the mob (even in distant & make believe associations).

Lillo Brancato Jr. also appeared in another one of my all time favorite movies Crimson Tide.  Lillo is currently incarcerated.  It seems that he got himself caught up in drugs and made some bad decisions.  However that's a different tale....

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Chiara Soprano said...

Great Blog on Love! She looks different in every picture she takes. I can't wait to watch her episode!

SEB said...

I love this website :) good job!!
P.s. The saying goes......" it's the BANE of my existence "

Love(coming soon) Majewski said...

MM What exactly don't you know? Do you ladies have any information on where Lilo's family is nowadays? His mother Dominiqua was the kindest woman.They were such a wonderful family & it's such a tragedy how the tale ended, well at least for now anyway,you never know right? He's always made such amazing comebacks like on the sopranos after years of M.I.A. after a bronx taleI hope he can do it again.I think everyone loves a good comeback

Mob Mistress said...

Thanks Chiara, SEB and Love!

SEB~ Vein was meant to be a play on words. Good looking out though, I appreciate it. :D

Love~ There is tons I don't know. And I am hoping it stays that way because I know too much as is.

Anonymous said...

Is Love is waiting for Lilo?

Mob Mistress said...


Love is not waiting on Lillo. Per my post it clearly states the romance ended. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

i see it must have skipped taht part...what would it havebeen like had she stayed with Lilo? I guess its not place to know. Regret sucks, lol

Mob Mistress said...

I suppose it would've been draining and stressful to deal w/ an alleged addict. And to see the one you care for throw his life down the drain for a high and end up getting incarcerated.

Love Majewski not just an urban legend said...

We split up year before he was ever arrested oor in any type of trouble but you ladies did get me thinking when you wrote this so i sent his mother a card just to remind her that I really enjoyed spending time with her family & she is a good mother,I saw how much love she gave to everyone Thanksgiving & I'd pray for her. I hope it brings her some peace.

Mob Mistress said...

To the Anonymous written @ 1:35 PM,
nice try it's been deleted.

Joey G. said...

I just saw the Love Majewski "I Married a Mobster" and I must say it is one of the lamest. So, she allegedly dated that German kid Chris Ludwigsen (yeah, that's his real name, NOT Paciello), then Ray Merolle, then, a million years later,as she's about to marry some vaguely described nerdy guy, the OC task force knocks on her door about something she didn't do, so she calls off the marriage? Man, my BS alarm is smoking. There is just not enough material here for a show.

By the way, Mr. "Speaks Italian Fluently" is only Italian in the Snooki sense; he is a Colombian adopted by Italian-Americans. He's also a heroin addict now serving serious time for being involved in the murder of an off duty police officer whose home he was burglarizing for drug money. Real glamorous guy. Anyway, the Lillo and Love sounds like BS.

They also got a lot of facts wrong. Chris Ludwigsen did eventually get busted as an accomplice for the botched burglary turned murder they mentioned, but that's not why he left the Island for Florida. He went to Florida to after getting in hot water with some street thugs (Latin Kings or some such) after an incident at the old Tunnel night club in Manhattan.

Also, she looks pretty cute in those old pictures, but the years have NOT been kind to her. She looks roughly the age of her mother. The pic you have up must be either from 1989 or else radically photoshopped. She looks 50-ish, wrinkled, and pudgy.

I've noticed a couple of episodes of this show either get basic well known facts wrong or else just seem dubious. The one about Andrea Giovino was particularly ridiculous. But I digress.

Also, that Mob Wives show is inane. For one thing, none of them are married to mobsters. Karen had a kid with some black dude from Arizona; a criminal, sure, but not 'a mobster'. Rene used to be married to a Puerto Rican, so he couldn't have been a 'made guy', even if he is a criminal with mob ties. Joe Ferragamo isn't a mobster at all, just a pump and dump con man. And Drita's soon to be ex is more of a wannabe than anything else. He's a rescidivist bank robber who doesn't seem to have matured much since his "New Springville Boys" guido crew days (which, by the way, Ludwigsen was also a member). He's definitely not a made man. His father, a 2nd cousin of Rudy Giuliani, was a gay mobster who got killed in a shoot out with cops.

I lived on Staten Island for years and know enough about these sort of guys to know that they're the scum of the earth. People who think the mob is cool are no better than psychos who think serial killers are cool or middle eastern psychos who think jihadists are cool. I can appreciate an interest in the mob, just as I can understand people interested in true crime novels or war criminals etc., but to admire them is pretty screwed up.

Mob Mistress said...

Joey G.~

You do have a lot of information. However, as far as Love's episode I enjoyed it. I'll also add I am equally aware of the Latin Kings situation with Chris. However, it's a thirty minute show and there is some creative room to change things up. Such as the trunk scene instead of them laying down in the back sit.

Thanks for reading and commenting! I disagree with you about Love. I've seen recent pictures and she looks good to me. Also I would like to ask you one question, why was he called Steve the Blond (Lee's father)?

In addition with reality television the term 'wives' is a generic term for women.

Matt said...

Joey G. you're insane! Love is a stunning woman. I'm 34 and she's frickin gorgeous! I like the show, a half hour isn't long enough. It sucks that it cut off with a knock at the door and to find out more go to, which had nothing. Thanks for the info on the Bronx Tale, its my favorite movie.

Anonymous said...

Love hurts was my favorite episode hands down. People age, I wouldn't kick her out of bed.

Mob Mistress said...

To answer a question recently asked the actress who plays Love Majewski is Erika Schiff. Besides being a talented actress she's a singer.